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SaaS-based Test Management
Organizations must keep up with technology and adapt their quality assurance (QA) processes for continued success. Test management isn’t optional. The proper

testing forum  testing process to increase testing effectiveness and efficiencies. Source : QMetry Resources Related to SaaS-based Test Management : Software as a Service (SaaS) (Wikipedia) SaaS-based Test Management Open Source is also known as : Open Source Alternatives , Open Source Application , Open Source Based , Open Source Business , Open Source Center , Open Source Chart , Open Source Code , Open Source Community , Open Source Companies , Open Source Conference , Open Source Consulting , Open Source Content , Read More...
Software Test Tools
Tools exist to support software testing at all stages of a project. Some vendors offer an integrated suite that will support testing and development throughout a project's life, from gatheri...
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Malta, An Ideal Nearshore Location
Malta is developing as a nearshoring location. Malta's advantages include an educated workforce that is fluent in English, lower wages than Western Europe, and

testing forum  Outsourcing Company | Software Testing Outsourcing | Sourcing | Sourcing Management | Sourcing Software | Sourcing Solutions | Sourcing Strategy | Staffing Outsourcing | Strategic Alliances Analysis | Strategic Alliances Architecture | Strategic Alliances Deployment | Strategic Alliances Development | Strategic Alliances Framework | Strategic Alliances Innovation | Strategic Alliances Innovation Networks | Strategic Alliances Management | Strategic Alliances Management System | Strategic Alliances Needs Read More...
TEC Talks to the Compiere ERP/CRM ProjectFree and Open Source Software Business ModelsPart Three: Compiere/ComPiere
Compiere project leader, Jorg Janke, reveals to TEC the advantages and difficulties in developing an ERP solution as Open Source software. Jorg explains some of

testing forum  feedback of many people testing very different scenarios. We get this feedback very early and can make sure that our releases are very stable. TEC : Even though you do want people to contribute, they don't always do it the right way, so you have to act as custodians. A benefit of open source is that anyone could contribute, but you're saying if it's not managed properly, in some cases that can become a detriment. JJ : Yes, I think the open source business applications nowadays have learned to manage Read More...
Does Microsoft Have Something Against 64-Bit Processors?
More cracks appear in the Wintel duolith, as Linux appears to be the first OS “ready for prime time” on Intel’s 64-bit “Itanium” processor. Despite Microsoft’s

testing forum  is at the beta testing stage at this point. The others are in alpha or pre-alpha. In early February, the Trillian Project--a group consisting of Caldera, CERN, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Intel, Red Hat, SGI, SuSE, TurboLinux and VA Linux--released its first beta of a version of Linux optimized for Itanium. This week at the Intel Developers Forum, IBM announced that the Project Monterey team (IBM, the Santa Cruz Operation and Intel) will have an alpha version of Monterey ready to deliver to developers on Feb. Read More...
A Matter of Trust
When important information is withheld, it leads to enormous inefficiencies or even disasters in the supply chain. Trust is needed to streamline decision making

testing forum  that inventory. Training and Testing —Training employees on the procedures and importance of protecting confidential information (yours and other's under NDA). Testing awareness and taking corrective steps. Logs —Keeping accurate, tamper-proof records of who accessed what areas, what information, and when. Audits —Auditing your firm and trading partners to ensure safeguards and proper training. Some companies have computer-assisted continuous auditing of compliance. Particularly sensitive data Read More...
The ITIL Version 3 Prescription for Transitioning Services
IT service transition is difficult to manage. But with the updated guidance found in ITIL Version 3, IT organizations can plan for a more successful transition,

testing forum  management service validation and testing evaluation knowledge management The work of these processes is designed to address the issues every organization has experienced with change in a way that will embed repeatability into work methods. Why fix a single project when you could improve the conduct of them all? Why treat only symptoms; why not attack the underlying disease? The following will take a brief look at the organization of some of the most impactful advice from ITIL V3 on the subject of Read More...
WAP Forum Specifies RSA’s RC5 Encryption For Wireless
As the wireless community continues to grow at mind-boggling rates, security has become a key concern, not only in the eyes of users, but also to vendors and

