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Voice over IP Manageability
The average personal computer (PC) costs an enterprise $10,000 (USD) per year to own and maintain—five times the purchase price of the hardware and software! Is

truck simulator  then waiting for the truck roll can take weeks. In voice-intensive businesses, holding new or relocated employees somewhat incommunicado this long can have a significant impact on productivity, and hardly helps morale. Migrating these disjointed voice silos to a single, unified VoIP system that runs over your existing data infrastructure can save a fortune in local service contracts-as long as it doesn?t pack a big management wallop. Consolidating Voice and Data Networks Theoretically, running voice as Read More
Recruitment and Staffing
Recruitment and Staffing functionality allows the user to select and hire the right people with the right skill sets, as well as track the information regarding their recruitment for later analysis...
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Documents related to » truck simulator

The Power of Knowledge -- Knowledge is Power (Part 3)
Part 1 of this blog series introduced the need for knowledge management (KM) software applications as part of a more comprehensive and strategic service

truck simulator  then it would reduce truck rolls (and the “carbon footprint” of the company);  Reduce new service employees ramp-up time by providing a diagnosis framework; Improve product reliability by identifying and tracking quality issues (e.g., the number of problems/SKM uses per solution); Bolster call center productivity ; Increase first-call fix rates through early and accurate diagnostics. Additionally, being a third-generation KM system means that the dynamic and flexible domain model design obviates Read More
Cetaris is a full-service software company founded in 1991 to bring flexible computing solutions to the transportation, shipping, and logistics industries

truck simulator  companies in automobile and truck sales, parts and service, vehicle leasing, software, and real estate development. Cetaris is focused on the development and implementation of software products covering the entire vehicle product life cycle. The systems it has implemented include Product Configuration, Product Acquisition, Product Maintenance, Parts Catalogs, and Vehicle Remarketing. Read More
Supplier Logistics Management (SLM) Part 2
Supplier Logistics Management (SLM) offers the opportunity for considerable improvement in efficiency as well as cost reductions. SLM enables companies and

truck simulator  visibility is primarily a truck arriving at a company's distribution center and identifying order discrepancies at the dock door. SLM seeks to eliminate this fortune telling visibility by allowing companies to proactively identify risks upstream, giving time to react prior to shipment arrival. This would allow companies to cut cycle times by as much as 33% and reduce inventory by as much as 30%, both while improving in-stock customer service (3) . Inaccurate information that arrives late, or not at all, Read More
Concept by Configure One Is Now a TEC Certified Quote-to-Order Solution
TEC is pleased to announce that Concept by Configure One is now a TEC certified quote to order (Q2O) solution and is available for evaluation online in the

truck simulator  product. For example, a truck manufacturer can design a configurator (a series of questions) which a sales rep or a dealer can answer online. Upon the input of specific answers, the system automatically pulls the necessary data which allows the software to generate a price, a bill of materials, and drawings. These documents can then be attached to a quote that will be sent to a customer or to an ERP or CRM system. Users can access the system directly through their login or through other third party Read More
Appointment Scheduling - Achieving the Positive Ripple Effect Part 1
Accurate appointment scheduling can provide great benefit to all in the supply chain through improvements in efficiency, visibility, resource and capacity

truck simulator  from panicky vendors. Some truck drivers or vendors refuse to even move the loads without acquiring a delivery appointment first. 7. Michael Docherty, Scheduling Receiving , Managing Logistics , Winter 1997 Possible Improvements It is evident that scheduling practices must be addressed and improved in order to minimize wait time, improve communication and ensure more on-time delivery of goods. Allowing access to information by all parties involved, expanding hours during which appointments can be made Read More
ERP for Green Supply Chain Management in Manufacturing
Manufacturers are facing pressure from regulators and customers to document their impact on the environment, including not only the simple carbon footprint, but

truck simulator  otherwise fit into a truck more effectively? Product design is only one area where environmental footprint management in ERP is important for decision support. But perhaps a more critical area for environmental decision support in ERP software is risk management.  An enterprise application ought to be able to help you evaluate the risks from an environmental standpoint when it comes to getting involved with a particular supplier—or even the risk of working with an internal supplier like a different Read More
Case Study: Lockheed Martin
When Lockheed Martin sells technology such as aircraft to its customers, it also provides training systems for both pilots and maintenance personnel. The

