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Étude de cas : Chief passe à la vitesse supérieure avec la solution « Quote-to-Order » de Cincom
Créée en 1991, Chief est le numéro un français sur le marché des gondoles réfrigérées. Son chiffre d’affaires s’élève à 40 millions d’euros et ses produits son

son  marché des gondoles réfrigérées. Son chiffre d’affaires s’élève à 40 millions d’euros et ses produits son distribués à partir de 3 sites de production. La complexité de son offre et la spécificité des besoins de ses clients – plusieurs centaines de milliers de configurations sont possibles pour chaque unité – ont rendu nécessaire le recours à une solution de configuration d’offres personnalisées. Read More...
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Fesworld SA de CV
Conformada por personal con amplia experiencia en procesos de negocios e informática, Fesworld, S.A. de C.V. es una compañía reconocida internacionalmente como

son  compromiso con sus clientes son algunas de las características que hacen al equipo de consultoría de Fesworld un formidable aliado para cualquier organización que emprenda un proyecto de implantación, cambio o adopción de un nuevo sistema. Read More...
Adonix' Mid-Market FORMULA - Adopting Best of Both 'Organic Growers' and 'Aggressive Consolidators' Worlds
Adonix appears to be a force in the Southern European enterprise resource planning and supply chain management market since acquiring Gruppo FORMULA. There

son  still from France. FORMULA's Diap@son application is the market share leader for enterprise systems in Italy's mid-sized business sector, and should help bolster the Adonix product line with technology, expertise, and a customer base that complements Adonix' evolving growth strategy. Diap@son is a broad extended-ERP solution, with a range of specific components for each selected vertical market, customized to the swift modes of operation and technologies required by the globally competitive Internet era Read More...
Essential ERP-Its Underpinning Technology
In its simplest sense, enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems create interactive environments designed to help companies manage and analyze the business

son  en plus près de son client et de lui offrir ses produits et services à valeur ajoutée le plus rapidement possible. Pour se faire, l’entreprise doit s’assurer de l’intégration optimale de ses processus internes, c’est-à-dire qu’ils puissent fonctionner le mieux possible entre eux. Et c’est justement le point fort d’un système ERP. Les systèmes d’informations à la base d’un ERP On ne peut pas séparer un système ERP de son infrastructure sous-jacente basée sur des technologies Read More...
Grupo SMS
Grupo SMS es una Empresa Multinacional con sede en España y más de 20 años de trayectoria en el mercado que cuenta con filiales en México, Brasil, Argentina

son  Oracle y .Net, que son llevados a cabo por nuestra factora de software que ya ha realizado numerosas implementaciones de proyectos llave en mano y consultora en empresas de la envergadura de Repsol España y Argentina, TELFI, La Ley, Zurich, Total Austral, AFIP, Liberty España. Somos socios de Microsoft en la comercializacion del ERP Great Plains. Read More...
3 Microsoft Shop Myths Dispelled?
Here’s the context: You’re selecting an ERP system. Your office is standardized on Windows and MS Office Suite. Should you select MS Dynamics and become a full

son  a Volkswagen for your son and it breaks down on the road side, you can’t really blame the selection of car. But if the same thing happens to a Chery (a Chinese car brand looking at the North American market right now), people will be likely to think that you haven’t done a good job on selection. Going with big brands makes decision makers feel better if there is an unfortunate result—if even the most famous brand doesn’t work, what else could I have chosen? False: Microsoft does ERP software? Read More...
From Shoestring Budget to Millions: The Road Ahead for an Enterprise Management Software Vendor
Indisputably, Deltek remains an enterprise applications vendor of choice for project-based businesses. With its recent capital infusion and product deliveries

son  stewardship of the deLaski father-son team, Deltek Systems, Inc . has become North America's principal provider of enterprise software and solutions for project-focused organizations. In mid-2005, Deltek announced that New Mountain Partners II, L.P . would make a majority capital investment in the company. See Mountainous Investment Transforms Enterprise Management Software Vendor and Enterprise Management Software Vendor Welcomes Additions for more information about this investment and its implications. Read More...
Al Majdouie Group
With rapid expansion underway, Saudi Arabia-based logistics provider Al Majdouie Group’s custom-built enterprise resource planning (ERP) and point of sale (POS)

son   the company's president and son of the founder, Abdulla Ali Almajdouie, realized that the customized legacy enterprise resource planning (ERP) system would have to be replaced. In 2006, the company initiated an ERP selection project. However, this initiative was protracted beyond expectation for a variety of reasons. One was that, as the company grew, employees needed to devote their time and effort to managing their increasing task loads in the face of the company's growth. When Abdulhadi was later Read More...
Deltek, We Hardly Knew Ye: New Deltek at Insight 2011
Deltek has been a software provider that does the job as promised (and more), but the company and its products, with its focus on government contracting, have

son  by a father and son accounting team in Northern Virginia who were trying to meet the needs of some of their government contracting clients; it has been in business for 28 years. Its customer base is large and growing, and counts some of the world’s most impressive companies as customers. Companies such as SAIC , Boeing , Lockheed Martin , Grant Thornton , Hill & Knowlton , HOK , and others use Deltek every day. What started out as a family-run business has turned into a very important global Read More...
Will the Real ERP Please Stand Up?
Scroll to bottom for contest details! Sometimes the software selection process reminds me of that children’s game<!--more-->, you know, the one where you

son  am I?” until your son punches you in the face. Speaking of prizes, stay tuned for the contest at the bottom of this post! But first: What the heck is an ERP system? Apparently there’s no real consensus. Depending on who you ask, it’s… a computer planning system an enterprise-wide system a process an accounting-oriented information system or a method software systems designed to manage most or all aspects of a manufacturing or distribution enterprise an amalgamation of a company's information Read More...

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