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Less Stock, More Profit: Inventory Optimization
Inventory optimization is the area where most enterprise resource planning (ERP) software implementations get the highest and fastest return on investment (ROI)

stock turnover  the stock level. Establish stock turnover and then measure the external elements that affect this turnover, such as safety stock or seasonal demand. Then analyze the delivery performance of suppliers, as well as their fill rates and order fulfillment times. The more accurately this can be done, the less safety stock is required, resulting in lower overall stock levels. During these processes, companies must keep in mind the core objective of decreasing stock while increasing customer service levels. This Read More
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » stock turnover

Achieving Effective Inventory Management
In today’s competitive business environment, wholesale distributors face critical factors that directly affect customer satisfaction and profit margins. These

stock turnover  items must be in stock when customers require them. Inventory Turnover If a distributor annually sells $10,000 worth of a product line, is it wise to purchase the entire $10,000 worth of inventory at one time? On the other hand, could a company buy some, sell it, and then buy some more with the money made selling the initial quantity? In the first case, a substantial sum becomes tied up for a year. The product will be sold one time and earn a profit one time. In the second case, the initial investment in Read More
Justification of ERP Investments Part 1: Quantifiable Benefits from an ERP System
Studies that surveyed manufacturers about the impact of ERP systems on firm performance indicate that company size and industry do not affect the results

stock turnover  a potential effect on stock value. This section discusses the quantifiable and the intangible benefits of an ERP system, which compares firm performance before and after implementing ERP. Other scenarios are encountered in justifying ERP investments. For example, a firm may be considering replacement versus upgrade or re-implementation of an ERP software package. There are significant costs for not successfully implementing an ERP system. Manufacturers often pay more for the lack of systems than they Read More
Avoid the Perils of Service Parts Planning in Supply Chain Management
Significant differences exist between the new parts production supply chain and the service and replacement parts supply chain. Companies using conventional

stock turnover  variability. In general, safety stock (synonymous with buffer stock and reserve stock ) is a quantity of stock planned to be in inventory to protect against fluctuations in demand or supply. This is Part Three of a four-part note. Part One discussed the business challenge. Part Two analyzed changes in the scope of service parts SCM. Part Four will cover players and benefits and make user recommendations. Production Versus Service Supply Chains While supply chains can be complex and multi-echelon for both Read More
Infor Lights Up Truck-Lite Europe
Infor recently announced that Truck-Lite Europe, a global provider of lighting, electrical harnessing, and mirror systems for commercial and automotive vehicles

stock turnover  planning should also increase stock turnover by more accurately aligning stock to demand—a key focus for Truck-Lite. Due to a large variety of items and variations of its specialized products, Truck-Lite intends to harness Web-based technologies to provide suppliers with information quickly, accurately and inexpensively. This should enable suppliers to improve their delivery performance to Truck-Lite and thus provide better responsiveness to its customers. Infor Automotive Exchange (AutoConnect), Infor Read More
Infor M3 to Handle Fresh Food Planning
Infor has announce plans to deliver a range of enhancements to Infor M3 (formerly Intentia Movex). The enhancements will include the development of Infor M3

stock turnover  between being out of stock and having stock that is past its shelf-life. The new concept of “forecast pacing” will provide detailed insight into current and historical flow of orders—down to the hourly level. This should helps manufacturers refine forecasts within the tool and reduce costly write-offs. Unlike traditional planning solutions, FFP is designed to run directly on top of the operational enterprise resource planning (ERP) database providing instant access to live data about current Read More
Taking Stock of Infor’s HCM “Inventory Items” - Part 1
What TEC’s recent in-depth article Waking Up to a “New Day” at Infor hinted, my attendance of Inforum 2012 in late April confirmed. Namely, Infor started out as

stock turnover  Stock of Infor’s HCM “Inventory Items” - Part 1 What TEC ’s recent in-depth article Waking Up to a “New Day” at Infor  hinted, my attendance of Inforum 2012 in late April confirmed. Namely, Infor started out as a traditional acquirer and market consolidator, but that is old news now. The re-energized vendor has recently moved on to a new chapter of innovation and industry focus with Charles Phillips and his renewed management team at the helm. The main themes and highlights from the Read More
Netpliance Responds Quickly to Hardware Hack
Off to a rough and tumble start, Netpliance's stock fell 18% by its third day of trading due to a security exploit. However, don't expect the rough start to

