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Mid-sized SCE Buys Small SCP: No Sure Bet on Short Term Profits
Leading supply chain execution (SCE) vendor, Manhattan Associates has recently announced its acquisition of Evant, a supply chain planning (SCP) company

staples retek  core competency of SCE. Staples, Inc., which prior to the acquisition, had purchased SCE software from Manhattan Associates and SCP software from Evant, is a clear winner in that it will see benefits through synergy of dealing with only one vendor over time for its multiple applications purchased. Current prospects and future clients who are in the market for both supply chain execution and supply chain planning applications, either concurrently or as separate projects, will certainly find Manhattan Read More

Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » staples retek

Merging Disparate IT Systems and Exploiting Multichannels
Astute IT strategies should help any company develop a strong competitive advantage whether it be improved time-to-market, better insights about customers

staples retek  of Best Buy , Staples , Ahold , Target , and Lowe 's have also been carving out their niches. They are capturing growth and profits from multichannel, customer-centric marketing in a competitive market dominated by Wal-Mart 's well-oiled retail machine. While Wal-Mart can match the growth of these retailers in absolute numbers just by opening new stores, it will hardly take more business in the competitive multichannel market serving customers with individual, personalized shopping experiences and by Read More
Baan E-Commerce: a Wing, a Prayer & a Single Platform
Baan hopes e-Enterprise will put them on the e-commerce map.

staples retek  computer equipment. Efforts by Staples, Office Max, Dell, and others have established working models for the electronic procurement of consumables. Connecting with these resources will help bolster the functionality of their product suite. Product Challenges Unix Dilemma: While the choice of Microsoft's Back Office Suite is listed as a strength, it may represent a double edge sword. We estimate 70 percent of Baan's existing ERP customers are Unix based. As a result many companies may not be ready or Read More
Successful Cross-channel Retailing: 4 Concepts to Master
Savvy retailers know that it’s not enough to simply develop different retail channels. You need to make sure they all work together to deliver a seamless and

staples retek  as Best Buy or Staples, have to contend with channel cannibalism—as they have a strong presence both in store locations and online, some customers migrate between channels, thus benefiting the overall revenue stream of one channel at the expense of the other. The multichannel presence has created a new type of customer, the omni-channel customer, who will engage with a retailer on multiple levels, split his or her buying power across multiple channels, and expect a seamless experience from one channel Read More
Google Acquires Smart, Connected Products Manufacturer Nest
Google has announced that it has entered into an agreement to buy smart device manufacturer Nest Labs for $3.2 billion (USD) in cash. Now the future of smart

staples retek  and connected consumer products, Staples extending its smart home initiative, and tens of other players announcing products that will be part of the IoT (Internet of Things) era. A recent report from McKinsey Global Institute goes so far as to say that the IoT will generate up to $6.2 trillion (USD) in new economic activity by the year 2025. Now the future of smart, connected products takes on an entirely new twist with Google strongly in the mix.   Foreshadowing the Future IoT This acquisition by Read More
Meeting Intuit at Dreamforce 2012
Whether pandering to their voting blocks, politicians in this election cycle often say that most innovation takes place in small businesses. Indeed, how many

staples retek  of going to, say, Staples or Best Buy , and buying a CD of accounting software and uploading it onto their PC. They live their lives on their mobile phone, tablet, and the Internet. That is where business software customers of the future will be. Also important, this strategy is expected to put Intuit in the position of winning big in a connected services economy. “Connected services” is Intuit’s strategic vision to meet the needs of customers in an increasingly connected world ( see Intuit’s Read More
Logistics.com Becomes The Newest Of Manhattan Associates Part 2: Strengths, Challenges, and User Recommendations
Logistics.com needs to tie its execution modules into the plant/warehouse-level applications in order to give a customer a full solution. Manhattan cannot

staples retek  TJX Companies Inc ., Staples Inc ., The Gillette Company , Colgate-Palmolive Co ., PPG Industries, Inc ., Quaker Oats Co ., Wal-Mart Stores Inc . and eight of the top 15 trucking companies in North America. With the acquisition, Manhattan should round out its SCE offering, while it also expects to bolster its top line with ~$10 million of estimated Logistics.com's revenue. On the other hand, Logistics.com, whose prior owners/founders include Sabre and a MIT Professor Yossi Sheffi (see Logistics.com Read More
Getting Beyond the Development Stage
Now that you’ve validated your product or service concept, how do you avoid hemorrhaging money during expansion?

