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'Collaborative Commerce': ERP, CRM, e-Proc, and SCM Unite! A Series Study: Oracle
There are two ways to build enterprise application solutions: link together disparate, best-of-breed solutions, in which vendors embrace open architectures and

tiered servicing  the notion of Oracle's three-tiered approach to Collaborative Commerce: Oracle has made what we believe to be some shrewd marketing and product positioning decisions to embed different but critical functionality at all three layers. Would you buy their E-Business Suite, but forego Business Intelligence (Database), or Personalization, Wireless Support, Workflow, or Unified Messaging (Oracle Application Server)? Well, for starters, you can't avoid the Business Intelligence piece, since the E-Business Suite Read More
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » tiered servicing

(Forgotten) CRM and ERP Kingdoms in the Making?
Enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) vendor Consona is determined to establish a CRM “kingdom” based on Consona

tiered servicing  product’s underlying architecture is n-tiered and SOA-compliant. It is also extensible markup language (XML)-based with many open application programming interfaces (API) to third-party applications. In the past, Onyx had executed even more innovative software delivery strategies by embedding its software into other larger operations in the form of composite applications. Key strategies included giving independent software vendors (ISV) and VARs different options such as embedding technology as an Read More
Supporting Teamwork by Abridging Departmental Silos (and All That in a Cloud)
According to the adage “When one door closes, another one opens,” there are opportunities and unfulfilled customer needs even in this dour economic environment.

tiered servicing  of TeamSupport.com, and these tiered offerings focus on three different market segments. The Enterprise version is designed for software companies who want to integrate their help desk and bug-tracking systems into one unified piece of software, and thus holistically get to know their customers better. In almost every company offering products and customer service, the various teams such as customer service, product development, QA, and sales and marketing operate as separate teams. The TeamSupport Read More
Project Portfolio Management for Service Organizations: Bridging the Gap between Project Management and Operations
There are two types of project portfolio management (PPM) solutions for professional services organizations (PSO). For smaller PSOs, best-of-breed vendors

tiered servicing  Portfolio Management for Service Organizations: Bridging the Gap between Project Management and Operations Introduction In the last couple of years, the enterprise resource planning (ERP) industry has changed the landscape of the project portfolio management (PPM) marketplace. ERP vendors, such as SAP , Oracle , and Microsoft , have recognized the value of developing and delivering services to professional services organizations (PSO). Faced with this new reality, the best-of-breed vendors that Read More
Coping with the Crunch: How Innovation Helps the Johnson & Johnson Sales and Logistics Company, LLC Optimize Transportation Capacity
The Global Transportation Organization, a division of Johnson & Johnson, successfully dealt with the global transportation crunch. Factors contributing to its

tiered servicing  with the Crunch: How Innovation Helps the Johnson & Johnson Sales and Logistics Company, LLC Optimize Transportation Capacity Introduction Stories of innovation and success in dealing with the global transportation capacity crunch are rare. So when Kristyn Harkins—team leader for Sourcing and Supplier Performance within the Global Transportation Organization ( GTO ), a division of the Johnson & Johnson Sales & Logistics Company, LLC —presented its story at ChainLink 's annual conference Read More
How One Vendor's Software Solutions Address the Insurance Industry's Unique Issues
Callidus Software's latest enterprise incentive management and sales performance management product suite for the insurance sector aims at helping insurance

tiered servicing  calculations, custom territory definitions, multitiered sales channels, nonstandard management roll-ups, business units on different calendars or pay periods, etc. Although TrueProducer is independent from TrueComp (meaning it can be deployed in a stand-alone manner), logically, it works best within Callidus Business Process Framework . It also provides some enhancements to TrueComp rules and for pipeline (debt) management. As mentioned earlier, the solution includes some reporting and analytics Read More
Service Lifecycle Management - Tapping into the Value of the Product Aftermarket
Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) addresses the full lifecycle of a product. The focus of most of the current PLM solutions, however, does not make the most

tiered servicing  Lifecycle Management - Tapping into the Value of the Product Aftermarket What is Service Lifecycle Management? Service Lifecycle Management (SLM) is a business initiative focused on servicing a company's products, and the customers that bought them, after the product has been sold. Simply put, SLM focuses on making more money from the product after the initial sale. But it is more than that; it is also a way to become a strategic part of the customer's business after the sale is completed. General Read More
Minimizing the Total Cost of Technical Support for Enterprise Applications
Many organizations don’t follow formalized processes for technical support evaluation. However, technical support is a vital component of any enterprise

