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Microsoft Announces SQL Server 2000
On December 13, Microsoft Corp. announced that the next major release of Microsoft« SQL Server, currently code-named

sql queries tutorial  Announces SQL Server 2000 Event Summary REDMOND, Wash. - Dec. 13, 1999 - Microsoft Corp. today announced that the next major release of Microsoft SQL Server, currently code-named Shiloh, would officially be named SQL Server 2000. Microsoft also revealed the features within SQL Server 2000 that will take advantage of the Microsoft Windows 2000 operating system, as well as the ways SQL Server 7.0 customers today can reap benefits from Windows 2000. SQL Server 2000 is due to ship in the first Read More
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » sql queries tutorial

Business Intelligence
The ability to extract and present information meaningfully is vital for business management. Indeed, business intelligence tools enable companies to make

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SAP HANA-One Technology to Watch in 2012 (and Beyond)
Did you know that SAP HANA is much more than a high-speed analytic appliance? TEC principal analyst P.J. Jakovljevic reveals how HANA is a universal database

sql queries tutorial  database, per se. Microsoft SQL Server , for example, can be configured as either an OLAP or OLTP database, and by and large most traditional relational databases can be organized for one or the other purpose. It is quite difficult (and perhaps even pointless) to unify OLAP and OLTP worlds via currently available technologies, as each has its own specific requirements. Facebook reportedly uses multiple databases for different purposes: a relational database for user logging and data storing, a NoSQL (Not Read More
Best Practices for a Data Warehouse on Oracle Database 11g
Companies are recognizing the value of an enterprise data warehouse (EDW) that provides a single 360-degree view of the business. But to ensure that your EDW

sql queries tutorial  within a block. db_file_multiblock_read_count SQL parallel execution is generally used for queries that will access a lot of data, for example when doing a full table scan. Since parallel execution will by-pass the buffer cache and access data directly from disk you want each I/O to be as efficient as possible, and using large I/Os is a way to reduce latency. Set db_file_multiblock_read_count to 1024/db_block_size. E.g. for 8K block size, use db_file_multiblock_read_count=128. disk_async_io For optimum Read More
Six Steps to Manage Data Quality with SQL Server Integration Services
Without data that is reliable, accurate, and updated, organizations can’t confidently distribute that data across the enterprise, leading to bad business

sql queries tutorial  Manage Data Quality with SQL Server Integration Services Melissa Data's Data Quality Suite operates like a data quality firewall ' instantly verifying, cleaning, and standardizing your contact data at point of entry, before it enters your database. Source : Melissa Data Resources Related to Six Steps to Manage Data Quality with SQL Server Integration Services : Data quality (Wikipedia) Six Steps to Manage Data Quality with SQL Server Integration Services Data Quality is also known as : Business Data Read More
Teradata Introduces Aster Discovery Platform 5.10
Teradata recently announced a new version of its Aster Discovery Platform, which contains important enhancements to the existing functionality set, aiming to

sql queries tutorial  the abilities of traditional SQL and MapReduce mechanisms to provide an easier yet disciplined approach to working with both structured and nonstructured data. Have a comment? Drop me a line below and reveal your thoughts... Read More
The WINLine@ (WL) ERP software package is tailored to meet the needs of small and medium businesses. The WINLine@ solution includes modules for business

sql queries tutorial  the use of MSDE, SQL 7.0, SQL 2000, and PostGreSQL databases. Read More
NoSQL for My BI Solution?
Every day business intelligence (BI) gets closer to chaos. Don’t get me wrong—I’m by no means saying that BI will one day become obsolete and that you'll need

sql queries tutorial  Query Language—best known as SQL . Because BI is no longer being used by only a small number of users (information workers, data scientists, and data geeks ) for the purposes of providing results for an even smaller number of users (so-called decision makers), BI is expanding beyond the use of SQL, for querying relational data, to explore other methods in search for data. In this chaotic world, BI will have to make sense of different types of information contained within a plethora of sources. And as Read More
Measuring the TCO of Tape Storage Solutions
This tutorial presents a framework and financial methodology for deciding whether an enterprise should replace its current “status quo” tape storage solution

