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Customer Focused Self-service: Building the Balanced Business Case
Countless customers are engaging in self-service, in the process helping companies save millions by deflecting service interactions to cheaper channels. At many

ticket kiosk  Self-Service Is Just the Ticket for Fandango The new Internet boom is in full swing, and media types are all abuzz trying to figure out “what’s new” and “what’s different” from the first dot-com go around. How about this: A laser focus on keeping costs down despite the business growing tenfold? Here’s another one: Driving improvements to the customer experience in order to deliver value to customers even while the coffers are filling up. It sounds almost too good to be true, but it’s Read More...
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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It's the Aftermarket Service, Stupid! (Part II)
Part I of this blog topic introduced MCA Solutions and its flagship Service Planning Optimization (SPO) solution for planning and optimizing spare parts

ticket kiosk  from a handful of big-ticket projects and from mining its existing install base. Overall, the market might be up a bit, but it is still far from being a huge one (albeit it is highly competitive). Based on MCA's pipeline, it could only be better next year as the alliance and joint selling with SAP kicks into gear. The Europe, Middle-East & Africa (EMEA) region is key to acceleration in 2008 and beyond, and to that end, MCA's product is written in Unicode. This means the vendor updates a translation table, Read More...
Soffront Presents Enterprise CRM 10.0
Soffront Software Inc., launched version 10.0 of its customer relationship management (CRM) solution, with a complete technology upgrade to the latest version

ticket kiosk  of Internet connectivity  advanced ticket search engine role-based delivery of content tools for branding and personalization In March 2013, Soffront also expanded its product  with a scheduling module  to address the needs of its service industries customers. Read More...
Bolstering the Call Center with Service Resolution Management Processes
Integrated customer relationship management and call center solutions (sometimes referred to as service resolution management) have, despite initial glitches

ticket kiosk  customer relationship management,CRM,call center solutions,knowledge management,KM,service resolution management,SRM,customer service,support and service,product specifications,technical support,billing questions,pricing and policy information,automated response system,contact channel Read More...
Yet Another Branding Debacle (This Time, It's ERP for Services)
Organizations providing billable services to their clients can benefit from an enterprise resource planning solution. But what makes ERP for services different

ticket kiosk  for services is your ticket to managing your resource needs? And what functionalities do fall under the rubric of ERP for services ? And, if your business is in the services sector, is the selection process for ERP for services more difficult than that of other ERP suites? If there are any hurdles involved in choosing ERP for services software, you need to know how high those hurdles are, and how your company can jump over them without tripping up and falling on its face. ERP for … Which Services, Exac Read More...
Case Study: How PropertyInfo Keeps in Touch with Customers
PropertyInfo, a provider of real estate information solutions, needed a unified view of its 20 different global customer support centers in order to provide

ticket kiosk  incident information, automate service ticket processing, and give end-to-end views of the customer experience. Find out more about the how the company improved customer satisfaction. Read More...
A Primer on Lean Manufacturing Using Microsoft Dynamics AX
Lean manufacturing constructs have been incorporated into the Microsoft Dynamics AX package, enabling firms to support lean and traditional manufacturing

ticket kiosk  kanban tickets. A kanban ticket for an empty container signals the need to replenish an item, and reporting the receipt of a kanban ticket updates the item's inventory balance. The status of a kanban ticket indicates whether the container is empty or not. Kanban policies are defined for an item and a specified inventory location. A subset of these policies concerns replenishment and the creation of kanban tickets. They represent an alternative approach to item coverage policies within Dynamics AX, and Read More...
Time Tracking and Attendance Primer: Beyond the Clock
Punch clocks, clock card machines, Bundy clocks, time recorders. Most organizations are opting for newer methods to track their employees’ time and attendance

