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Agile Information Systems: Conceptualization, Construction, and Management
Agile Information Systems: Conceptualization, Construction, and Management
The book "Agile Information Systems" unveils how modern companies can create and deploy agile information systems. Academic experts, researchers, and practitioners discuss the concept of agile information systems, the importance of the context of agility, and organizational management issues in the context of agile information systems.

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TOM TOM TOM TOM: In 2006, eFashionTrack (eFT) was formed as a joint company by Textile Online Marketplaces Limited (TOM) and Sesam Ltd. At this time, the company decided to focus on further development and marketing of supply chain management (SCM) solutions for the garment industry through eFT. Early in that same year, the Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) version of the application environment was completed, enabling rapid conversion from .NET to J2EE code for clients using an Oracle database. The company's mission is to provide Web-enabled solutions to the garment industry, in order to address the quick turnaround requirements of fashion buyers in a highly fragmented global sourcing environment. Headquarters for eFT is located in Cheshire, UK, with a division office in Istanbul, Turkey.

6 Best Practices for Selecting ERP Software
Enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions are large, and complex by nature, making them very difficult to evaluate and compare. So how do you select the ERP solution that’s best-suited to your firm? In this guide, Focus Experts Dana Craig, Jonathan Gross, Tim Hourigan, Michael Krigsman, Tom Rogers, Bob Swedroe, and Chintan Tyagi share their top 6 best practices for selecting ERP software.

TOM TOM TOM TOM: Tim Hourigan, Michael Krigsman, Tom Rogers, Bob Swedroe, and Chintan Tyagi share their top 6 best practices for selecting ERP software. 6 Best Practices for Selecting ERP Software style= border-width:0px; />   comments powered by Disqus Related Topics:   Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP),   Software Selection Related Keywords:   crm,   baan erp,   epr,   erp for small business,   mrp,   scm,   free erp software,   erp crm software,   manufacturing resource planning,   erp software
7/29/2011 3:12:00 PM

LeveragePoint Adds Value to B2B Pricing – Part 2 » The TEC Blog
the pricing thought leader Tom Nagle’s support and endorsement (see  the “Ask the Expert” feature on our corporate blog ), and this carries a lot of weight in the pricing community and at the Professional Pricing Society (PPS) . It was important for us to bring something with differentiated value to market before we began to invest in marketing. That said, you can expect to see us step up marketing in 2012. PJ : What are you at liberty to volunteer regarding the company’s future moves? SF : Our

TOM TOM TOM TOM: Cloud Computing, leveragepoint, pricing, pros pricing, SaaS, servigistics, steven forth, tom nagle, value based pricing, vendavo, zilliant, TEC, Technology Evaluation, Technology Evaluation Centers, Technology Evaluation Centers Inc., blog, analyst, enterprise software, decision support.

LeveragePoint Adds Value to B2B Pricing – Part 1 » The TEC Blog
by pricing thought leader Tom Nagle, was a consulting firm providing pricing strategy consulting and training services. The well-known Economic Value Estimation™ (EVE) framework was developed by Nagle and his colleagues, as there were many other standard tools used in pricing. Nagle is the lead author of  The Strategy and Tactics of Pricing , the standard textbook on pricing strategy and tactics. He leads LeveragePoint’s board of advisors and his expertise is embedded in LeveragePoint’s online

TOM TOM TOM TOM: collaboration, CRM, leveragepoint, price setting, pricing, pros pricing, SaaS, spg, steven forth, strategic pricing group, tom nagle, value based pricing, vendavo, zilliant, TEC, Technology Evaluation, Technology Evaluation Centers, Technology Evaluation Centers Inc., blog, analyst, enterprise software, decision support.

CRM ROI: Creating a Business Case
Companies need to implement serious yardstick work when seeking to evaluate CRM-software investments. This involves creating a cost-benefit analysis, determining the tangible and intangible benefits, and the risks involved with CRM implementation.

TOM TOM TOM TOM: Creating a Business Case Tom Pisello - July 23, 2004 Read Comments Introduction Getting a read on the return on investment (ROI) of customer relationship management (CRM) from analysts is near impossible today. Several 2003 reports claimed the ROI from CRM implementations was dismal, with 8 out of 10 projects failing to deliver on ROI promises, and 50-70 percent typical project failure rates.(1) Some of this year s reports are more optimistic, with about 52 percent of companies responding that their CRM

Finding Time for Yourself, Your Family, and Your PDA » The TEC Blog
1996 movie Jerry Maguire, Tom Cruise’s character—a workaholic sports agent—decides that he’s had enough of trying to sign as many athletes as possible with his “show me the money” attitude and opts instead for fewer athletes on his roster where he will create a more “personal relationship” with them. He decides to write what he calls his “mission statement”—hoping the other sports agents in his organization will follow suit with his idea. Instead he gets fired! The point I’m

TOM TOM TOM TOM: Blackberry, iPhone, MP3, PDA, personal digital assistant, Pocket PC, SmartPhone, social networking, TEC, Technology Evaluation, Technology Evaluation Centers, Technology Evaluation Centers Inc., blog, analyst, enterprise software, decision support.

