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PLM and FOSS, What PLM Seekers Think?
Since Aras decided to stop asking for license fees for Aras Innovator [evaluate the product]by switching to the business model that the vendor calls enterprise

statistics ebpp  into the software selection statistics captured at Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC) to see what the users (more precisely, PLM seekers) think of FOSS PLM. The Acceptance of FOSS PLM Based on thousands of PLM initiatives recorded at TEC, below are the percentages of PLM seekers who chose the option “the software is licensed under an official free or Open Source license”, from 2005 to 2009, and in the first half of 2010 (figure 1).   Figure 1. Percentages of PLM seekers thinking FOSS PLM is Read More

Business Intelligence (BI)
Business intelligence (BI) and performance management applications enable real-time, interactive access, analysis, and manipulation of mission-critical corporate information. These applications pro...
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Workforce Diversity: Meeting the Challenges Head On
Diversity is an important part of the change that today’s businesses are experiencing. Many organizations are working on an international level and, as such

statistics ebpp  young workers is declining. Statistics show the following: Baby boomers represent the largest generation in the workplace. Population-wise, Gen X and Gen Y combined already outnumber the baby boomers. US Bureau of Labor Statistics projections imply that over the next decade, 40 million people will enter the workforce, about 25 million will leave the workforce, and 109 million will remain. Given these impressive numbers, it's important to understand the impact that these changes in population will have on Read More
Are You Ready for the Project Economy?
The multitude of messages and media in this interactive age contributes to a fragmented consumer goods market. Shorter product life cycles, mass product

statistics ebpp  Economy Report , Economy Statistics , Indicators Economy , Industries Economy , Information Economy Project , Investment Economy , Knowledge Economy Project , Management Economy , Project Development , Project Economy , Project Management Economy , Project Managment Tool , Project Planning , Project Statistics . Periodically throughout history, the world economy changes in drastic, revolutionary ways. These changes are driven by technology, the spread of new ideas and ways of thinking, cultural changes Read More
Application Software Outsourcing: Buyers Are Seeking More Expertise from Providers
In a previous blog post, based on TEC’s outsourcing selection criteria, I summarized 6 types of experiences that a buyer should consider when choosing the best

statistics ebpp  to look at the statistics of these high-level requirements and found out something that might be interesting for both outsourcing buyers and providers. About the Data To come up with a short list of the best-fit providers, users need to answer 14 critical questions in TEC’s Outsourcing Evaluation Center pre-screen questionnaire. Amongst these, four questions are related to the providers’ expertise. These areas of expertise are system development process expertise,  application development expertise Read More
Rentable Procurement
Rightworks chose Exodus to host its on-line procurement solution. Rightworks plans to provide a service that outsources procurement solutions via the web.

statistics ebpp  considered. Performance and reliability statistics are not available at this time. Additionally, Rightworks is not alone in the procurement space and face stiff competition from Ariba, Commerce One and Concur. The unique factor RightWorks offers is a rentable procurement solution coupled with the power of a digital market place. First, we recommend that organizations determine if their procurement solution has the features you need and if their market place has the type of buyers/sellers that are right Read More
What Brings Customers Closer to Your Product Development?
Bringing all product stakeholders in a tighter loop within the entire product life cycle is one of the main strategies of the product lifecycle management (PLM)

statistics ebpp  PLM users. Based on statistics from the TEC PLM Evaluation Center , among 50 possible business objectives for implementing a PLM system, the option of “including customer input in the design process” changed its ranking from 28 th (in the year 2007) to 20 th (in the year 2008) (see figure 1). Figure 1. Ranking of “including customer input in the design process.” In general, PLM provides a management framework that brings customers closer to product development due to the collaborative perspective Read More
Llamasoft Keeps Supply Chain Design Relevant
It used to be (and it might still be the case in many companies) that supply network design and optimization would be run yearly (or maybe every six months) by