sql queries tutorial  TCO,storage architect productivity,tape storage solution,storage architecture,infrastructure costs,hardware maintenance costs,cost acquisition costs,implementation costs,ZenithOptiMedia,Oracle Read More
SILOG, creater and developer of enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions in structured query language (SQL), is a private and independent group situated

sql queries tutorial  in structured query language (SQL), is a private and independent group situated in France. Since the company's creation in 1984, SILOG Group has been making efforts to continously improve its offering by regularly integrating new technologies and by developing new functionalities according to the demands of both its clients and the marketplace. The solutions is automated and can be customized, helping to ensure a permanent alignment between the solutions' functionalities and the needs of clients' Read More
Business Intelligence Portal (BI Portal)
The Silverlight BI Portal is a centralized repository for data analyzing and reporting tools. AD Integrated Authentication and tight integration with the MS

sql queries tutorial  Forms Based Authentication and SQL Server based storage engine, are also supported to allow SSAS Cubes to be securely exposed to Internet users. The portal utilizes direct calls to the back-end servers, thus eliminating the middle tier - no impersonation and no scalability issues. It consists of multiple products that target the front end data presentation, report design and deployment, as well has back end server monitoring, optimization and tuning. For the data consumers, report builders, analysts: Read More
New Possibilities In Retail Technologies for Small to Mid-Size Retailers: Leveraging Total Retail Solutions Based on Collective Retail Intelligence
Most retailers can no longer compete on price alone; however, integrated retail solutions built on Microsoft SQL, and OPOS and ART Data Model standards offer a

sql queries tutorial  integration going forwards. Microsoft SQL Server platform is best able to support retailers of all sizes. More precisely, it's best able to support volumes of data that are all sizes, for the size of a retailer isn't necessarily proportional to the volume of data it chooses to manage and store. This truth will become increasingly pronounced going forward, because pre-transactional data from technology such as sensing equipment increases the amount of data generated by a factor of 10 to 100. A retailer Read More
BI Portal from Enterprise Software Solutions Is Now a TEC Certified Application
Business Intelligence Portal (BI Portal) from Enterprise Software Solutions (ESS) has become part of TEC’s group of certified BI applications, and is now

sql queries tutorial  Services and Companion for SQL Server. These are a powerful set of tools that provide extensive monitoring and managing capabilities to organizations using Microsoft’s popular database and analysis services products. ESS has developed a BI application with the ability to take advantage of the existing set of Microsoft BI capabilities via the accumulation of extensive expertise on the Microsoft database and analysis platform and the development of in-house functionality features to provide a central Read More
Business Intelligence: Driving Better Business Performance for Companies with Changing Needs
When it comes to acquiring business intelligence, small to medium-sized companies are often at a disadvantage. Compared to larger companies, they may lack the

sql queries tutorial  brought together on the SQL Server platform. This seamless integration with Microsoft SQL Server makes it possible to leverage the key benefits from solution to solution, thereby reducing total cost of ownership while making it easier for companies to expand their solution as their business needs change. And, a complete offering also means that in addition to providing all of the tools that an organization needs, Microsoft is the only provider of business intelligence that supports the Information Worker, Read More
Microsoft’s Underlying Platform Parts for Enterprise Applications: Somewhat Explained - Part 2
Part 1 of this blog series concluded that Microsoft would not converge all of its diverse Microsoft Dynamics  product lines into a single enterprise resource

sql queries tutorial  use of the Microsoft SQL Server database that was discussed at the end of Part 1 , all Microsoft Dynamics reporting capabilities will in the future come natively (which also means without new license fees) through SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) and associated tools. This was first developed within Microsoft Dynamics GP 9 and   Microsoft Dynamics AX [ evaluate this product ], and will be adopted more broadly across other Dynamics products. In the Microsoft Dynamics AX 4 release, there was the Read More

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