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Benefits Management Benchmark: Technology Automation and Employee Self-service
To many executives, health insurance cost increases are as predictable as death and taxes. That’s why best-in-class organizations are embracing strategies which

taxes  predictable as death and taxes. That’s why best-in-class organizations are embracing strategies which optimize benefit cost per employee. To succeed, these companies focus on wellness programs, clear communications about benefits choices, and benefits automation as part of an integrated system. And to compete effectively, other organizations will need to follow suit. Read More...

Five Things to Understand About Your Nexus Footprint
The complexities and fluidities of sales tax nexus can be overwhelming and require the constant attention of a tax expert to navigate, but most small to medium

taxes  Tax Software , Sales Taxes , Sales Use Tax , State Sales Tax Nexus , Tax Rate , Tax Nexus , Concept Sales Tax Nexus , Creates Sales Tax Nexus , Nexus Salestax Laws , Use Tax Nexus . Understand how to monitor your business activities as well as how states enforce Nexus INTRODUCTION Nexus, Latin for a connection or common link, was never meant to be a threatening word. But for businesses today, the threat of creating sales tax nexus within a taxing jurisdiction has given the word a new and highly negative Read More...
ERP for Municipalities
In this model, we assume the municipality controls water, sewers and roads. We assume also that it collects municipal or county taxes and manages many of its own assets such as vehicles and wate...
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Documents related to » taxes

Energizing Utilities for the Economic Stimulus Plan: Strategies for Greater Efficiency and Sustainability
For years, utilities have seen a growing need to enable a smarter electric grid, promote cleaner power sources, and replace aging structures. These issues came

taxes  Utility Resources , Utility Taxes , Utility Sustainable Management , Utility Sustainability , Utility Property , Sustainable Development , Sustainable Measures , Leaders Sustainability , Environmental Sustainability , Sustainability Corporate . For years utilities have seen a growing need to enable a smarter electric grid, promote cleaner power sources, and replace aging infrastructures. On February 17, 2009, these issues came into even sharper focus when U.S. President Obama signed into law the $787 Read More...
Managing Transaction Tax Audit Risk: How to Protect Precious Cash Flow by Proactively Addressing Audits
Even in the best economic times, businesses must be vigilant against unnecessary costs and risks. But not just businesses need to be vigilant@states and other

taxes  Sales Tax , Property Taxes , Retail Sales Tax , Sales Tax Calculator , Sales Tax Charts , Sales Tax Compliance , Sales Tax Consultants , Sales Tax Deduction , Sales Tax Department , Sales Tax Exemptions , Sales Tax Forms , Sales Tax Help , Sales Tax Increase , Sales Tax Information , Sales Tax Laws , Sales Tax List , Sales Tax on Services , Sales Tax Questions , Sales Tax Rates , Sales Tax Refund , Sales Tax Registration , Sales Tax Service , Sales Tax Software , Sales Tax Tables , Sales Tax Web File , Read More...
ERP for Municipalities
In this model, we assume the municipality controls water, sewers and roads. We assume also that it collects municipal or county taxes and manages many of its

taxes  collects municipal or county taxes and manages many of its own assets such as vehicles and water treatment plant. ERP software for Municipalities nearly always includes Finance, Customer Care and Billing For a complete municipal ERP suite, the following modules are usually included: - Human Resources - Maintenance Management - Asset Management - Project Management ( including Grant Management) - Quality Management - Analytics - Product Technology Of the above, Project and Quality Management modules may Read More...
Finding Opportunity in Rising Fuel Costs: Strategies for Industrial Equipment Companies
The rising price of fuel has set in motion a series of more profound changes for both consumers and industry. But those companies that take comfort from the recent easing of fuel prices and whose management actions go no further than attempts to mitigate the immediate impact of fuel price increases will end up at a serious disadvantage in the market. Find out how your company can find opportunity in changing fuel markets.