Synergy Resources

TOM TOM TOM TOM: About UsSynergy Resources provides leading edge enterprise and manufacturing software solutions and services to manufacturing and distribution companies. With a staff of over 50 people based in our offices in New Hampshire, New York and Pennsylvania, Synergy Resources has the depth and breadth of knowledge and the expansive geographical reach to guide our customers through successful implementations that enhance productivity and increase profitability. Business Philosophy At Synergy Resources, we recognize that it's the people that make the difference, not just the software. With a staff of over 50 employees spread throughout the northeast United States, Synergy Resources' multi-disciplined teams include experts in financials, manufacturing, warehousing, and technology. Our customers can rely on our experienced industry veterans to lead their implementations from conception to successful completion. We value the long-standing relationships we have with our customers. Our customers trust us to guide their way by offering them software solutions and services. We respect the trust they have in us and strive to earn that trust each day. We look to forge long term, trusted relationships with our clients by providing superior value and by utilizing services staff with deep product, technology and best practice business knowledge. VISUAL Enterprise Software - Enterprise and Supply Chain Management SystemVISUAL Enterprise Software from Infor Global Solutions is an extended enterprise and supply chain management system that incorporates front office, back office, engineering, manufacturing, distribution and business performance capabilities. VISUAL is an ERP solution which includes exactly what you need: inventory control, purchasing, order management, shop floor control, cost accounting, and a patented concurrent scheduler. VISUAL's exclusive Manufacturing Window, a state-of-the-art control panel, keeps you in tune with production activities, inventory, costs, and resources. Together with VISUAL CRM, VISUAL Quality, LEAN Scheduling, VISUAL Financials, and other fully-integrated modules, no other system comes close to providing the extensive and deep functionality in one system from a single vendor.What our Customers say:Kiosko, Inc.

Lean Simplified: Part 1
Take advantage of expertise about lean manufacturing. With all the discussion, books, Web sites, and other materials on the topic of lean manufacturing, it’s hard to know which resources are credible—much less understand the mounds of information. The first part of this series breaks down the definition of lean manufacturing into easy-to-digest concepts and shares the real-life example of a supplier of remanufactured solvents that is working toward the goal of lean. Get tips on how to determine what you need in your production operation and why.

TOM TOM TOM TOM: the demand of the customer. This white paper breaks down the definition of Lean Manufacturing into easy-to-digest concepts and shares the real-life example of a subject company working towards the goal of lean. Lean Simplified   Part 1 With all the discussion, books, websites, and other materials on the topic of lean manufacturing, it s hard to know which resources are credible much less understand the mounds of information that one has to sift through to find the basic, most relevant facts. The
7/14/2009 11:53:00 AM

Baan And SSA GT Merge To Form A Mid-Market Empire With An Iron Side Part Two: Market Impact On Baan
Baan is now in a much better company, one that is solely dedicated to the enterprise applications business. In addition to Baan being in a better shape and hardly resembling its 1999/2000 incarnation - this time the vendor was rather a victim of its now ex parent's 'sins' than of self-inflicted wounds, which was the case prior to its Invensys stint.

TOM TOM TOM TOM: employs former Baan CEO Tom Tinsley, who replaced the founder and CEO Jan Baan in 1998, when the first ominous sins of mismanagement emerged, and resigned shortly after in 1999, when the troubles really escalated. GAP has recently injected $75 million in SSA GT, Baan s future guardian. Anyway, in second half of 2000, crippled by eight consecutive quarters in the red and yet another full-year loss, Baan was acquired by then buoyant giant automating equipment provider, Invensys for more than $700 million.

MAPICS XA Expands BI Offering Through Partnership With Vanguard
MAPICS XA expands its Business Intelligence (BI) offerings via a partnership with the Vanguard Solutions Group. With GPS, MAPICS has taken a critical step forward in creating value for its customers.

TOM TOM TOM TOM: in their markets , said Tom Aery, VP and GM of MAPICS, Inc. XA Business Unit. The tight integration and manufacturing industry specific, pre-defined analytics in GPS speeds implementation and provides our customers with a BI solution that maximizes their return on investment in XA. GPS is fully enabled to work in the new collaborative manufacturing world, sharing real-time information with all members of the supply chain to improve customer service and profitability GPS is a comprehensive Business

TEC Lean and Green Manufacturing Buyer’s Guide
You're a step ahead with TEC's Lean and Green Manufacturing Buyer's Guide. While the need for sustainable development is affecting how organizations do business, the idea of environmental and corporate responsibility as value drivers is still relatively new. Many companies are just beginning to adopt an approach that provides measurable results. Learn how reducing waste and creating efficiencies within your company can make a difference to the environment, the economy, and your bottom line.

TOM TOM TOM TOM: Future s So Bright, by Tom Starrs, the electricity industry is the single largest source of industrial pollution in the world, and one of the largest sources of greenhouse gas emissions. Over 80 percent of the world s electricity and 90 percent of US electricity comes from nonrenewable fossil and nuclear sources. Companies are getting cleaner and more efficient, but only incrementally. As such, organizations must adopt methods to reduce their carbon footprint. Here are just a few ways this can be
4/2/2009 1:11:00 PM

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