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PKI and Biometrics Ready for Take-Off
Expect the new e-signature law to bolster both the PKI and biometric markets. This new law allows documents signed through digital signatures to have the same

u are u fingerprint  decrypt data through the use of the BioTouch finger print scanner. BioLogon is a package that allows you to manage fingerprint authentication for an entire enterprise, with the idea that fingerprint authentication reduces password administration. People do not lose their fingerprints, and no two fingerprints are alike. The above listed PKI and Biometric vendors will be particularly interesting to follow in light of the new cyberlaw. If you know of any other PKI or Biometric vendors that should be on our Read More...
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » u are u fingerprint

The Internet is having an identity crisis. Long regarded as a powerful tool for cost reduction and service enhancement, the Internet is falling short of its

u are u fingerprint  Du where size (D u ) is  large with n questions can be arbitrarily strong with increasing n, assuming secure database and system operations. The net result of using Wetmetrics 1.0 is equivalent to the use of a hugely entropic, highly secret and impossible to share, but trivial to remember password. User convenience is largely a function of the number of questions asked, and is dynamically tunable to the level of required security; additional questions, for example, can be asked at any time to increase Read More...
Are You Considering Distribution Software?
Distribution organizations play a key role between the manufacturers and retailers. Being the middle organization between a manufacturer and a retailer, a

u are u fingerprint  crucial to have accurate upstream and downstream communication among the distribution center partners to fulfill orders and shipments. There are many types of distribution software based on industry, vertical market segments, and specific to regulations and compliance. The main problem DCs are facing is finding software which can meet their unique requirements and one that can communicate between trading partners without creating gaps. Every year, Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC) helps end users Read More...
Are ERP Workarounds a Terrific Way of Shooting Yourself in the Foot?
Are ERP workarounds a terrific way of shooting yourself in the foot? TEC Analyst Gabriel Gheorghiu says “There’s no way to avoid ERP workarounds. And yes, they

u are u fingerprint  you two so hot under the collar. Are you still on speaking terms? Gabriel, your position seems to be that workarounds are a necessary evil, with equal emphasis on “necessary” and “evil.” Jorge, you’re taking the position that you can actually plan for workarounds and respond in a way that respects processes. I know from offline discussions with you both that Gabriel’s perspective derives from his experience with SMBs, while Jorge’s stems from his experience with medium to large companies. Read More...
Women in BI: Are You a “Data Geekette”?
Recently around the office we’ve been talking about the increasing role of women in most areas of information technology (IT). I’ve had the pleasure to know and

u are u fingerprint  insight are valuable to us. Finally, my fellow analysts and our editors are arguing over the value of the term “data geekette,” and whether it’s one we should use. What do you think? {democracy:67} Tell us a little more about yourself in the comments below. What’s the gender balance like where you work? What type of BI-related job are you involved with (analytics and reporting, data mining and forecasting, business performance management, technical support, etc.)? Do you think women and men do BI Read More...
Are Data Warehouses as Dead as the Dodo? (Part 2: 1010data and Illuminate)
Although information analysis continues to be vital for insights into a company’s health and future, the traditional data warehouse structure may already be

u are u fingerprint  time, particularly when end users are looking for a full corporate data warehouse solution, which involves many complex data issues or data quality and data governance issues. But I have no doubt that the data warehouse and BI spaces are currently being reshaped by the interesting products offered by these vendors. I welcome your thoughts on this interesting topic. Read More...
Who Are White Papers Aimed at Anyway-The Technical Professional or the Poor Soul Who Got Stuck With the Job?
Anyone who’s ever been involved in choosing enterprise software knows it’s not an easy job. It takes months of preparation that involves gathering information

u are u fingerprint  the word “solution” be used only when warranted: “Sure, white papers are used for a sales purpose, but if the terminology isn’t used properly or the vendor is heavier on the sell rather than providing useful information, then they lose their impact of what makes them valuable to the customer in the first place.” In the end, I offered up an alternative by suggesting the word “tool”, to which I received the following reply: “In technology circles, the word “tool” has a very specific Read More...
Epicor 9: Delivering What Oracle and Others Are Yet to Achieve? - Part 3
Part 1 of this blog series outlined Epicor 9 (a.k.a., Epicor ERP [evaluate this product]), Epicor Software’s next-generation converged product suite. A similar

