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SugarCRM Solutions
Sugar Sales Professional delivers core sales force automation functionality that has become standard over the past fifteen years. From managing new leads to

trouble ticketing  is managed by a trouble ticketing system. The company's service plans for Sugar Professional go beyond the standard hours included in the Sugar Professional subscription. In addition, SugarCRM provides service plans for Sugar Professional developers for advanced programming and customization help. Read More...
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » trouble ticketing

How to Maximize Your IT Services with Lifecycle Management
As businesses become increasingly dependent on technology, service quality becomes more important. With so much riding on IT’s performance, a new service

trouble ticketing  one giving the most trouble, so the employee selects it from the drop-down. This automatically invokes the correct SLA and assigns the ticket to the correct group. HP Service Desk Service Level Management module enables the proper support to be given for the request. A service agent looks at the CI record and notices that there have been some events (logged automatically by the HP Business Availability Center software) for the new employee's device that are currently under investigation. The Read More...
Vulnerability Management Buyer’s Checklist
Choosing a solution for vulnerability management (VM) is a critical step toward protecting your organization’s network and data. Without proven, automated

trouble ticketing  organizations already use a trouble-ticketing system. As a result, be sure the VM solution can integrate with third-party ticketing systems via a dedicated ticketing API, which provides a programmatic XML-based interface for ticket extraction and manipulation. For example, QualysGuard provides built-in integration with the Remedy Help Desk system and has a dedicated ticketing API to integrate with other trouble-ticketing solutions. How does the solution manage remediation efforts? A large network Read More...
Demystifying SAP Solution Manager
Many large organizations are struggling to manage all their software systems—let alone the different software versions across departments. In his article, TEC

trouble ticketing  not too exorbitant. The trouble is also in the mindset and attitudes of folks. Larger corporations that have large budgets to afford an SAP implementation will rather pay a renowned consulting company to sit down with their staff and do the process blueprints the way they want (and not necessarily they way SAP is suggesting via some packaged process maps). On the other hand, smaller companies expect a turnkey project delivery (i.e., buy a package, install, and, voilà—it works à la Microsoft Office or Read More...
Building a Business Case for Enterprise Spyware Protection
It is sometimes difficult to quantify the scope of spyware problems within corporate environments. The least noticeable effect of spyware is to slow network and

trouble ticketing  help-desk and email or trouble-ticketing system Training time for IT administrators and end-user education (both of which are less than training for entirely manual management and removal). The value of enterprise-level protection against spyware becomes readily apparent. Of course, your company should educate employees about the hazards and avoidance of spyware and other unwanted applications in any case. But your employees should also know that you have implemented a solution to support their attention Read More...
Nortel and Clarify: Was There Ever Synergy Enough to Support this Marriage?
Back in 1999, when Nortel was on a buying spree and reeling in record profits, it plunked down US$2.1 billion dollars for Clarify Inc., a leader in the CRM

trouble ticketing  so sure. Nortel in Trouble    On the surface, the calendar year 2000 was a good one for Nortel. They consistently saw record growth looking at it year over year (US$7.82 billion in sales in the June quarter; $7.3 billion in sales in the September quarter, and $8.7 billion in sales in the December quarter). Share price peaked at $89 on September 25. But the writing was on the wall. If you were to look closer, you would see trouble. By the end of the year, Nortel had recorded a total of $30 billion in Read More...
PeopleSoft Programs Cause Headaches at Number of Universities
For the students at Northwestern University registration was supposed to be as easy as point and click, however, it turned into crash and burn.

trouble ticketing  University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, where trouble with PeopleSoft software created a loophole for students with poor grades who otherwise would have been asked to leave school for the spring semester. King said PeopleSoft cannot be blamed for all the problems. At some universities, she said, data entry errors hindered the software's ability to work. She also said cost overruns often have nothing to do with PeopleSoft. For example, Boise State had to change from a three-year implementation plan to a two-year Read More...
Teloquent To e.t.: Now You Can Call Or Use The Web
Teloquent introduced a new release of its software to integrate phone and web-based customer service.

