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Silver Lining to Oracle’s Q4 Earnings Miss
ORACLE DOUBLES DIVIDEND; CLOUD SAAS REVENUES UP 50%; STOCK DROPS 9%The release of Oracle Corporation’s Q4 earnings was more heavily anticipated this year

stock controll  SAAS REVENUES UP 50%; STOCK DROPS 9% The release of Oracle Corporation’s Q4 earnings was more heavily anticipated this year than in previous years. This was in part because Oracle had missed Wall Street targets in Q3 and the bulls and bears were both taking strong positions for or against the technology bellwether. Also, Oracle always makes a huge sales push in Q4. Yet, when Oracle released its earnings after the bell on June 20th, the stock was immediately hammered and closed the following day down mor Read More
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » stock controll

DSL Provider Scoops up Netscreen Firewall Goldmine
In a $905million exchange of stock, Efficient Networks has acquired a more than efficient security solution with its acquisition of the Netscreen line of

stock controll  the acquisition, Efficient Networks' stock dropped below the Nasdaq average and the S&P 500. (see Figure 1) Typically, since acquisitions for stock mean that the acquiring company needs to unload some of its stock, it is not uncommon for the acquiring company to see a drop in its share price. Since Efficient Networks has been trading considerably higher than the Nasdaq average and S&P 500 over the last two months, there is a good chance that their stock will recover in a near term. In the last few months, Read More
Infor M3 to Handle Fresh Food Planning
Infor has announce plans to deliver a range of enhancements to Infor M3 (formerly Intentia Movex). The enhancements will include the development of Infor M3

stock controll  between being out of stock and having stock that is past its shelf-life. The new concept of “forecast pacing” will provide detailed insight into current and historical flow of orders—down to the hourly level. This should helps manufacturers refine forecasts within the tool and reduce costly write-offs. Unlike traditional planning solutions, FFP is designed to run directly on top of the operational enterprise resource planning (ERP) database providing instant access to live data about current Read More
The Arrow Now Points To Cisco
Cisco Systems’ announced acquisition of ArrowPoint Communications Inc., strengthens its content switching Internet products.

stock controll  based on a common stock exchange. Cisco will exchange 2.1218 shares of common stock for all outstanding shares and options of ArrowPoint Communication. The purchase price of this acquisition is approximately $5.7 billion [USD] with the value of Cisco stock at $63 5/8. This acquisition will be completed during Cisco's fourth quarter of 2000. Market Impact Cisco's acquisition of ArrowPoint Communications fills a void in Cisco's arsenal of Internet based products. ArrowPoint's content switching solution Read More
RFID ... For Customers?
Recently I spoke at the National Retail Federation in the center of retail: New York City! The big buzz this year, no surprise, was about RFID.

stock controll  issues around replenishment of stock items. And fine tuning accuracy of demand of stock items is always good. But, you have to wonder why we spend so much money on fine tuning what's not broken. There are known technologies and processes for replenishment, what I call dumb replenishment. Because in reality, it does not show you what the customer was looking for, or what they contemplated. (That's why so much effort has been put into web technologies that shadow the customer's moves—more on that later.) Read More
Microstrategy Moves Up with e-Business
On October 4, MicroStrategy announced the release of MicroStrategy 6, the latest in their line of Intelligent E-Business software products. On October 5

stock controll  other OLAP vendors. The stock market has reacted favorably to MicroStrategy's market strategy, as their stock price has tripled over the last two months, and made very strong moves in the last two weeks. Fig. 1 User Recommendations Companies engaging in technology selection for OLAP tools should investigate MicroStrategy's offerings. Microstrategy has placed a strong emphasis on E-Business offerings, and MicroStrategy 6 is designed to be a platform that empowers organizations to understand the Read More
Demand-driven Versus Traditional Materials Requirement Planning
Material requirements planning is a system that strives to plan replenishment just before a withdrawal from stock, which does not work in some manufacturing

stock controll  MRP has trouble controlling stock levels, which results in poor delivery performance. Also, MRP is incapable of handling demand-driven, ever-changing manufacturing, working better when demand for a particular product is constant (fairly even) and predictable. If there is any variation, however, then MRP loses many of its advantages and the benefits of using alternative planning approaches increase. In fact, the main flaw with MRP is that it is too deterministic. It is too rigid, as it does not allow for Read More
webMethods Gets Active (Software That Is)
In May webMethods Inc. announced that it will purchase Active Software Inc. in an all-stock deal. The purchase is worth approximately $1.3 Billion. WebMethods