tiered servicing  (One example would be three-tiered support.) Does the vendor have some form of SMA or BAM in its solution? Is it possible to obtain recommendations from other users that have selected the vendor, and to get a general view of how responsive the vendor was in solving the problem? How does the vendor fare in terms of the quality of the answers it gives to users? What is written in the SLA? For instance, does the vendor stipulate how it will deal with downtime and how fast it will deal with the issue? As for Read More
IBM Cognos Pricing Makes More Projects Possible
Too often, companies assume that business reporting and performance management software is too expensive. But for your wish list of potential projects, you

tiered servicing  with a flexible and tiered pricing scale—that may help you to improve productivity at a lower per-user cost. Learn more about the benefits of business reporting and project management solutions, and how to ensure a return on investment (ROI). Read More
Remote Implementations--Why They Can Make $ense
Everything in the computer industry seems to be going off-shore, why not software implementations? This article looks at reasons why remote implementation of

tiered servicing  Implementations--Why They Can Make $ense Introduction Your enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is developed in India; your web site is hosted in China; and your help desk calls are answered in Costa Rica. Despite language barriers and related problems, offshoring can provide significant benefits in terms of increased productivity and reduced wages—a tough 1-2 punch that is difficult to ignore or explain away. So why not also consider off-shore or remote implementation of software? This Read More
What is IFS Up To in the CRM Arena?!
On April 12, Industrial & Financial Systems, IFS AB announced the signing of a definitive agreement for Pivotal Corporation to acquire its division Exactium Ltd

tiered servicing  is IFS Up To in the CRM Arena?! What is IFS Up To in the CRM Arena?! P.J. Jakovljevic - May 16, 2000 Event Summary On April 12, Industrial & Financial Systems, IFS AB, a Swedish business applications supplier, announced the signing of a definitive agreement for Pivotal Corporation to acquire Exactium Ltd. Exactium, based in Atlanta, GA, is a leading provider of eSelling solutions optimized for Internet and Microsoft standards and was acquired by IFS in 1998. The agreement also launches a global Read More
Firewall Cowboyz Set the Stage to Free Innocent Convict
Cowboyz.com builds and sells affordable firewall appliances to small to medium sized businesses. When not deploying firewalls, this small-time firewall vendor

tiered servicing  there. Cowboyz.com offers a three-tiered monthly maintenance and support package that runs from $249.00 up to $524.00 depending on whether your support contract is a 1, 2, or 3 year contract. This includes daily backups and monitoring. Because the arms race in network security is ongoing, the Cowboyz iWall team feels that the service aspect of the product - Cowboyz's monitoring the firewall remotely for intrusions and regularly updating the firewall configuration to ward off the latest in hacking Read More
Is a Two-tier ERP Strategy Right for You?
A two-tier ERP strategy is one where an organization chooses to have more than one enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution to support its business needs

tiered servicing  Reading NetSuite has a two-tiered ERP strategy kit that is available online. Though the kit was last updated in December of 2010, the information is still relevant. Another interesting article is posted on the Cincom Manufacturing site, and gives lessons learned from the Gartner Supply Chain conference. Read More
BAAN Announces
OpenWorld will be an enterprise integration architecture that enables Baan customers to engage in E-commerce with each other.

tiered servicing  framework built on four tiered levels of exchange: Data Level: At this first level, applications share or exchange common elements such as customer information, part numbers, and inventory levels. This level of integration includes data migration, replication, and data connectivity. Application Level: At this second level, applications exchange data in the form of objects at the sub-process level. This includes connectivity between applications and certified integration interfaces for 3rd party Read More
The Cyber Defense Market
Acts of cyber aggression could lead to a cyber war or worse. Capitol Hill is giving attention to this security issue, and vendors are creating new offerings and

tiered servicing  Cyber Defense Market Acts of cyber aggression could lead to a cyber war or worse. Capitol Hill is giving attention to this security issue, and vendors are creating new offerings and expanding existing programs—creating new opportunities in the defense industry and opening doors for new players. Learn more about the blurring between information security vendors servicing the private sector and those in the defense and intelligence industry. Read More

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