truck simulator  Study: Lockheed Martin When Lockheed Martin sells technology such as aircraft to its customers, it also provides training systems for both pilots and maintenance personnel. The training system must handle student and instructor registration, and training records and certifications—with scheduling for students and resources. Find out about the learning management system with simulator training functionality that the company chose. Read More
Coping with the Crunch: How Innovation Helps the Johnson & Johnson Sales and Logistics Company, LLC Optimize Transportation Capacity
The Global Transportation Organization, a division of Johnson & Johnson, successfully dealt with the global transportation crunch. Factors contributing to its

truck simulator  Skyrocketing fuel prices Aging truck driver demographics Growth in the construction sector (stealing potential drivers) Hours of service regulations Port strikes Hurricane Katrina Post 9-11 security regulations Rail congestion Shortages in ocean containers New engine requirements Chronic port capacity shortages Overview Johnson & Johnson is a broadly based health care manufacturer in consumer, pharmaceutical, and medical devices and diagnostics. They have a decentralized structure, with over 200 Read More
Process Manufacturing: Industry Specific Requirements Part Three: Textiles
As with any manufacturing operation, process manufacturing has special system requirements such as formulas, unit of measure conversions, and packaging recipes.

truck simulator  Ferrari and a Ford truck are simply means of getting from point A to point B. Just as you would not use a Ferrari to haul lumber, aspects of process manufacturing cannot be applied equally and with the same importance to all industries. This article looks at the unique requirements of process manufacturing in three industries: food and beverage, chemical, and a hybrid industry, textiles. One way or another, these requirements must be satisfied. If a software vendor can provide this satisfaction, your Read More
Rising Elephant Creates Euphoria: India's Growing Markets Are a Boon for SCM Vendors
The nature of the organized retailing market in India may present challenges for software providers, but the opportunity to tap into and benefit from this

truck simulator  If, for example, a truck is delayed by even an hour, the vendor is liable for the loss incurred by the retailer. Supply chain management 's (SCM's) role in organized retail aims at increasing efficiency, reliability, economy, and visibility, and at reducing lead times. The role of IT in SCM includes the following: Providing visibility across the supply chain network Providing planning and execution ability for transportation at the network level for long-term (that is, weekly, biweekly, monthly, Read More
Logistics.com Might Prove An Internet Success Story After All- Part 2: Market Impact
By being able to address the needs of all stakeholders across the board from shipper to transport provider, and with the marketplace/private trading exchange

truck simulator  set so that the truck drivers can be home for Christmas. Logistics.com also offers carrier decision-support components that address yield and profitability for truckload carriers such as the following: OptiYield Drop&Swap - which is a tactical real-time exception management and capacity creation component to maximize carrier utilization, one load at a time, over a short time horizon of a few days. OptiYield Profit Analyzer - which is intended to perform off-line strategic profit analysis of carrier Read More
How the Mining Industry Benefits from ERP Systems
Integrated enterprise resource planning software normalizes the reporting requirements for a mining company’s various departments. This article loosely shows

truck simulator  on weight and distance. Truck, rail, and boat each have their weight-distance rates. Costs for fixed assets (overhead cranes or vehicles required for ore transfer from one form of transport mode to another, based on destination) are apportioned out. The operational costs are generally converted and blended to provide an amount per ton–kilometer. 4. Smelting In a manufacturing factory, inventoried material is scheduled, and the work in process passes multiple workstations, where at every station value Read More
The Challenge of Fulfillment
Integrated multichannel retailing will inevitably become the norm. For retailers, the key to multichannel success lies in understanding the factors that drive

truck simulator  the pallets on a truck upon manufacturing and packing completion. The retailer will then unpack the truck and put the units on the shelves (which means double-handling [at least] units between the manufacturer and retailer). At the end of the thirty days (or more, depending on the terms of payment), the retailer has a payable due to the supplier, regardless of how many units are left on the shelves. Thus, while it's advantageous to ensure the customer's instant gratification and maintain more control Read More
Provia Proves Its Way To Success
While not necessarily blossoming like some bigger and more visible SCE peers, Provia certainly still has its 'proven way' to differentiate its value proposition

truck simulator  Proves Its Way To Success Event Summary On February 5, Provia Software ( www.provia.com ), a somewhat tacit but quite steadfast privately-held provider of supply chain execution (SCE) software solutions aimed at catering for the entire order-to-delivery' collaborative process needs, announced that it has completed 2002 with over 80 client sites going live during the course of the year, which was also one of the company's most profitable years ever. The more than 80 client go-lives were a combination Read More

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