trouble ticketing  and should have no trouble establishing a strong niche within the overall CRM market. User Recommendations The users most interested in Teloquent's solution will be those bricks-and-mortar or direct merchants who already have existing call centers, and existing call center management companies that want to break into e-commerce. A dot-com that believes phone service is necessary to its success should also be interested, but may be better off outsourcing its call center operations to a vendor that uses Read More...
Getting a More Exact Picture of, Well, Exact Software Americas - Part 1
In the early and mid-2000s, I had a fairly close relationship with Exact Americas (at that time called Exact North America). As a result, there were two in

trouble ticketing  so forth. But the trouble was with  Exact Globe having decent distribution capabilities, and only light make-to-stock (MTS) manufacturing capabilities to compete with the aforementioned products . The solid professional services automation (PSA) capabilities are not even marketed in the region, given Exact Americas’ manufacturing and distribution pedigree. Thus, even though Exact Globe has over 30,000 users worldwide, there have been only hundreds of corporate users in the Americas. The product’s tar Read More...
Ariba Hopes to Spark Chain Reaction
Two recent partnership announcements, with InterWorld and Siebel, reveal how E-procurement wunderkind Ariba thinks about the future of electronic purchasing.

trouble ticketing  integrated systems and simple, trouble-free tools. Ariba needs to build and demonstrate strength in the Supply Chain. Not having even a Hyundai to put up against Commerce One's GM suggests that Ariba can't solve the end-to-end problems of major manufacturers. Although Ariba does have a partnership with Hewlett-Packard's Supply Chain Management group, Ariba itself does not offer capabilities of a true supply chain solution (See TEC Technology Research Note: The Essential Supply Chain September 16th, Read More...
“It’s a Notebook!” “It’s a Paperweight!” “Wait - It’s Both!”
Some Toshiba notebook buyers got a nasty surprise when they found their Intel CPU had died. Will Toshiba switch from “Intel Inside” to “AMD Instead”?

trouble ticketing  about CPU failures. The trouble was initially reported to Toshiba by owners of its Satellite 4100-series and Tecra 8000-series laptops featuring the 400MHz chips. In the last two weeks, Toshiba and Intel engineers narrowed the problem down to a circuit board, known as Mobile Module One, on which the CPUs were affixed, according to Intel spokesman Manny Vara in Santa Clara, Calif. Intel has several types of mobile modules, Vara said. Basically, there's something called over-voltage tripping (on the circui Read More...
PeopleSoft Supply Chain Is Music To Mid Market Ears
PeopleSoft has once again proven the naysayers wrong about its ability to sell supply chain management. Its Accelerated Supply Chain Management offering

trouble ticketing  bold promises of speedy, trouble-free implementations and recommend that users conduct detailed interviews with PeopleSoft and ask for sample timelines and references from past clients who have achieved quick return on investment. PeopleSoft delivers Accelerated Supply Chain Management in three ways. For users who want the security of an in-house application with implementation assistance, PeopleSoft will work with IS departments onsite to integrate the suite with existing legacy systems. Users with more Read More...
Organizations Struggle with Their Software Selection Shortlists. Here's why.
In my latest blog post, find out what organizations like yours are saying about their shortlists.

trouble ticketing  projects are in serious trouble until they reach the shortlist stage. That's late in the game. In my latest blog post, find out what organizations like yours are saying about their shortlists. And try our interactive shortlist wizard to avoid making the same mistakes. Thanks for your time, and have a nice day. David Clark Managing Editor Technology Evaluation Centers Inc.   For assistance, please contact customer service. Hours: 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM EST. Phone: 514-954-3665, ext. 367. Special Offer Files Read More...
Manhattan Associates Completes Second Quarter On Record Pace
Atlanta-based supply chain execution (SCE) software vendor Manhattan Associates announces its second fiscal quarter results.

trouble ticketing  estimate), EXE could spell trouble for the rest of the SCE market, especially with the increased visibility afforded by its new status as a public company. User Recommendations Users should view Manhattan's recent results as a confirmation of its ability to execute in its core markets. For companies operating in retail, apparel, or consumer goods manufacturing who need solid warehousing or transportation management capabilities only, Manhattan is a logical short list candidate. Companies who are looking f Read More...

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