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Mobile BI Market Survey » The TEC Blog
Mobile BI Market Survey » The TEC Blog TEC Blog     TEC Home     About TEC     Contact Us     About the Bloggers     Follow TEC on Twitter    RSS   Discussing Enterprise Software and Selection --> Fast, Accurate Software Evaluations TEC helps enterprises evaluate and select software solutions that meet their exacting needs by empowering purchasers with the tools, research, and expertise to make an ideal decision. Your software selection starts here. Learn more about TEC s software

SURVEY TOPICS: Business Intelligence, Mobile, mobile BI, mobile bi market landscape report, mobile business intelligence, mobility, TEC, Technology Evaluation, Technology Evaluation Centers, Technology Evaluation Centers Inc., blog, analyst, enterprise software, decision support.

Survey: Women in Business Intelligence » The TEC Blog
in BI? Take our survey . This is part of the research for a special report I’m preparing on the role of women in the field of business intelligence (BI). I previously summarized some of the thinking behind this research ( Are You a “Data Geekette”? ), and I’ve received a wide range of comments on the blog and via Twitter: Most ridiculous thing I’ve read in weeks… I have been a woman in IT for over 15 years, the last 6 as a contractor effectively ‘on the market’ every 6 months. I would be

SURVEY TOPICS: bi, Business Intelligence, business performance management, data, data geekette, data management, geekette, women, women in bi, TEC, Technology Evaluation, Technology Evaluation Centers, Technology Evaluation Centers Inc., blog, analyst, enterprise software, decision support.

Fluid Topics

SURVEY TOPICS: Fluid Topics Fluid Topics Source: Antidot Document Type: Brochure Description: Fluid Topics style= border-width:0px; />   comments powered by Disqus Related Topics:   Documentation,   Business Intelligence and Data Management,   Information Management and Collaboration,   Indexing Engine,   Search and Indexing,   Semantic Technologies Related Industries:   Industry Independent Related Keywords:   Fluid Topics,   online documentation,   structured content,   indexing,   structured
10/9/2013 11:54:00 AM

Sage SMB Hiring Outlook Survey: Demand Matters » The TEC Blog
Sage SMB Hiring Outlook Survey , which examined the hiring outlook of U.S. small and midsized businesses in 2013. The survey found that of the 973 businesses surveyed, 25 percent reported that they either have hired or will hire in 2013; 47 percent of businesses expect their staffing levels to remain the same in 2013, and 7 percent said they would decrease their staff in 2013. The Sage SMB Hiring Outlook Survey found that the biggest factor influencing whether a small or medium-sized business (SMB) has

SURVEY TOPICS: Accounting, ERP, hiring, industry watch, Sage, sage north america, smb, TEC, Technology Evaluation, Technology Evaluation Centers, Technology Evaluation Centers Inc., blog, analyst, enterprise software, decision support.

At Last—A Complete (and Successful) RFID Implementation
A radio frequency identification implementation is a major undertaking for any organization—a project with ample risk of failure. This entire series is a step-by-step guide to the process, with this final part including a comprehensive glossary of key terms for better understanding.

SURVEY TOPICS: Radio Frequency Identification Site Survey , Radio Frequency Identification Implementation: The First Steps , and RFID Implementation: Moving Forward through the Four Phases . Phase Four: Implementation The home stretch is now in sight. The considerations of the initial planning stages have allowed for a complete solution. While phase three of an RFID implementation entails the creation of a scaled-back version of the production environment (complete with the correct data and equipment), phase four

Channels to the Hearts and Minds--On-line 2005
The physical, e and wireless world continues to grow! The e channel for shoppers continues to grow, with so many nay-sayers and doubters. You'd think this issue would die, with more and more shoppers buying from far flung vendors: Boston to the Nanga Tribes for buying original crafts; Dallas to Huangshan City, China, etc.

SURVEY TOPICS: internet marketing companies, internet marketing guru, internet marketing strategies, market research, market research agencies, market research agency, market research analysis, market research companies, market research company, market research consultant, market research consultants, market research firm, market research firms, market research retail, market research service, market research services, market research survey, market research surveys, marketing research, marketing research companies, marketing research company, marketing research firm, marketing research firms, marketing .

Enterprise Applications--The Genesis and Future, RevisitedPart Four: Another Step in ERP Evolution
Within recent years, enterprise resource planning (ERP) has been redefined as a platform for enabling collaborative e-business globally. Originally focused on automating internal processes of an enterprise, extended ERP systems increasingly include customer and supplier-centric processes.

SURVEY TOPICS: Enterprise resource planning, enterprise resource planning software, enterprise resource planning implementation, successful erp, survey erp, tool erp, top erp, top erp software, top erp systems, top erp vendors, un erp, web based erp, web erp, what is erp, benefits of erp, benefits of erp system, best erp software, best erp system, best erp systems, compare erp systems, cost erp, cost of erp implementation, define erp, enterprise resource planning erp, erp, erp advantages, erp application, erp applications, erp best practices, erp business, erp business process, erp change management, erp .

10 Tips to Help You Prepare for Your ERP Software Selection
With the complexity of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software selection increasing in proportion to the rising number of options in an ever-changing ERP solutions market, how do you select an ERP solution that is the right fit for your business? Reduce your risk and alleviate the complexity with these 10 crucial ERP software selection tips.

SURVEY TOPICS: 10 tips to help you prepare for your erp software selection, erp software for manufacturing company, reporting packages, account packages, erp tips, selecting erp software, software selection tools, types of enterprise resource planning, best erp packages, need of erp, need for erp, new erp, enterprise resource planning program, how to resource plan, erp topics, software selection, questions on erp, enterprise resource planning company, interview questions for erp, how to select erp, erp select, acc software, erp, erp and erp, the erp, erp erp, erp for, erp financial software, accountancy .
2/23/2012 3:46:00 PM

Survey Shows TEC Clients Have More Successful IT Implementations
Click here to download your free pdf copy of TEC best practices for software selection.

SURVEY TOPICS: Survey Shows TEC Clients Have More Successful IT Implementations Survey Shows TEC Clients Have More Successful IT Implementations It s alarming—the failure rates for new software implementations continue to be as high as 70 percent. Companies ask me every day what they can do to avoid having their projects fail. Your best bet is usually to tap into the knowledge and expertise of people experienced in software selection and implementation—and not try to go through it alone if you don t have the

What Do Companies Want from an ERP System?
In the new TEC 2011 Market Survey Report: What Organizations Want in ERP for Discrete Manufacturing, you'll learn the top priorities of manufacturi...

SURVEY TOPICS: new TEC 2011 Market Survey Report: What Organizations Want in ERP for Discrete Manufacturing , you ll learn the top priorities of manufacturing operations based on over 11,000 online software evaluation requests. Knowing how companies like yours are deciding on ERP systems can help you better understand your needs and options. And help make your own ERP selection process simpler and more successful. You ll discover which ERP solutions are most frequently evaluated the most sought-after ERP features the
8/26/2011 10:02:00 AM

Risks and Rewards of Customer-Focused Partnerships: Economist Report
In customer-focused partnerships in a global market, an economist intelligence unit survey report of 516 executives, you'll be introduced to the c...

SURVEY TOPICS: an Economist Intelligence Unit survey report of 516 executives, you ll be introduced to the challenges, risks, and rewards of creating close business ties. The report takes a critical look at the relationships you build and the negative or positive impact it can have on your overall business. Learn from the collective partnership experiences of 516 top executives to build more profitable, mutually beneficial business relationships. Download your PDF copy of Customer-focused Partnerships in a Global

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