stock controll  (NASDAQ: ASWX) in an all-stock deal. The purchase is worth approximately $1.3 Billion. WebMethods is a vendor of B2B eCommerce integration software, and the acquisition of Active allows them to extend their integration strategy for extended supply chain and business-to-business e-commerce. In an 8-K statement filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission, webMethods stated that a wholly- owned subsidiary of webMethods, known as Wolf Acquisition, would merge Active into webMethods with each issued and Read More
Founded in 1991, Kingdee Software (stock #268 on the HK Stock Exchange Main Board) provides enterprise management software and e-business application solutions

stock controll  #268 on the HK Stock Exchange Main Board) provides enterprise management software and e-business application solutions to companies in China and the Asia-Pacific region. Read More
Justification of ERP Investments Part 1: Quantifiable Benefits from an ERP System
Studies that surveyed manufacturers about the impact of ERP systems on firm performance indicate that company size and industry do not affect the results

stock controll  a potential effect on stock value. This section discusses the quantifiable and the intangible benefits of an ERP system, which compares firm performance before and after implementing ERP. Other scenarios are encountered in justifying ERP investments. For example, a firm may be considering replacement versus upgrade or re-implementation of an ERP software package. There are significant costs for not successfully implementing an ERP system. Manufacturers often pay more for the lack of systems than they Read More
TIBCO Announces Results That Are 'Better Than Worse Than Expected'
TIBCO Software is the latest software vendor to report that they are following a new trend in the stock market: reporting results that exceed lowered analyst

stock controll  new trend in the stock market: reporting results that exceed lowered analyst expectations. Analysts had expected TIBCO to earn 3 cents per share, down from the 8 cents per share that they originally projected. TIBCO had only recently revised its guidance, on March 7. In the end, TIBCO reported pro forma results of 6 cents per share, up from 1 cent per share for the first fiscal quarter of 2000. TIBCO had pro forma operating income for the first fiscal quarter of $3.5 million, up from $153,000 for the Read More
Stock Build Optimization in Food and Beverage Manufacturing: Are Your Profits Suffering Due to Stockouts or Expired Stock?
For food and beverage manufacturers, the failure to meet demand peaks can result in poor customer service, lost revenue, stockouts, brand erosion, and—in

stock controll  major customer. However, with stock build optimization, manufacturers can minimize the time and total value of the stock being held, and realize higher profits and working capital. Read More
Sun Buys Cobalt
Sun has finally decided to move into the server appliance arena, by purchasing Cobalt Networks, a leader in that marketplace.

stock controll  in May, when Cobalt's stock was at/near its 52-week low. This could have saved $350M-$400M. If Sun had chosen to develop an appliance line, it should only have taken them nine-twelve months to develop their first product, and if they had more than one hardware development team, they could have increased the number of offerings. Summary : We feel the positives are substantial, and most of the not-so-positives are hindsight-based rantings. We expect Sun to reap significant rewards from this acquisition. U Read More
Another One Bites the Dust - SSA Gored to Death
On April 7, Gores Technology Group (GTG), a leading international technology and management company, and System Software Associates, Inc. (SSA) announced that

stock controll  25% of the common stock of the newly-formed subsidiary. The parties intend to effect the sale in an expeditious manner via a voluntary Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceeding to be filed on or about April 14. The Chapter 11 proceeding will not include SSA's subsidiaries. Alec Gores, Chairman of Gores Technology, stated: We are very pleased to be adding SSA to the Gores family of technology companies. We place a high importance on the current and potential value of SSA's extensive customer base, skilled Read More
Lawson Standing Vertically in a Flat Economy
Lawson Software has hardly ever been associated with flamboyance and ostentatious behavior, let alone in these murky economic times. Still, its chief executive

stock controll  the availability of Lawson Stock Build Optimizer and Lawson Planning Workbench for Food and Beverage . These new applications aim to help F&B manufacturers improve long- and mid-range production planning to ensure that the right amount of the right products are available at the right time to meet seasonal and promotional peaks in demand. F&B companies traditionally have to choose the lesser of two evils: Losing sales if they don't produce enough products to meet demand spikes, or Writing off perishable Read More

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