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Are Spend Management (or SRM) Apps Suited for the Mid-market? - Part 3
Part 1 of this blog series introduced some common supply chain challenges and resulting spend management opportunities for companies of all sizes. The article

traction 3 software review  In order to get traction, Epicor might not even want to call it Epicor Sourcing but rather something like Epicor Buyer Connect or so. There is quite a bit to think about here, including the potential for an Enterprise 2.0 (enterprise social software )  aspect to it to monetize via industry templates or even supplier advertising. But this is only me postulating and speculating; time will only tell what Epicor will do for real here. A separate blog post will analyze the brand new Epicor 9 suite’s Read More
Enterpise asset management (EAM) solutions support maintenance management tasks. Asset management systems typically enable planning, controlling, and monitoring of physical asset events. ...
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Documents related to » traction 3 software review

Easy ERP: A Challenge to Conventional Thinking
There is a new paradigm when it comes to evaluating ERP systems. With little difference between industry players' solutions, the key is the longevity of the

traction 3 software review  system that has the traction to remain or become a stable player in your segment of the enterprise software market. But even more important, you've aligned your implementation team to focus the project on a low risk, low cost, fast implementation. Above all your team will deliver a user-friendly system to your workforce. After all, isn't the ultimate goal to enable your users to do more, better, faster, every day? About the Author Emmett Holt founded The Holt Group to help client companies market and Read More
The Greening of SaaS
Traditionally, the advantage of software as a service (SaaS) is that it reduces the costs involved in installing, deploying, and supporting stand-alone software

traction 3 software review  use is gaining considerable traction in many parts of the world. Donation and recycling programs are ideal recipients for e-waste of all kinds, so it's important to investigate the options available in your area and the possible tax credits gained from donations. A good place to start learning more about this subject is at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) eCycling Web page ( www.epa.gov/waste/conserve/materials/ecycling/ ). Where other forms of waste are concerned-primarily paper and Read More
Analyzing MAPICS' Further Steps After Frontstep Part Five: Challenges and User Recommendations
MAPICS remains a stable company, with a strong financial position, depth of manufacturing knowledge, a strong customer service record, and a developed affiliate

traction 3 software review  recent success of gaining traction comes in handy for the merged companies, both long in a conundrum of declining or flat revenues, given the competition will not ease any time soon. MAPICS may have done the acquisition in time, as to be ready with a compelling product portfolio when the market eventually recovers. While the market will have forgotten about former Frontstep's protracted troubles, on the other hand, MAPICS has shed its antiquated image (i.e., association with the ancient looking Read More
How Can IT Help Competitiveness These Bleak Days? - Part 1
A week before this past Thanksgiving holiday (US), I was invited by a long-term analyst relationship contact at SAP to listen to (via multimedia streaming) a

traction 3 software review  started getting worldwide PR traction in the late 1980’s and 1990s. Today we might be talking more about Lean Manufacturing (also not a new concept, but it might arguably be the newest of these few related and complementary principles  and best practices). All these concepts and practices basically say the same thing: “Improved Business Process + Supporting Technologies = Competitive Advantage” Thou Shalt Improve Business Processes OK, I concede that this message should perhaps never get tired and Read More
S7 Software

traction 3 software review   Read More
On-premise to On-demand: The Software as a Service Opportunity for Independent Software Vendors
Predictions of the death of software are overstated. In reality, businesses are becoming more reliant on technology, not less. What’s changing, however, is the

traction 3 software review   Read More
Login Software
Established in 1989, Login Software has been providing Specialized Management Information System Solutions to international and national companies locating in

traction 3 software review   Read More
TOWER Software
TOWER Software provides enterprise content management (ECM) solutions to government and regulated industries, as well as electronic document and records

traction 3 software review  archive software,archiving software,document archiving software,document manager software,document managing software,ecm,ecm systems,edrm net,edrm solutions,edrms,electronic document software,towers software,workflow software Read More
abas Business Software
abas Business Software is an ERP and e-business application designed specifically for manufactures in assemble-to-order (ATO), make-to-order (MTO), and

traction 3 software review  abas erp,erp definition,abas software,erp consulting,erp ppt,erp solution providers,production accounting software,erp project,automotive erp,computer software erp,abas erp ,abas business software,abas erp system,abas inventory control,erp abas business software,etl tool adabas c,software abas free,warehouse management system,warehouse management ppt,warehouse management system compare,warehouse management system comparison,free warehouse management articles,jba -warehouse management packages,kpi for warehouse management,warehouse management Read More
Outsourcing, Applications Software Software Evaluation Report
The outsourcing application software Software Evaluation Report criteria are appropriate for selecting outsource providers in the area of business software

traction 3 software review   Read More
Scribe Software
Scribe Software Corporation provides CRM data migration and integration software solutions that put CRM to work for its customers. Scribe's products make it

traction 3 software review   Read More
Small Business Software (SBS) Software Evaluation Report
The Small Business Software (SBS) evaluation model targets the functional requirements necessary to support a typical small business. If your organization doesn

traction 3 software review   Read More
Argos Software
Argos Software develops, markets, and supports PC-based financial and management accounting software designed around the requirements of specified industries

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Set Software

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