testing forum  Forum Specifies RSA’s RC5 Encryption For Wireless WAP Forum Specifies RSA's RC5 Encryption For Wireless P. Hayes - May 9, 2000 Event Summary BEDFORD, Mass., On April 20 - RSA Security Inc. (NASDAQ:RSAS) announced that the WAP Forum has specified RSA Security's RC5 encryption algorithm for its WTLS (Wireless Transport Level Security) specification. At the April WAP Forum Developer's Symposium in Miami, Florida, the committee voted to include RSA Security's RC5 algorithm as an encryption technology for Read More...
A Road Map to Electronic Medical Record System Implementation
It’s crucial to define the scope of an electronic medical system implementation, as well as to outline each stage of the project and the resources that will be

testing forum  Stage 3: Quality Assurance Testing and User Validation During the weeks leading up to deployment, a trainer from the vendor site will go to the client's site to train a select group of people for a few months. Once these individuals become proficient and have mastered the system, they will have become SMEs, and they will be responsible for training the entire health care staff on the new EMR system. During the validation period, two types of testing are performed: technical or stress testing and user Read More...
Demartek is a computer industry analyst organization with its own on-site computer test lab for the purpose of validation testing, performance testing, and

testing forum  the purpose of validation testing, performance testing, and power efficiency or other types of testing. Read More...
They Test Web Sites, Don’t They?
RSW Software upgrades one product and releases a second. The products enable companies to test the function and load carrying capability of websites and middle

testing forum  software that supports the testing of websites. Their lead product, the e-TEST suite, allows users to capture into a recorded script file the commands that they use to interact with a website. The script file can later be played back to perform regression testing. The same scripts can also be used for automatic monitoring and for load testing. The latest version of the software, e-TEST suite 4.2, can also test Web applications that use Java applets. It also offers Web-based reporting tools and supports Read More...
MultiService Forum

testing forum  Forum
Gigabit Transceivers ~ the Next Generation
Broadcom Corporation announced they have developed the first transceiver to handle Gigabit Ethernet over existing Category 5 copper cabling.

testing forum  on both successful vendor testing and which vendors will receive this chip set for testing. If the top three vendors in the Ethernet switching and adapter market receive this chip set you could see Gigabit Ethernet to the desktop over standard Category 5 cabling by either late third quarter or early fourth quarter. User Recommendations Any company planning to upgrade its network in the third quarter of this year should wait to see the vendor impact from this gigabit transceiver. If vendor testing is Read More...
National Technical Systems
National Technical Systems (NTS) is an engineering services company. NTS provides testing, certifications, product design consulting services, and supply chain

testing forum  services company. NTS provides testing, certifications, product design consulting services, and supply chain management solutions. Read More...
Testing Dark Pool Trading Systems
Dark Pool Trading Systems, used by institutional traders trading in large volumes, help get more liquidity and lower transaction cost. Despite these benefits

testing forum  AppLabs Resources Related to Testing Dark Pool Trading Systems : Dark Pools of Liquidity (Wikipedia) Testing Dark Pool Trading Systems Trading Systems is also known as : Trading System Available , Trading System Center , Trading System Software , Trading Systems Analysis , Trading Systems Comparison , Trading Systems Developer , Trading System Performance , Trading Systems Reviewed , Trading System Rankings , World Trading Systems , Advanced Trading Systems , Automated Trading System , Backtest Trading Read More...
Case Study: Agitar Technologies
Agitar provides Java testing solutions to its customers around in the world in various industries. Agitar has been using a network licensing platform since 2004

testing forum  Agitar Technologies provides Java testing solutions that enable enterprises to release Java applications faster, reduce the cost of bugs, and more easily change both new and legacy applications to meet changing business needs. Their 'AgitarOne' product family enables software teams to create, use, and manage the extensive set of unit tests needed to be truly agile. See www.agitar.com for more details. Agitar has several hundred customers around the world across a range of industries, including finance, Read More...

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