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SAP's Dr. Peter Barth on Client/Server and Database Issues with SAP R/3
To address questions for a TEC customer, we interviewed Dr. Peter Barth, Technology Marketing Manager for SAP AG in Walldorf, Germany. The conversation covered

thin client server  integrity is program enforced within SAP. It isn't possible to use database referential integrity because database referential integrity can not enforce business logic. For example, payroll processing is workflow driven. Errors are treated as exceptions to be handled later. In this scenario, a database rollback would be useless. In addition, SAP provides tools to perform tasks such as archiving data at the business process level (i.e. year-end close). TEC Analysis: Program enforced referential integrity Read More...
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Get on the Grid: Utility Computing
The latest business model in licensing is the utility (on demand) computing and associated pricing. Sometimes called

thin client server  had to run additional thin client software, such as Citrix MetaFrame , on their desktops. Neither of these approaches was satisfactory and, while thin client software promised a good solution, it still had a number of shortcomings. First, thin client software increased costs because it had to be licensed on a per-user basis, (which was meant to be done away with), often causing the cost of the Citrix MetaFrame license to account for more than half of the less-than-enticing monthly fee. Second, because Read More...
Onyx/Pivotal Rivalry Through Thin Rather Than Thick
The last few years have been harsh on most vendors within the CRM market segment, particularly on Onyx and Pivotal. The economic downturn and the standstill in

thin client server  Pivotal Rivalry Through Thin Rather Than Thick Background The latest round in the rivalry between Onyx Software Corporation (NASDAQ: ONXS) and Pivotal Corporation (NASDAQ: PVTL; TSX: PVT) began with their inceptions in 1995 and 1994 (respectively) and focused on an attempt by Onyx to buy Pivotal. This rivalry reflects the current state of the customer relationship management (CRM) mid-market. Overall the CRM software market remains a land of opportunity, but one with many treacherous patches of Read More...
Microsoft Axapta: Design Factors Shape System Usage Part One: User Interface and Customization
If you are implementing or considering Microsoft Axapta as your ERP system, or providing Axapta-related services, this note provides an overall understanding of

thin client server  interactive information analysis. Inherent Thin Client and the Application Object Server . The Application Object Server (AOS) within Axapta provides inherent thin client functionality. A thin client engine eliminates the need for terminal emulation software and the associated hardware. It supports selective execution between the server and client workstation, and embedded data caching techniques to minimize bandwidth utilization for the telecommunication link. A workstation only requires one client Read More...
Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services / MS Office SharePoint Server 2007
Collaborative tools are becoming essential to sharing data in today’s office environment. You need a solution that can grow to accommodate new projects and uses

thin client server  the art SAN (e.g. thin provisioning, replication, high availability, snapshots). The storage is sharable from all servers, making the environment lexible and scalable as server farms change and grow. iSCSI SANs from LeftHand are easy to manage, requiring no speciic array management or storage networking expertise. LeftHand SANs perform as well, and are far more scalable than the other alternatives. You can easily apply additional data protection and HA features as needed without downtime. For high-end Read More...
IBM Server Line Redrawn
IBM has continued its renaming binge, moving from PCs to servers.

thin client server  will be a good thing for IBM. In the desktop space, the Linux market is not there yet, but IBM will be well-positioned when and if Linux becomes a serious desktop presence. There is one part of this strategy we find a tad bothersome: for the second time in a month, IBM has created an all-encompassing product line where the customer has to remember which letter-series (e.g., zSeries for mainframes). In September, the PC product line adopted the name NetVista across all products, with only modest naming Read More...
How to Protect Your SQL Server Database
SQL Server deployments can be large and complex. However, Auto-Snapshot Manager simplifies data management tasks and offers a comprehensive approach to SQL

thin client server  SQL Server protection features within Auto-Snapshot Manager can be scheduled, to simplify and streamline your data protection processes. Multiple schedules can be created to automate Smart Copy snapshots, clones, and replicas between sites, simplifying your backup and data protection implementation for SQL Server. Smart Copy snapshot and replica tasks can be automated to take place as frequently as needed to meet business continuity and service level agreement objectives. EQUALLOGIC DELIVERS VALUE Read More...
Driving the Need for Highly Effective Mail Server Security
Most companies have already invested in e-mail security. However, yesterday’s defenses may not be up to the challenge of tomorrow’s threats. Why? Because

thin client server  
The Application Server War Escalates
At JavaOne in San Francisco, a battle ensued between BEA Systems CEO Bill Coleman, and Oracle CEO Larry Ellison. In a truly ugly display of how contentious the

thin client server  implementations. After Coleman spoke, things got interesting. Mr. Ellison took the stage and spent the majority of his time shooting directly at BEA, complete with charts and graphs. Some excerpts from his speech: Oracle response times are 4-10 times faster than BEA IBM claims to be twice as fast as BEA, but Oracle has tested the product and IBM is much worse BEA has to accept that other people will compete Oracle J2EE is much faster than BEA and IBM Just because you have BEA (now) doesn't mean Read More...
A Pragmatic Approach to Server and Data Center Consolidation
Server and data center consolidation has never been more important. Issues such as server sprawl and increasing costs have made consolidation the number one

thin client server  
Microsoft Releases RC1 of the Exchange 2000 Conference Server
Microsoft's Exchange 2000 Conferencing Server enables knowledge workers to collaborate with anyone, anywhere by providing data, video, and voice conferencing

thin client server  microsoft exchange,video conferencing,video conference,conference call,webinar,web conferencing,webinars,web conference,meeting center,telepresence,online meeting,teleconferencing,conference software,audio conferencing,conferencing software Read More...
Internet Security and Acceleration Server
Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server is a multilayer enterprise firewall and Web cache that helps provide secure and fast Internet

thin client server  isa server log,isa server license,network security device,network security vpn,wifi network security,secure protocol,message secure,advanced firewall,cisco aim vpn,cisco vpn performance,embedded vpn,hotbrick vpn,vpn acceleration,vpn client firewall,vpn report,vpn tool,vpn security package,network control protocol,netgear prosafe vpn firewall,prosafe vpn firewall,vpn firewall security,isa log analyzer,isa log viewer Read More...
Nortel Networks Succession Communication Server for Enterprise 1000
Companies establishing a pure Internet protocol (IP) environment can benefit from the capabilities that are only supported by IP telephony, including a

thin client server  
A Step-by-step Guide to Securing Your Apache Web Server with a Digital Certificate
Testing, installing, and using a digital certificate on your Apache Web server can benefit your business by addressing online security issues. If your system’s

thin client server  

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