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Competency Management: the Compass for Strategic Talent Management
This white paper examines how to use a competency-based approach to build behaviors, skills, and knowledge. It explains how to integrate competencies into all

supervisor skills  by subordinates, peers, the supervisor and the employee himself. Because competencies and the gap analysis feature are built into the Plateau system, both the manager and the employee can quickly see that the employee ranks at the minimum proficiency that is required for his job, and that his self perception is perfectly aligned with how his supervisor has rated him. Using this analysis, the employee and manager agree on the need to improve the employee's proficiency with leadership skills. Because compet Read More
Recruitment and Staffing
Recruitment and Staffing functionality allows the user to select and hire the right people with the right skill sets, as well as track the information regarding their recruitment for later analysis...
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Documents related to » supervisor skills

Warehouse Management Systems: Pie in the Sky or Floating Bakery?Part Two: The Pareto Principle, Processes, and People: Assessing Your Warehouse Management System Needs
To ensure your warehouse management system is implemented as painlessly as possible, you must assess your warehouse situation before you decide on a warehouse

supervisor skills  the case! Your warehouse supervisor has to be ready for all of the issues that arise from this new software. Issues such as customers not being happy that their orders that are stuck in the gun (RF device); people not following the system, and creating workarounds; customer service personnel leaving their seats to pick orders themselves because the productivity in the warehouse is now at an all time low; and people leaving because they think the new system is really bad. You have to make sure your wareh Read More
Technical Staff Management Systems for the Aviation Industry
In the airline industry, aircraft maintenance is an activity that has to be done throughout the day, so maintenance personnel must be available at all times

supervisor skills  for the line maintenance supervisor or engineer. In order to combine the technical profiles available and the present proposals made to the supervisor, the system has to know the types of jobs (or the most common and iterative) that have to be performed at a maintenance base or on the platforms. The information related to the jobs that have to be executed or have been partially executed (known as continuous jobs ), will have to come from the main maintenance system that is being used. Certainly, in ord Read More
Plant Intelligence as Glue for Dispersed Data?
Enterprises that have manufacturing or plant-level intelligence systems can be guided through the forking paths of exception-based decision-making. Not only

supervisor skills  generated for a department supervisor or for management purposes has one value, and the same data used for Sarbanes Oxley Act (SOX) compliance has another (see Attributes of Sarbanes-Oxley Tool Sets ). Moreover, the value of quality assurance (QA) information increases substantially when used to support enterprise-wide warranty issues. Inventory information takes on a different look when viewed across an entire supply chain with synchronized schedules that are based on real demand. This greater value come Read More
Selecting and Keeping Warehouse Personnel
Our question is: the traditional hiring methodology does not work so why do we continue to use it with one of our most important processes in the organization

supervisor skills  First: The Ad Warehouse Supervisor Job ID: HJ-02242 Location: Your Company Date Posted: 01/22/2004 Supervise warehouse operations A world leader in lighting technology, has 2 openings at its Anywhere USA warehouse/distribution center for supervisors who will lead a team of 40+ employees through a WMS implementation using RF technology. Successful candidates will thrive in our fast paced, challenging environment and have a proven track record in change management and an entrepreneurial approach to meeting Read More
Beijing HeJia Software Technology Limited (HJSOFT) was established in 1998, and is China@s earliest company to evolve from MRP II to develop independent brands@

supervisor skills   Read More
Sirius Software
Sirius Software offers various software solutions that will help you manage your projects, timesheets, business processes, assignments and to evaluate your

supervisor skills   Read More
Tips for Successful Practice of Simulation
A simulation project is much more than building a model. And the skills required go well beyond knowing a particular simulation tool. This paper discusses some

supervisor skills  for Successful Practice of Simulation A simulation project is much more than building a model. And the skills required go well beyond knowing a particular simulation tool. This paper discusses some important steps to enable project success and some cautions and tips to help avoid common traps. Read More
Help Is on the Line for Call Center Challenges
Call centers typically struggle with two major issues: ensuring high quality multi-channel communication and dealing with high employee turnover.Multi

supervisor skills  is opened between the supervisor and the agent that the customer cannot access or hear. Supervisors can also take advantage of real-time speech analytics to monitor customer sentiment and intervene when needed. CIC’s all-in-one IP communications model can reduce the number of devices required from other telecom and computer telephony integration solutions, and for those devices that are needed, CIC’s open architecture makes things simpler as it allows integration with legacy IT and telecom systems. Read More
Greenplum, a division of EMC, is driving the future of Big Data analytics with breakthrough products that harness the skills of data science teams to help

supervisor skills  Greenplum, a division of EMC, is driving the future of Big Data analytics with breakthrough products that harness the skills of data science teams to help global organizations realize the full promise of business agility and become data-driven, predictive enterprises. The division's products include Greenplum Unified Analytics Platform, Greenplum Data Computing Appliance, Greenplum Analytics Lab, Greenplum Database, Greenplum HD and Greenplum Chorus. They embody the power of open systems, cloud Read More
HireIQ Hiring Optimization Suite
HireIQ@s hiring optimization suite includes InterviewIQ, a virtual interviewing application that offers applicants an online text-response and voice-response

supervisor skills   Read More
The Demo Crime Files!
This article is part of the continuing education all software demonstrators need to ensure their fundamental skills remain sharp. It points out three common

supervisor skills  Demo Crime Files! Originally published - November 7, 2001 Please forgive me. I'm normally optimistic and maintain a positive outlook. This article, however, is devoted to the negative aspects of demonstrations. It's important to point out the common crimes made in demonstrations because most people don't recognize them. Just like in real life, some crimes are minor offenses while others carry the death penalty. I'm not suggesting any demo crime is acceptable. Crimes aren't acceptable in society, nor Read More
DaVita Sees Cost Savings with Oracle Taleo Cloud Services
People Supervisor Brent Sinn details how software-as-a-service (SaaS) human capital management (HCM) improved productivity and economic benefit at DaVita, a

supervisor skills  SaaS HCM,Oracle Taleo Cloud Services,Oracle HCM Read More
10 Key Steps to Effective HR Succession Planning
Two forces are driving organizations to consider succession planning as a component of overall strategy: the aging workforce and a shortfall in labor skills

supervisor skills  their developmental objectives, and supervisors can be given bonuses if their workers achieve their developmental objectives. Alternatively, periodic meetings may be held in which individuals must report on how well they are implementing their individual development plans, and senior executives may report to the CEO or the Board on how well their employees have been progressing toward realizing their individual development plans. Step Ten A tenth and final step is to evaluate the results of the Read More

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