stock turnover  2000 Event Summary Netpliance's stock took an 18% dip after a slot machine engineer in Las Vegas hacked a procedure to turn the network device into a full-fledged PC. Netpliance, Inc., (Nasdaq: NPLI) which only went public on March 17 at a price of $18.00 a share, was down to $14.00 a share by market close on March 21. The Netpliance, which retails for $99.00, was designed to simply do web-surfing using Netpliance's i-Opener Internet service. Netpliance's revenue model is based on the assumption that Read More
A Modern Tale of Long (Supply Chain) Tails -- Part II
Part I of this blog series introduced the notion of long tails in modern supply chains. That blog post also introduced the vendor ToolsGroup and its solution

stock turnover  here by the distinctive Stock Mix Optimization capability that has delivered higher service levels with much less inventory for ToolsGroup customers. As its name suggests, the feature is used to define and manage the right mix at each location in the supply network to deliver the targeted customer service level. The inventory optimization system automatically adjusts service level targets for individual stock-keeping units (SKUs) to obtain the most optimal “mix” of inventory, and hence to attain the Read More
1010data Big Data Warehouse
Designed originally to solve Big Data analytics problems for companies like the New York Stock Exchange, the 1010data platform is a unique approach to data

stock turnover  like the New York Stock Exchange, the 1010data platform is a unique approach to data exploration. Built from scratch to deliver instant access to all the raw data in gigantic datasets, 1010data analytics offers a revolutionary a cloud-based platform that unifies data and analytics and provides a single repository for critical information assets. Read More
Taking Stock of TAKE Supply Chain Solutions - Part 1
Over the past several years I’ve repeatedly heard of a supply chain management (SCM) software and professional services company called ClearOrbit that was

stock turnover  Stock of TAKE Supply Chain Solutions - Part 1 Over the past several years I’ve repeatedly heard of a  supply chain management (SCM)  software and professional services company called ClearOrbit that was recently renamed TAKE Supply Chain . I admit to initially being in a quandary how to figure out the company’s exact value proposition and differentiation, given that its corporate Web site and press release (PR) messages as well as webinar topics seemed to be all over the SCM map: from Read More
Case Study: Redesigning a Distribution Center
A parts distributor had poorly used space and storage media with limited material visibility resulting in frequent stock-outs. To replace its old warehouse

stock turnover  visibility resulting in frequent stock-outs. To replace its old warehouse management system (WMS), the company decided to redesign its existing storage space and media in order to improve picking and replenishing efficiency and to reduce inventory carrying and material handling costs. Find out how a logistics modeling and design tool helped. Read More
From Idea to Market-ready Product in Record Time
The odds against successful product innovation are long. New products need to win over consumers and convince retailers—a challenging task for many reasons

stock turnover  Market Ready Opening , Stock Market Regulator , Market-ready Technologies , Priority Market-ready , Market Niche Site Ready , Endorses Priority Market-ready , Market Ready Workshop , New Product Development Market Ready , Market-ready Home-cleaning , Market Recalls Similar , First Market Ready , Business Market Intelligence , Offers Market-ready , Firewall Market Ready , Firewall Software Market , High-Tech Market Leaders , Market Ready to Support , Stock Market Ready , Market-ready Innovations , Market Read More
Inventory Planning & Optimization: Extending Your ERP System Part Two: How It Works
Organizations today realize that although strategies focusing on outsourcing transportation, e-business and new distribution models are important, these are all

stock turnover  while also reducing out-of stock situations and ensuring that the correct stock is available to satisfy demand. These are benefits that can't be realized by increasing sales. (Source: J.Healy, Profit from the inside out, isourceonline.com , 2002) Traditionally, inventory management was measured by way of the number of times stock was turned. However, by focusing exclusively on this measure, organizations failed to take advantage of things like volume discounts and customer service levels. To avoid Read More
High Hopes for Workday, Inc. on Initial Trading Day
Workday, Inc., was enthusiastically greeted by investors on its first day of trading with the stock jumping 74 percent. Workday was founded in 2005 by David

stock turnover  of trading with the stock jumping 74 percent. Workday was founded in 2005 by David Duffield and Aneel Bhusri following Oracle’s hostile takeover of PeopleSoft. Staying true to these human capital management (HCM) and financial roots, Duffield and Bhusri have built the PeopleSoft of the new millennium and investors have rewarded them richly for their focus and vision. The Workday applications are built from the ground up on top of an object model as, and delivered through the cloud as, a multi-tenant Read More

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