staples retek  a cash register from Staples for the first three stores rather than get bogged down with a choice between NCR and IBM. Employing an architectural design, the teams quickly identified essential components, created them, and qualified them. Knowing what subsequent iterations would look like allowed simultaneous deployment and validation of the first iteration while designing and qualifying components for the second iteration. Key architectural guidelines that prevented hemorrhaging included: Support for Read More
A Tale of a Few Good SCM Players - Part 4
Part 1 of this blog post series followed the genesis of Manhattan Associates from its inception in 1990 throughout the mid-2000s. During this time, Manhattan

staples retek  Tale of a Few Good SCM Players - Part 4 Part 1 of this blog post series  followed the genesis of  Manhattan Associates  from its inception in 1990 throughout the mid-2000s. During this time, Manhattan Associates was the epitome of an impeccable  supply chain management (SCM)  software company in terms of market share, growth, profitability, and its product capabilities. Indeed, the company set the industry standard for the supply chain execution (SCE) space and was the envy of its competitors. But Read More
Plugging In the Universal Adapter
Implementing enterprise software solutions raises numerous obstacles, which can all be attributed to a single cause: users are unable to properly use the

staples retek  In the Universal Adapter Plugging In the Universal Adapter If you receive errors when attempting to view this white paper, please install the latest version of Adobe Reader. The world's largest enterprise software company, Oracle is the only vendor to offer solutions for every tier of your business -- database, middleware, business intelligence, business applications Source: Oracle Resources Related to Plugging In the Universal Adapter : Enterprise Software (Wikipedia) Plugging In the Universal Read More
Future Trends in Wholesale Distribution—Part 2: Outside-In Omnichannel Fulfillment
The TEC Vendor Challenge was in full swing last week, with 2 days' worth of vendor demonstrations from Epicor, IBS, Infor, Microsoft, NetSuite, SAP, and VAI, as

staples retek  technologies. Bob talked about  Staples  as an example of what a company has to do to deploy a next-day fulfillment structure, and what this means for wholesale distributors in the fulfillment cycle. As Staples makes decisions about where to source the products, where to stock the products, via what mode to ship the products, and how the customers want the products delivered, this presents both challenges and opportunities to wholesale distributors to enhance their capabilities to work with companies Read More
Manugistics Indulges In The Open M&A Season
Does Manugistics’ acquisition of a small ERP vendor confirms a further degree of integration and convergence between ERP, SCM and CRM applications in 2002 and

staples retek  Corporation, Kraft Foods, NAVTRANS, Staples, Inc., Subaru of America, The Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company (A&P), The Limited, Inc., The TJX Companies, RadioShack Corporation, Toys R Us, Inc., Tronicus and Winn-Dixie have all turned to Manugistics for solutions to address their logistics challenges. This is Part One of a two-part analysis of news from Manugistics. Part Two will continue the Market Impact and make User Recommendations. Market Impact The renewed frenzy of enterprise applications Read More
SAP's Approach to the Retail Market
SAP and its ERP peers appear to understand that continuously improving the way enterprise information is presented and by marrying analytics, optimization, and

staples retek  s Approach to the Retail Market Introduction There are some interesting dynamics within the retail market segment. On one hand, the market is much less penetrated by enterprise applications than most other economic sectors, in part since retailers have largely been remiss in leaving mainframes and other legacy technologies behind. Also, the sector has shown some resilience even during the recent and possibly still ongoing economic malaise, in part as the consumers have been stretching their credit card Read More
Quantum Retail: Challenging the
Every year-ending holiday season reminds us of the importance of consumer spending and the retail sector for the United States (US) and global economies

staples retek  Retail: Challenging the Enterprise Apps Establishment and Retailers' Mindset - Part 1 Every year-ending holiday season reminds us of the importance of  consumer spending  and the retail sector for the United States (US) and global economies. Many economists and pundits are then awaiting with trepidation the  Black Friday  sales outcome and reported consumer sentiment or  Consumer Confidence Index (CCI)  as bellwethers of the economy in the New Year. While t his past holiday season seems to Read More
Taking a Lesson from Big-box Retailers: The World's Distribution Pros
The proliferation of “big box” retail outlets across the suburban landscape has been part of the retail environment for more than a decade. As population target

staples retek  category killers such as Staples, which specialize in one type of product (e.g., office products). Among the several reasons for big-box success has been the sheer volume-buying power that these corporate retail organizations can leverage, which makes it difficult for traditional independent retail organizations to compete. Also, the relative low cost of building outlets in areas where retail land is inexpensive, and where populations have higher levels of per capita income, makes this a successful Read More

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