ticket kiosk  time tracking software,time tracking technology,time tracking and attendance,time tracking,time tracking software mac,project time tracking software,time tracking software free,best time tracking software,web based time tracking software,project time tracking,online time tracking software,personal time tracking software,free time tracking software,harvest time tracking,employee time tracking software Read More...
MCI WorldCom and Critical Path Power into Outsourced Messaging
MCI WorldCom and Critical Path plan to offer the following services: Web mail service, starting at $2 per user, per month, POP3 mail service starting at $3.50

ticket kiosk  to a typical problem ticket. If you can't get the support you need, you are looking at the wrong vendor. MCI WorldCom and Critical Path score well in all of the above areas, offering all aspects of Exchange functionality with a virtually unmatched infrastructure. In addition, their product cost offerings are par for the market and are priced competitively. Their financial viability is highly desirable given their standings within the Telco market. Critical Path, renowned through the messaging industry Read More...
Drug Pedigree Guidelines and How Software Can Help
Drug manufacturers and retailers are tightening their data collection and reporting processes to meet new US Food and Drug Administration (USFDA) guidelines

ticket kiosk  term slap'n'ship, where the ticket is printed and slapped on the case just before being placed on the truck, is most appropriate. Compliance Options Before considering options for complying with the pedigree guidelines, the functional challenges must be understood. First, the guidelines require a significant increase in the amount of data shared between trading partners. This data may have to be harvested from existing applications, or it may represent a new request for information. Second, each player Read More...
Why Not Take Candy From Strangers? More Privacy Problems May Make Ad Agencies Nutty
Online advertising network 24/7 has acquired AwardTrack, a newly launched provider of loyalty programs.

ticket kiosk  points for that airplane ticket or toaster oven? So, we now have the spectre of an ad agency being able to combine information that identifies individuals with information about their web surfing behavior. DoubleClick is still sore from allegations along these lines and is unlikely to want to take another bite from the same candy bar. We predict that 24/7 will be getting its name in the news with similar problems as a result of this acquisition. But, as they say, ultimately all publicity is good Read More...
Warehouse Management Systems: Pie in the Sky or Floating Bakery?Part Two: The Pareto Principle, Processes, and People: Assessing Your Warehouse Management System Needs
To ensure your warehouse management system is implemented as painlessly as possible, you must assess your warehouse situation before you decide on a warehouse

ticket kiosk  product, the current pick ticket, the customer demands, the vendors, etc. But when the new system took over and instructed them to put the product in a place that did not make sense to them, they put it where they thought it should go. Now they are overriding millions of dollars in brain power, not just a new system they don't like. You have to evaluate the current skill level in your warehouse personnel and begin cross-training them in several different positions. Also determine your warehouse personnel Read More...
Saba Software: All about People (Cloud) - Part 1
The 2011 Enterprise 2.0 conference’s expo floor in Boston in late June featured many of the “usual suspects,” such as Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, Adobe

ticket kiosk  (so-called  “crowdsourcing” ). Faster ticket resolution, fostering customer conversations, and improved customer loyalty are some potential benefits. In this interactive service and support process, there would be the following steps: a critical customer issue emerges, a support ticket opened, a question created in the forum, an answer comes from community, certify the answer, add to the support frequently asked questions (FAQ), the support ticket closed, recognize the contributor, and delight Read More...
The Convergence of ERP and Field Services-One Vendor’s Leadership
Agresso’s experience with people-centric services organizations has led the vendor to design a solution that effectively address these businesses’ need for

ticket kiosk  both EAM and high-volume, low-ticket field services—yet the demand is there. The big ERP players have attempted acquisitions to knit both pieces together, but the benefits are lagging due to poor integration and change capabilities. Buyers haven’t been able to get their ideal mix of change-resistant integration, plus deep rich functionality in both pieces. Something always comes up short.” Mary Wardley, IDC’s field services guru and vice president of CRM applications software, also advises that Read More...
Zendesk Introduces New Version of Zendesk for Salesforce
Zendesk has revealed new updates for its Salesforce-based product. Zendesk's goal is to achieve seamless integration between its own customer support

ticket kiosk  slice and dice Zendesk ticket data through several Salesforce lenses. Read More...

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