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The Importance of Server Robustness in CRM
In today's software frenzy and with the increasing demand for applications that provide maximum return on investment, many companies have failed to focus on

touchtone  California-based (US) CRM company, Touchtone is one of a very few companies that has developed a robust CRM package based on these principles. Wintouch eCRM is a hosted CRM solution designed by Touchtone Corporation to run on IBM iSeries servers. IBM's iSeries is an open-standard system, and has the capability of integrating diversified hardware and software. Moreover, IBM claims that iSeries can virtually run any technology. This coupled with the reputation of IBM's servers as reliable, seemly makes Read More
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » touchtone

Voice Self-Service Leverages the Knowledge Base to Improve Customer Interactions
Deploying voice self-service (VSS) is undeniably attractive to enterprises because it improves the speed, consistency, and convenience of information sent to

touchtone  tremendous technological advances from touchtone interfaces to speech recognition have made voice and speech an integral channel of an enterprise's self-service strategy. Leading industries such as telecommunications, financial services, travel and hospitality, and healthcare have capitalized on these improvements to provide informational and transactional capabilities to customers over the phone. Exhibit 2 shows how VSS fits in the mix of communications channels for enterprises. By leveraging the Read More
Integrated Workforce Management (WFM) Platforms: Fact or Fiction? - Part 1
In her recent blog post 12 Things Retailers Did Last Year To Improve Supply Chain... IDC’s analyst Leslie Hand said that many retailers, as one of the top three

touchtone  can use this interactive  touchtone  application for a range of time and labor transactions, all completed over the telephone. The Kronos Workforce Central suite is designed to work with existing enterprise systems (static data repositories) by integrating with HR, payroll, financial, and production planning applications. Data collection can be carried out through the abovementioned terminals, HyperText Markup Language (HTML)- and Java-based  timestamps , or through a  timesheet . For its part, Read More
Enterprise Phone Systems Buyer’s Guide
Implementing or upgrading an enterprise phone system is a strategic investment for any large enterprise. To reach an informed decision, you should understand

touchtone  numeric code in their touchtone phone pad to call at your number to help prevent unwanted calls Hiding caller ID - allows caller to block his/her phone number from being identified by call recipient Direct transfer to voice mail box - allows user to instruct PBX to route all incoming calls directly to voice mail to ensure that the desk phone does not ring Multisite Management - allows enterprises to communicate if they are in the same building; it presents a single extension list for all servers Read More

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