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Documents related to » Testing Tools White Papers

Case Study: Mohawk Papers
Are you looking for information related to EAM system? If you need it, we have it! At Mohawk Fine Papers, a new Web-based enterprise asset management (EAM) system replaced a maintenance management system (MMS) to provide efficiencies for paper-making and converting equipment. Since implementing the new EAM, Mohawk has standardized its maintenance processes, streamlined work order flow, automated business rules, and achieved more detailed tracking of assets. Learn more about the EAM software’s modules.

TESTING TOOLS WHITE PAPERS: enabled simultaneous EAM system testing at all three sites. In addition, Mohawk used Microsoft Sharepoint as an information collaboration Website for sharing of project documents. Use of such tools allowed Mohawk to keep a number of people engaged at the various sites so that the EAM project stayed on schedule. This setup has become the project management model for such endeavors within Mohawk. Our travel expenses were very low, and people could go home at night while still launching the EAM system in
9/14/2009 9:48:00 AM

Quality Reassurance: How To Get What You Need from Acceptance Testing
Integrating a new system with your organization places new opportunities, and new risks, at the heart of your business. We look at the thinking and negotiation that shape acceptance testing, and how it influences your assessment of the new system.

TESTING TOOLS WHITE PAPERS: You Need from Acceptance Testing Quality Reassurance: How To Get What You Need from Acceptance Testing James Lyndsay - July 4, 2006 Read Comments Acceptance Testing Some software is made by the people who use it. Some is bought in bulk. Taking the middle ground are systems that are built on a shared core, but are customized or configured for a unique purchaser. Large commercial technology information (IT) projects typically fall within this group. The software is neatly tailored to an organization, and

Contemporary Business Intelligence Tools
Tools under the business intelligence (BI) umbrella combine to convert data into information, and information into decisions for action. Dashboards and scorecards are two such tools. Though often confused, they have functional difference, especially in modern BI suites.

TESTING TOOLS WHITE PAPERS: Contemporary Business Intelligence Tools Contemporary Business Intelligence Tools Olin Thompson and P.J. Jakovljevic - June 28, 2005 Read Comments Contemporary BI Tools Contemporary business intelligence (BI) solutions should enable business users to easily author, publish, and distribute enterprise reports via a fully integrated report writer, with an easy-to-use report-creation wizard. Users will also have the power to customize and tailor reports to specific information needs. Report writing and

IT White Papers: The World’s Greatest Cure for Insomnia! » The TEC Blog

TESTING TOOLS WHITE PAPERS: buzzwords, IT White Papers, TEC, Technology Evaluation, Technology Evaluation Centers, Technology Evaluation Centers Inc., blog, analyst, enterprise software, decision support.

TEC s New White Papers Library Offers Research Tools to Help Companies Make Better Technology Decisions
Impartial software evaluation firm Technology Evaluation Centers Inc. (TEC) announces the launch of its newly redesigned TEC White Papers ...

TESTING TOOLS WHITE PAPERS: (CRM), and security and testing, this online directory of downloadable research and product information provides companies with easy access to a database of thousands of technology white papers and case studies. Whether they re white papers from industry vendors and thought leaders, or case studies addressing real-world business challenges, all content is vetted and approved according to editorial guidelines before being added to the searchable database of technology papers, ensuring maximum value for

5 Ways Your Business Can Thrive in an Economic Storm
You'll find them in the white paper how your business can thrive during an economic storm.

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Datawarehouse Vendors Moving Towards Application Suites
During September, two more data warehousing vendors announced product suites that they claim offer broader integration between different data warehousing technologies. BI vendor Cognos announced

TESTING TOOLS WHITE PAPERS: Datawarehouse Vendors Moving Towards Application Suites Datawarehouse Vendors Moving Towards Application Suites M. Reed - September 29, 1999 Read Comments Event Summary During September, two more data warehousing vendors announced product suites that they claim offer broader integration between business intelligence, data movement, data cleansing and metadata management. BI vendor Cognos (NASDAQ: COGN) announced Cognos platform , a tool to build complete BI-ready data infrastructures . Data Movement

Application Development

TESTING TOOLS WHITE PAPERS: Gausa India maintains a dedicated team of software engineers and professionals. The company has experience in ERP, SCM, CRM, embedded technologies, and working for its global clients as an extended development center in India.

How to Get Closer to Your Best Customers
In the white paper get closer to your best customers, you'll find a host of new ideas and proven best practices for dealing with customers more ef...

TESTING TOOLS WHITE PAPERS: closer best customers, closer, best, customers, best customers, closer customers, closer best..

SmarteSQA™ Technology Suite

TESTING TOOLS WHITE PAPERS: The SmarteScript™ product enables the creation of business test cases used in the functional and regression testing of software applications.

Get More from Your IT Infrastructure
Find out in the white paper, unlock the hidden it opportunities in troubled economic times.


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