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Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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How to Keep Stock Balances Accurate
Distributors must ensure the quantity of products shown to be available in their software system agrees with what is physically in their warehouses. If it doesn

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Did Sagent Technology Pull the Old ''Pump and Dump''?
Sagent Technology has been hit with a class action complaint for violation of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. According to the complaint, company officers

stock statements  projections were revealed, the stock dropped as low as $7-7/32, a decline of more than 70%. Both the Vice President of Sales and the Chief Financial Officer resigned after they received their $6 million in proceeds. In addition, it is alleged that Sagent made the misstatements to give them time to renew their credit line, slated to expire in early 2000, because Sagent could not fund its operations from cash generated by business operations (the company was posting substantial losses). Sagent allegedly Read More...
The Financial Close: Optimizing Performance and Driving Financial Excellence
“Financial close” is a company’s ability to complete accounting cycles and produce financial statements for internal management and external legal reporting@and

stock statements  exchanges, including the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and NYSE under the symbol SAP. Source : SAP Resources Related to Optimizing Performance and Driving Financial Excellence : Performance (Wikipedia) The Financial Close: Optimizing Performance and Driving Financial Excellence Financial Excellence is also known as : Financial Excellence , Excellence in Financial Management , Achieve Superior Financial Performance , Integrated Financial Management Solution , Financial Excellence Achieve , Optimize Financial Read More...
Sun Buys Cobalt
Sun has finally decided to move into the server appliance arena, by purchasing Cobalt Networks, a leader in that marketplace.

stock statements  in May, when Cobalt''s stock was at/near its 52-week low. This could have saved $350M-$400M. If Sun had chosen to develop an appliance line, it should only have taken them nine-twelve months to develop their first product, and if they had more than one hardware development team, they could have increased the number of offerings. Summary : We feel the positives are substantial, and most of the not-so-positives are hindsight-based rantings. We expect Sun to reap significant rewards from this acquisition. Read More...
Thou Shalt Comply (and More), or Else: Looking at Sarbanes-Oxley
Compliance with the US Sarbanes-Oxley Act (and a slew of other regulations) is crucial for all businesses, as failure to comply with the law’s strict standards

stock statements  are listed on US stock exchanges are subject to SOX for all fiscal years that ended after July 15, 2006 (see Checking It Twice ).To be more accurate, it is applicable to all companies whose securities are registered and that are required to file reports under 15(d) of the Securities Exchange Act. The motivation behind SOX was to restore investors'' trust in the reliability of financial data that companies publish about themselves, and to mitigate the risk of false financial statements. The act also set up Read More...
Lawson Standing Vertically in a Flat Economy
Lawson Software has hardly ever been associated with flamboyance and ostentatious behavior, let alone in these murky economic times. Still, its chief executive

stock statements  the availability of Lawson Stock Build Optimizer and Lawson Planning Workbench for Food and Beverage . These new applications aim to help F&B manufacturers improve long- and mid-range production planning to ensure that the right amount of the right products are available at the right time to meet seasonal and promotional peaks in demand. F&B companies traditionally have to choose the lesser of two evils: Losing sales if they don''t produce enough products to meet demand spikes, or Writing off perishable Read More...
SYSPRO Point of Sale
SYSPRO Point of Sale is a fully-integrated retail software solution that facilitates over-the-counter sales transactions by accepting payments or deposits

stock statements  is used to sell stock directly to a customer and enables immediate stock allocation and payment as it is done at the point of transaction. The SYSPRO Point of Sale solution includes complete off-line trading functionality, which allows the Point of Sale system to keep working without interruption should the network or main server go down. Replication and synchronization ensure data consistency is maintained between main and branch servers. Comprehensive cash-up and end-of-day functionality provides Read More...
Managing Mountains of Inventory Data, Hexion Ensures Sustainable Growth and Profits
For thermosetting resins producer Hexion Specialty Chemicals, a portfolio of over 50,000 stock keeping units (SKUs) created unique supply chain efficiency

stock statements  portfolio of over 50,000 stock keeping units (SKUs) created unique supply chain efficiency challenges. Hexion needed better supply chain management—the key to sustaining growth and profits. In adopting Zemeter solutions, Hexion reduced inventory by more than 20 percent and increased margins—exactly what Hexion needed to stay competitive on a global scale Read More...
They Can Run, But You Can’t Hide
Politicians are reputedly experts at reinterpreting past statements in the face of current realities. A minor flap about one of them reveals a new way that the

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Taking Stock of Infor’s HCM “Inventory Items” - Part 2
Part 1 of this blog series started by expressing the “New Infor” sentiments (backed up with concrete examples and rationale) following my recent attendance of

stock statements  Stock of Infor’s HCM “Inventory Items” - Part 2 Part 1 of this blog series started by expressing the “New Infor” sentiments (backed up with concrete examples and rationale) following my recent attendance of Inforum 2012 . Then the article provided some historical background and described the lineage of the products that currently form the Infor10 HCM portfolio. The article also detailed some technical and organizational issues on both the former heritage Infor and Lawson Software ’s Read More...
DoubleClick Merger Good News For Privacy Advocates?
DoubleClick agreed to purchase NetCreations in a stock exchange valued at $191 million. NetCreations is the leader in ethical direct mail advertising

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Network-wide Data Protection: A Policy Key Management Architecture Primer for Business Leaders
Data loss can be damaging to a business—hurting short-term stock prices, impacting customer relationships, and reducing revenues. As more companies conduct

stock statements  to a business—hurting short-term stock prices, impacting customer relationships, and reducing revenues. As more companies conduct business via network communication, the need to protect their customer data and intellectual property becomes greater. With a data protection solution, organizations can secure their data in motion—without introducing unmanageable cost and complexity into the network. Read More...
Can You Trust Entrust?
An information security company whose middle name is ''Trust'' is accused of misrepresentation of revenue projections.

stock statements  the price of its stock in order to complete the $703 million stock-for-stock acquisition of enCommerce. Two days after the close of the enCommerce acquisition, on July 5, 2000, the officers revealed that Entrust was experiencing rapidly declining revenues, would not meet its earnings projections and was experiencing significant problems in growing its business. In response to the unprecedented disclosures, the price of Entrust stock plunged, plunging more than $40 per share to as low as $34-3/8. Market Read More...
How Inventory Optimization Can Increase Your Profitability
One of the largest expenses for distributors and wholesalers is stock. Many have difficulty finding the perfect balance between ensuring products are available

stock statements  items and quantities of stock at the right time. Inventory optimization tools help companies make reliable decisions on product replenishment. Making these correct decisions quickly improves efficiency and profitability by improving the forecasting of future demand and through more economic stock holding. Reducing the volume of stock held at any given time has a massive impact on the capital outlay an organization has to make. However, this has to be balanced with the need to maintain customer satisfactio Read More...

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