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PC Market Figures Show Compaq, Dell, and HP Lead
The desktop PC market is turning from a five-way fight into a three-way horse race, led by Dell, Compaq, and HP.

take surveys at home  Compaq will need to take serious measures to maintain their lead. A lot of this will depend on their direct sales model finally operating on an approximate par with Dell. HP should continue their current practices, and they'll be breathing down Compaq's neck pretty soon. User Recommendations All of the top vendors (the top three plus Gateway) produce well-featured machines, but Dell and Hewlett-Packard generally get higher reliability marks, along with Gateway. Compaq still lags in some surveys, Read More...
PLM for the Fashion Industry
Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) for Fashion is an evaluation model containing tailored PLM criteria and extra functionalities that serve the specificities of this industry in order to help fa...
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Documents related to » take surveys at home

Talking to (and Learning from) a Retail Store Execution Software Leader - Part 1
My recent post (Software and Human) Help Wanted in Overwhelmed Retail Stores talked about how much attention (and IT investment) retailers pay to their

take surveys at home  etc. It will certainly take some time for the WFM platform to become as mature as its Task Management counterpart. For the first time in its history, Reflexis took on US$6 million in debt funding in 2010, to sustain its expansion and pay off the acquisition of Enfortrust. Since its inception, the company has been deliberatly committed to hefty research & development (R&D) spending (40 percent of revenues). Part 2 of this series will analyze Reflexis’ current state of affairs and conclude with an Read More...
The Blessing and Curse of Global Sourcing and Supplier Management
The appeal of global sourcing is understandable given the benefits of seemingly lower costs. But without discerning hidden challenges and eliminating potential

take surveys at home  ramifications), businesses should always take a long-term view and make the appropriate analysis (but more about the impediments later on). What's more, trading quotas and other barriers have been disappearing (or are being significantly reduced) globally, while the expansion of the European Union (EU) eastward opens up new potential countries to source from as well new potential markets in which to sell. With the end of apparel import quotas, this sector is growing rapidly in India and the Far East, Read More...
Mobile Learning: Is Your Business Ready for It?
The popularity of mobile technology has brought mobile learning (m-learning) to one’s fingertips. M-learning takes advantage of the mobility of the learner and

take surveys at home  to mobile learning? Let’s take a look at some of the questions this fast-growing trend has raised. What types of learning can I access through my mobile device? compliance training performance support policy/regulation updates testing and quizzes job aids and training surveys and polls checklists ... and more How Effective Is M-learning, Really? Learning experts have known for years that repetition is one of the two best ways to ensure that what we’re learning about sticks in our memory; the other Read More...
Counting Website Traffic
Knowing how many people visit your website can help you improve the site and increase revenues. Counting them can be easy or accurate, but not both.

take surveys at home  of paths do they take through the site? For many sites, only fairly short paths are needed for this kind of analysis. For example, do more come to the perfume sales page by doing a search or after reading the article you posted about antique perfume bottles at the Victoria Museum? Some traffic analysis programs can provide this kind of data in some form, such as a list of the top five previous pages for each of the ten most visited pages. Not all commercial packages do even this much, and due to the Read More...
i2 Paints Broad Strokes at eDay
i2 receives a great deal of criticism for delivering less than it sells, but remains the one SCM vendor most capable to realize its vision.

take surveys at home  and one that will take months to achieve. Part of the reason behind the difficulty lies outside the programming world and derives from the separation between the people developing the applications and those who use them. In trumpeting the potential benefits of their products, software vendors often fail to mention the effort involved in devising the business processes they are designed to automate. Developers design and code software at locations where users never visit. By and large, they rely solely on Read More...
AT&T Has a Thing for Media
In February 2000, AT&T announced their 'Ecosystem' which offers network infrastructure and hosting services. They’ve done it again, but this time focusing on

take surveys at home  are positively positioned to take advantage of this quickly developing market. User Recommendations Application Service Providers (ASP's), Independent Software Vendors (ISV's) and others should find AT&T's recent offerings attractive. The infrastructure offerings defined in AT&T's original ecosystem announcement (see our related article: AT&T's Ecosystem ) coupled with the latest media services provide users a positive mix of services. Also worth exploring is the potential co-marketing Read More...
USinternetworking and AT&T are Working the System
USinternetworking and AT&T begin rollout of alliance in Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Northern Virginia.

take surveys at home  outsourced application model should take a look at the USi/AT&T solution. An important factor when evaluating any potential Application Service Provider is their technical infrastructure and connectivity to the Internet. AT&T's Ecosystem boasts significant technical architecture and bandwidth. This coupled with USi's broad application offerings make it an attractive solution. Companies outside the geography might evaluate the AT&T/USi architecture and use it to compare similar offerings. For more Read More...
Inside Look at the Success of Cloud Field Service Provider ServiceMax-Part 2
In part 1 of this blog post series, we took a look at a major player in the field service management (FSM) market ServiceMax. In what follows is a recent

take surveys at home  
The Change of Guard at Acumatica
Acumatica appoints seasoned Microsoft VP as new CEO, as it gears up for the next phase of the company's growth. Read what P.J. has to say about this appointment

take surveys at home  industry watch, acumatica, cloud, erp, crm, Microsoft, Jon Roskill Read More...
Breathing Open Air at NetSuite
It has been almost two years since NetSuite Inc. (NYSE: N) went public and my analysis of that blockbuster initial public offering (IPO) event. Needless to

take surveys at home  Some bloggers have meanwhile taken sides in the debate about whether NetSuite is indeed a viable alternative for larger on-premise suites.  Paul Greenberg  and  Vinnie Mirchandani have somewhat favorable views  towards NetSuite’s “peaceful coexistence” strategy, while  Frank Scavo  and  Dennis Howlett have expressed some doubts and skepticism . Sure, both NetSuite and its foes can tout successes in stealing each other’s customers (and point to some customers’ unhappiness and departures Read More...
Oracle is Word One at Ford
Ford Motor Company and Oracle Corporation announced the formation of the AutoXchange, an integrated electronic procurement supply chain to be created and run as

take surveys at home  actual implementation begins to take shape, will give them a great deal of credibility as a procurement and supply chain vendor. However, despite the size of Ford's extended supply chain, this looks like a much less important announcement for the E-procurement market at large than the similar one from GM and Commerce One (See TEC News Analysis article: Commerce One Meets GM: Web Now Has A Really Big Parts Department , November 10th, 1999). That is because the latter is a more open arrangement that is Read More...
IBM Aims Renamed UNIX Server at Sun
In the latest phase of its campaign to unseat Sun as the dominant Internet server brand, IBM has released a slew of performance benchmarks for its 'eServer

take surveys at home  monitors system operations and takes preventive or corrective actions. Dynamic CPU Deallocation - Automatically deallocates resources if impending CPU failures are detected IBM will also make available the ability to cluster up to 16 servers. Market Impact For those unfamiliar with the new product line names, the eServer pSeries is the new name for the former RS/6000 UNIX product line. IBM is clearly continuing its assault on Sun. But that's to be expected, with Sun still believed by many to be the Read More...
Web-hosted or SaaS Predictive Dialing for Work-at-Home Agents
Download this white paper to learn how the virtual contact center, based on the cloud computing model, provides companies with access to a greater pool of

take surveys at home  contact center, call center, virtual contact center, SafeSoft, virtual call center, predictive dialers Read More...

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