statistics ebpp  months) by a few statistics geeks. But the volume and speed of data and information nowadays means that being more alert and adaptable when it comes to one’s supply network and nodes can often differentiate the winners from losers. Smart companies are making supply chain design a core business function, and use this competency as a competitive weapon for their business. Often they will establish a centralized supply chain design function to continuously optimize their end-to-end supply chains. To that Read More
Adeon CXInsight TEC Certified
Today’s product lifecycle management (PLM) is an ever-growing and flexible container for holding a variety of functionality and it has become more important to

statistics ebpp  which are based on statistics captured at TEC’s PLM Evaluation Center , drawing and product documentation management, product collaboration, and engineering change management were identified as the most popular areas on a PLM buyers’ priority list. CXInsight is in line with these high priorities except for engineering change management, in which ASH needs further development to make its offering more competitive. What I liked about CXInsight: • Industry focus : ASH has been able to embed its Read More
Enterprise Content Management (ECM) System RFI/RFP Template
Content Authoring, Content Acquisition, Content Aggregation, Output and Content Presentation, Workflow Management, Version Control and Management, Development

statistics ebpp  Asset Management Reporting and Statistics Management Performance Backup and Recovery Product Technology This functional and technical requirement set template covers industry-standard functional criteria of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) that can help you easily gather and prioritize your business needs in a simple and categorized excel document. More than a RFP template, it is a working document that serves as a knowledge base reference throughout the life-span of your Enterprise Content Management Read More
The Elusive Goal of Supply Chain Visibility
Visibility continues to take center stage among many supply chain issues—as it has for more than a few years and is likely to for the foreseeable future. But

statistics ebpp  then, to see BCI’s statistics and finding of the laundry list of causes of supply chain disruption. 75% of the companies surveyed “do not have full visibility of their supply chain disruption levels.” 75% of companies surveyed have experienced at least one supply chain disruption in the past year. 42% of these disruptions happened at Tier 2 . . . Tier N suppliers where numerous findings have pointed to a much lower visibility. It may be surprising to learn that the primary sources of disruption Read More
Revolution R Enterprise
Revolution R Enterprise is production-grade analytics software built upon the powerful open source R statistics language. With commercial enhancements and

statistics ebpp  powerful open source R statistics language. With commercial enhancements and professional support for real-world use, it brings higher performance, greater scalability, and stronger reliability to R—at a fraction of the cost of legacy products. Read More
Chiron's flagship product, i-Lean, is a logistics modeling and design tool built for warehousing, manufacturing, and retail environments. It

statistics ebpp  demand or actual ordering statistics for each part (such as order frequency or average order size) to recommend how a warehouse should be zoned, and how each part should be stored. Read More
Going from Good to Great
Creating a great Website depends on strategy, and the investment of time and energy in continuous improvement. Learn how techniques like search engine marketing

statistics ebpp  as Google Analytics, coreDNA Statistics or Omniture are the best place to start to help you increase your conversion rate. These tools can help you understand how your customers enter, navigate and eventually leave your site, providing valuable feedback which can then be used to make customer-focused improvements to your website that increase your conversion rate. Identifying how and from where people are arriving at your website allows you to target communications and make navigation clearer and more Read More
NetGenesis Predicts The Future From Mouse Trails
NetGenesis recently released NetGenesis 5, a suite of web analytics applications that do more than report simple web statistics. NetGenesis claims that its new

statistics ebpp  being a niche web statistics vendor towards being a supplier of online-customer information. This is an important move as the e-businesses of NetGenesis' target market become more sophisticated. NetGenesis' competitive advantage comes from the combination of scalable, sophisticated analytics applications and analytics consulting services. Services represented 42% of the $6.5M in revenue generated in 1999, and 43% of the $5.8M in revenue generated during 2Q00 (note that the 3Q00 10-Q was not yet released Read More
Configuration Intelligence Initiative
Today’s configuration management tools focus on collecting and reporting statistics, logs, and failures, but fail to address the need for analyzing this data to

statistics ebpp  on collecting and reporting statistics, logs, and failures, but fail to address the need for analyzing this data to determine best practices for improving efficiencies. That’s why Configuresoft has developed software that enables you to link core systems configuration and change management disciplines into actionable analytics. Find out how it can work for you. Read More

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