taxes  , Gallons , Fuel Taxes , Oil Companies , Price of Petroleum , Tariff , Industrial Equipment Manufacturing Company , Prepared exclusively for Sage by Cambashi, Inc. www.cambashi.com Table of Contents Introduction The Fuel Price Trend Coping with Rising Fuel Costs Evaluating Suppliers Minimizing Freight and Travel Costs Changing Production Models Finding Opportunity in Market Changes Acting Now Can Spell Success   Introduction Finding a silver lining in the clouds of a destructive storm is not always Read More...
Geac Awakens On Its Deathbed - Part 1: Event Summary
While Geac might not need a white knight savior any longer owing to the profitable quarter and secured additional funding, the general feeling remains that the company has also long passed up an opportunity to be a top-notch applications vendor.

taxes  rationalization. Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA), and discontinued operations rose nearly five-fold to Can$33.8 million, from Can$5.8 million in Q1 2001. Revenue in the first quarter ended July 31, 2001 was Can$179.6 million, which is an 18.3% decline compared to Can$212.5 million last year (See Figure 1). Figure 1. Geac believes its recurring revenue stream from its maintenance and support contracts reduces the Company s exposure to current market conditions. Read More...
Non-manufacturing RFP Template
ERP for the Services Industry (Non-manufacturing) RFP Template covers industry-standard functional criteria of Non-manufacturing that can help you easily gather and prioritize your business needs in a simple and categorized excel document. More than a RFP template, it is a working document that serves as a knowledge base reference throughout the life-span of your Non-manufacturing software project. Includes: Portfolio and Project Management, Resource Planning and Scheduling, Opportunity, Contact, and Contract Management, Time and Expense Management, Financial Management, Budgeting, Costing, and Billing, Knowledge Management, Collaboration, and Analysis, Third Party Integration, Back-office Functionality, Product Technology</span>

taxes  showing the income and taxes paid during the year. Postal code field (including US zip code format) Vendor name Vendor number Vendor type Vendor address Vendor currency Vendor insurance numbers/EIN Vendor history with most current invoices listed first Contact name of supplier Suppliers listed alphabetically by supplier name Suppliers listed by supplier code Suppliers listed by postal code Contact number Standard terms and the ability to mass change The ability to record the time period that is normally Read More...
Is One Country Good Enough to Handle Your Outsourcing Business?
Recently, I touched on the idea of building a vendor portfolio to help manage risks associated with software outsourcing practices in the article Should North Americans Send More Software Development Work to China? I’d like to use this blog post to give some complementary readings for those who read the article and felt the vendor portfolio idea interesting. <!--more-->The concept of “portfolio

taxes   regulations (e.g. import/export tariffs, taxes, and employee compensation requirements) that will impact your vendors’ business costs and as a result, your cost Economic risks: such as exchange rates, employment levels, and vendor domestic market demands that will influence vendors’ pricing policies Societal and political risks: caused by political events, strikes, and culture shifts that will directly or indirectly change your vendors’ ability to provide service. The vendor-specific risks (or, Read More...
Catalyst Emerges Strong in 2000
Though Catalyst should be encouraged by its first quarter report card, the results do not yet indicate substantial growth in its business, an effect Catalyst hopes to achieve largely through its partnership with SAP.

taxes  quarter, earning $172,000 after taxes, putting an end to a two-quarter period of losses in 1999. Carrying these losses forward, net earnings for the first quarter were $264,000 or $0.03 per share. Catalyst s favorable results fall in line with those of its peers in the WMS and SCM markets, many of whom have entered Y2K with a surge in revenues and earnings. In addition to winning new accounts in the fourth quarter and selling to existing customers, Catalyst has continued to work toward revising its Read More...
Web-based Solution Steps Out for Cohesive Retailer Sourcing
TradeStone recently announced the commercial availability of its Unified Buying Engine, a technology platform that should enable user companies to streamline all purchasing into a single view and business process.

taxes  testing, agent fees, tariffs, taxes, duties, and exchange rates—the closer the user can come to the margin forecast). It also assists suppliers with proper documentation and invoicing practices, whereby suppliers can pre-populate standard forms, such as advanced shipping notices (ASNs), bills of lading (BOLs), commercial invoices, and service invoices, all with critical visibility into payments for all parties: workflows for finance users are automatically updated with pre-payments, change orders, and Read More...

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