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SuperPharm, Ltd.
Get an example for retail solution implementation with TEC. Click here to download! SuperPharm, a Trinidad-based pharmacy chain, was having a problem with replenishment and risked losing customers. The problem lay in the point of sale (POS) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) for distribution systems—and that users couldn’t easily access the systems’ functionalities. After TEC helped SuperPharm with a software evaluation, SuperPharm realized it already had the best systems for its needs. Find out why.

7/9/2009 4:41:00 PM

Case Study: TRI-WEST Ltd.
To lower the high cost of continuous updates as well as improve customer service and better support sales staff productivity, TRI-WEST needed to replace its static Web site with a portal solution that would serve both internal users and customers. Learn how the company worked with its chosen vendor and integration partner to build a portal solution that serves the public as well as customers and employees.

4/9/2010 1:09:00 PM

Case Study: PearlStreet Ltd.
After a number of acquisitions, it was vital that testing, inspection, and asset care provider PearlStreet have a solution to integrate each business and consolidate key company and financial information in one system. PearlStreet deployed a range of PRONTO-Xi modules, including project costing. Now, the company has greater operations visibility, more effective reporting, and the ability to analyze business performance.

3/31/2009 2:01:00 PM

Epicor Software: Turtle Wax Ltd
When Turtle Wax Ltd (TWL), a leading supplier of car-care products from Skelmersdale, Lancashire, decided to start selling its products directly, not only did the company need to develop its own direct sales channels, but also the back-office infrastructure to support the change. See how Tropos ERP helped TWL achieve this goal and realize key benefits, including reduced packaging stocks and easier to add extra production.

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11/28/2011 6:07:00 PM

Advanced Computing Edge Ltd.

SST LTD: Founded in 1981, Advanced Computing Edge develops retail business solutions for small and medium retail businesses. Over 800 small retail businesses in North America use ACE solutions. Advanced Computing Edge offices are located in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina (US), and Toronto, Ontario (Canada).

HiringBoss Pte Ltd.

SST LTD: HiringBoss is one of the worlds most intuative HR and recruiting Software. Founded in Feb 2010, HiringBoss addresses the unique and complex needs of the Asian HR market segment. Available in 14 languages, HiringBoss consists of three modules:HiringBoss will allow our clients to choose which 'best of breed' partners they would like to work with. These partners will include Job boards, Social media sites, recruiting companies and talent management systems, companies and websites.Our model is low cost, has amazing features and focuses on ease of use. We are well funded and have two development teams, one in Vietnam and the other in Japan.Local service support will be a very important part of our product offerings. We currently have three offices in Asia (Tokyo, Singapore and Ho Chi Minh) and plan to expand to 8 by the end of the year in Asia and one each in the US and Europe.

UFIDA Software Company Ltd

SST LTD: Founded in 1988, UFIDA Software Company, Ltd. brings management practices based on IT technology (including communication technology) to its clients' management and business innovation activities. UFIDA is a supplier of proprietary enterprise management or enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, service, and solutions. UFIDA went public in May 2001 on the Shanghai Stock Exchange (stock name: UFIDA Software; Stock code: 600588). UFIDA is a local management software supplier in the Asia-Pacific region and is one of China’s largest suppliers of management software, ERP software, financial software, group management software, human resources (HR) management software, and small to medium business (SMB) management software. Currently, over 500,000 enterprises in China and the Asia-Pacific region are using UFIDA Software products, and over 50,000 enterprises choose UFIDA Software every year. Over 3 million users use UFIDA Software products each day. UFIDA's enterprise application software research and development (R&D) network consists of its R&D headquarters in Beijing (China), its manufacturing industry R&D base in Nanjing (China), and its Advanced Applications Research Center in Shanghai (China), employing a team of 1,400 specialists. UFIDA has 41 subsidiaries and branches, 60 customer service centers, 150 training and education centers, and 3,000 service specialists. The company also has established branch companies or representative offices in numerous Asian countries, including Japan, Thailand, and Singapore. Over 2,000 partners help UFIDA provide its clients with service and solutions.UFIDA supplies management and operation informatization application software and services for enterprises, government, and community organizations. Major stock-holding companies of UFIDA Software Co., Ltd. include UFIDA E-Government Software, UFIDA-Haisheng Software, IFS-UFIDA Software System, Cellsoft, and UFIDA Mobile Business Technology.

Cerrex Consulting (Pty) Ltd

SST LTD: Cerrex Consulting is a customer driven consulting company that strives for technical excellence and incomparable customer service focused around the Sage product line. With consultants selected for their business acumen, you are ensured that we can assist in the improvement of your organisation to optimum performance.In today's market place you need a partner to help you take full advantage of your software solutions to support business processes and achieve business goals. With an innovative and a future based approach we can help to create an effective solution that not only works, but is also sustainable for the future. By closely working with our partners and customers, our consultants strive to provide high-level, quality-driven services, helping you mitigate risk and protect the value of your software investment. Our consultants help you accelerate time-to-value as well as lower total cost of ownership and increase your return from software investments.


SST LTD: Founded in 1993, Newgrand Software Co., Ltd. provides medium- and high-end management software for a variety of industries, such as engineeringequipment manufacturingtextilesfashionfurnitureelectronic appliancesmetallurgymedicinefinanceNewgrand's project management solutions include:URP software i6 systemA3, an international enterprise resource planning (ERP) softwareW3, a collaborative work suiteUIC, an electronic business portal softwareSE, a simple ERP softwareM3, a mobile business softwareUP/JUP, a middleware platformGIC, a portal software for government sectorsNewgrand CRP software G6 systemE6, a university management softwareGsoft, a public finance management softwarePsoft, an engineering project management softwareIn June 2006, Newgrand pioneered and launched the first service-oriented architecture (SOA)-based management software in China. The company also customizes its solutions to meet the specific needs of its customers. Newgrand is International Organization for Standardization 9001 (ISO9001), ISO9002, and Capability Maturity Model 3 (CMM3) certified. Five of its products were rated as

Bir Yazilim Bilgisayar Ltd.

SST LTD: Bir Yazilim Ltd. was founded in 1998 as a software development company. For the past 10 years, Bir Yazilim has been developing enterprise resource planning (ERP), material requirement planning (MRP), and management information system (MIS) products for small to medium businesses (SMBs). The company also provides custom software development services; markets general and specific purpose software products; and offers sales, post-sales training support, and consultancy services.

Davis Controls Ltd.: Cutting Edge Technology, Excellent Service and Support Delivers Growth
In 1996, Davis Controls, a licensed assembler of instrumentation and control products, implemented Exact Software’s Macola Progression solution. The subsequent 50 percent increase in their sales convinced the company to deploy Macola Enterprise Suite (ES). Macola ES’s integrated business process management (BPM) tools have led to improved productivity.

SST LTD: satisfaction, Exact, Davis, case, customer.
4/29/2005 9:33:00 AM

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