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Digital Signatures Good from Arctic to Rio Grande
The U. S. Congress passed a bill making digital signatures legal in commerce. Canada's provinces are in the midst of taking the same action

third party liability insurance  being presented to a third party? You would probably not be liable for any damages if someone else cooked the contract, but the results might nevertheless be disastrous for you. For example, now that architects can provide electronic drawings, they run the danger that a contractor will make changes before passing the documents to a subcontractor. Whatever the architects' liability, the end result might be a building that differs in look, function or quality from the one that their clients signed off on. Read More
Learning Management Suite (LMS)
These are tools for managing, creating, scheduling training or learning in your organization. The terminology varies from vendor to vendor. Learning management systems (LMS) typically help to ma...
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Documents related to » third party liability insurance

Dealing with Global Trade Management Complexity
To optimally complete the global trade cycle, a business must automate, track, and provide visibility to the entire global trade management process to optimize

third party liability insurance  other software companies, and third-party development efforts. The market is competitive, rapidly evolving, and highly fragmented, and one should only expect the intensity of competition to increase in the future. Just as banks, such as JP Morgan Chase, are changing their roles, so will the roles of third-party logistics (3PL) providers, which are focused predominantly on the management of the shipment bookings through proof of delivery process and logistics costs management. As user companies continue Read More
Preparing Yourself for the EHR Mandate in Massachusetts
In a climate of economic crisis, federal and state governments are examining ways to evolve the health care system. One way is to adopt an electronic health

third party liability insurance  organize each chart. The third-party vendors can scan files while at the same time create a database of important information that can help make scanned files more valuable in terms of searching for patient information. This method can also prove to cost less in the long run when factoring in time spent by staff scanning patient information. These options were developed by Mark Anderson, CEO of the AC Group. Bottom-line: Being EHR Ready: In a few years time, EHR will be a ubiquitous mainstay in the Read More
Managing the Overflow of E-mails
Only effective e-mail management, together with records management and policies for employees on how to manage their e-mails, will help organizations deal with

third party liability insurance  may require assistance from third-party solutions to demonstrate compliance with regulations. If there is litigation, the production of e-mails is a costly undertaking. Several things need to be taken into consideration, such as finding out on which server the e-mails are stored; finding the right information among the stored business and personal e-mails stored; paying the cost of lawyers reviewing the information in the e-mail for content; and representing the e-mails in the right format. Legal Read More
Global Trade Solutions: Competition, Challenges, and User Recommendations
The global trade management market is competitive, rapidly evolving, and highly fragmented, and competition will only increase in the future. While each GTM

third party liability insurance  customs brokers, forwarders, and third-party development efforts will strive to increase their market share. In addition to the changing role of banks, third-party logistics (3PL) providers are also focusing predominantly on the management of the shipment booking through proof of delivery process and the management of logistics costs. As user companies continue to embrace the value of broader GTM solutions, logistics providers will be looked upon to provide leadership and to add more value to the entire Read More
Fulfillment Company Reduces Shipping Errors with WMS
International Marketing Group (IMG) was used to tall orders. And although fulfillment mistakes were rare for the third-party logistics company, any errors that

third party liability insurance  were rare for the third-party logistics company, any errors that did occur were extremely costly. In order to stay competitive, IMG realized that it would need to increase its fulfillment output. With its new warehouse management system (WMS), IMG’s shipping time has gone from several days to mere hours. Read More
Case Study: Achmea
Achmea, the largest insurance group in the Dutch market, had many different systems and fragmented management information, with often inaccurate data. The

third party liability insurance   Read More
Onyx-Delivering Excellence in Insurance
Customer process management (CPM)—the convergence of customer relationship management (CRM) and business process management (BPM)—can deliver significant gains

third party liability insurance   Read More
How One Vendor's Software Solutions Address the Insurance Industry's Unique Issues
Callidus Software's latest enterprise incentive management and sales performance management product suite for the insurance sector aims at helping insurance

third party liability insurance  Callidus TrueComp or other third party systems.   Producer Contracts —for managing producer payment relationships and rate schedules. The rate schedules can be created and updated on demand with approval workflow, while the product features a simplified, Web-based user interface (UI) for customer service representative (CSR)level users.   Financing and Debt —for automated and ad hoc management of producer debt. The system supports multiple debt types and provides views of debt at firm-, Read More
The Third Paradigm
Supply chain systems to date have represented the back-end of that process of servicing markets and have taken us a long way in replacing assets with

third party liability insurance  Third Paradigm The Third Paradigm Featured Author - Ann Grackin - January 28, 2005 Introduction Over the last few years, we have evolved supply chain practices and systems from industrial age concepts to the information age—an age rich with connectivity and data. This has allowed us to change the foundational structure on how we manage the enterprise. The information age that brought us supply chain systems has allowed us to begin to control the chaos that we have found about us. Scientists define a Read More
PeopleSoft: No More a Humble Kid From a Rough Neighborhood?
PeopleSoft has been on a quest to dramatically improve its customer service & support by weeding out its 3rd-party consulting partners. PeopleSoft also has a

third party liability insurance  PeopleSoft 8 in the third quarter, PeopleSoft expects to be a dominant competitor in the eBusiness applications market. In the last quarter we have dramatically increased our market position and visibility, said Executive Vice President of Worldwide Marketing and Strategy Baer Tierkel. We are excited with the overwhelmingly positive initial reviews of PeopleSoft 8, our new pure Internet suite of eBusiness applications. In order to maximize the revenue opportunity presented by PeopleSoft 8, we are rapi Read More
Can Technology Make CFO's and Controller's Jobs More Strategic? (Part 2)
Part 1 of this blog series established that by offloading non-essential and non-value-adding routine tasks to third-party business process outsourcing (BPO

third party liability insurance  quality checks, etc.), the third know-how part of its triple-play solution cannot easily be replicated. This three-prong offering should deliver business efficiencies and keep CFOs out of jail in cases where their in-house staff might not be schooled on the latest tax laws, compliances, regulatory changes, etc. For example, do companies have the ability to satisfy various compliance and information security criteria, including Payment Card Industry (PCI ) compliance standards? Business-to-consumer Read More
Understanding CMS Security: An In-depth Third-party Evaluation
Do you know what you need in a hosted content management system (CMS)? Have you pinpointed the security features and characteristics that are essential to

third party liability insurance  CMS Security: An In-depth Third-party Evaluation Do you know what you need in a hosted content management system (CMS)? Have you pinpointed the security features and characteristics that are essential to compliance with internal and external policies, and industry best practices? Find out how a hosted CMS can take care of everything from user management to Web browser, Web server, database, and application security—and let you focus on your own business and content development. Read More
Accelerating New Hire Training to Increase Sales and Productivity
Pfizer needed a standards-based learning management system to accommodate legacy content developed in-house and content from third-party providers. Using the

third party liability insurance  in-house and content from third-party providers. Using the SumTotal Learning Management, Pfizer Sales Training developed a Web-based blended learning program incorporating content from a variety of sources. Download the case study to see all the results, including an increase in market share for one physicians’ product by 900%. Read More
Case Study: NumeriX
Since 1996, NumeriX had been using in-house-developed licensing tools to manage and protect its applications. In 2006, it outsourced licensing to a third-party

third party liability insurance  outsource licensing to a third party vendor who could provide a more robust scalable solution that offered not only node locked licenses but also concurrent or floating-license options. Due to the nature of the industry NumeriX supplied with product, they were looking for a third party vendor who could offer an extremely flexible approach to license delivery. Security was also a paramount consideration for their customer base. They had two legacy systems that required integration. One of the in-house Read More
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