u are u fingerprint  push information to the user about changes. We are all used to this syndication outside ERP systems for getting timely updates, and now Epicor users can use the same easy mechanism within the application suite. “Cloudy” Future While the enterprise search capability is already fully available with Epicor 9, the cloud computing-based version is not yet ready, as the Azure Services Platform  is not yet officially commercially available from Microsoft. Epicor 9’s business architecture (Epicor ICE, Read More...
SCP and SCE Need to Collaborate for Better Fulfillment Part One: How SCP and SCE are Addressing WMS
Warehouse management and transportation management have emerged as two of a few rare remaining fertile areas where companies still have ample opportunity to

u are u fingerprint  to Collaborate for Better Fulfillment Part One: How SCP and SCE are Addressing WMS SCP and SCE Need to Collaborate for Better Fulfillment Part One: How SCP and SCE are Addressing WMS P.J. Jakovljevic - November 13, 2003 SCP and SCE Need to Address WMS There are two important business problems associated with today's manufacturing planning, materials planning, and supply chain environments: Supply chain planning (SCP) applications need to address the lack of accurate logistics costs and service Read More...
USinternetworking and AT&T are Working the System
USinternetworking and AT&T begin rollout of alliance in Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Northern Virginia.

u are u fingerprint  reported previously, AT&T and USinternetworking are functioning in a nascent market. The strategic relationship is a natural extension of both companies' interests in supporting the application service provider model. We expect continued geographic expansion of the USi and AT&T solution set, as well as joint marketing initiatives as each company taps new market segments (i.e., related vertical markets). User Recommendations Companies located in the Northern Virginia area who are considering an outsourced Read More...
Are Software Vendors Messing with Your Head? (The Art of Reading White Papers)
If you're researching a software selection project, you need to take full advantage of the white papers available to you. Find out about the top 10 white paper

u are u fingerprint  IT marketplace Why vendors use it This term is tacit acknowledgement that you are faced with a rich and volatile landscape of technology choices. Why you should nod politely and back away “Dynamic IT marketplace” is also industry code for “there are so many mergers, acquisitions, and busts in this industry that I have no idea who's signing my next paycheck.” Be smart. Ensure that any software purchase contract you sign includes a road map for future maintenance, service, and development. #7: Read More...
MicronPC.com, or, “Where Are They Now?”
Micron Electronics, Inc. has been trumpeting its retail partnership with Best Buy as it watches its PC sales ebb away. Too little, too late?

u are u fingerprint  nowhere to go but up for Micron's PC business. During the last three years, they have seen a steady decline in market share. These numbers are especially troubling when one considers that the US desktop market has been growing at a healthy 15-22% pace during the last two years. Micron PC Unit Sales 1998 721,000 1999 623,700 2000 (projected) 543,600 (Source: TEC)   Micron's been looking to a different future - subscription sales, ASP services, and its HostPro web site subsidiary. But they've lost focus Read More...
Are You Tuned into Radio Frequency Identification?
This article examines the organizational fit of radio frequency identification (RFID) and its technology’s basic mechanics. Its prohibitive costs often account

u are u fingerprint  The tags currently in use within the industry are listed in Table 1, which identifies the five different types of tags and lists their advantages, disadvantages, and common applications. Tag Type Advantages Disadvantages Application Active Greater read range, greater memory capacity, and continuous signal Required battery maintenance, larger battery size, and cost Used with high-value asset tracking Semi-passive Greater read range and longer battery life Battery wear and expense Reusable containers and Read More...
Business Continuity: Are You Always Open for Business?
Limited resources dictate that most midsize companies must support business continuity at the lowest cost and without putting additional pressure on scarce IT

u are u fingerprint  Continuity: Are You Always Open for Business? Limited resources dictate that most midsize companies must support business continuity at the lowest cost and without putting additional pressure on scarce IT resources. But business continuity is more of a critical success factor than ever before. Customers won’t tolerate a lack of service availability. Midsize companies must find a way to ensure maximum business continuity, and reduce downtime—and costs. Learn more. Read More...
How Retailers are Answering the Call of Mobile Shopping
Find out what you need to know about mobile shopping from every key angle in Answering the Call: Emerging Best Practices in Consumer Mobile.

u are u fingerprint  giant wave in retailing, but are you positioned to get your fair share of the dollars? Find out what you need to know about mobile shopping from every key angle in Answering the Call: Emerging Best Practices in Consumer Mobile. You'll learn about the current trends in mobile shopping the different mobile marketing approaches you can take—along with their pros and cons the ins and outs of mobile—enabled Web sites the best way to approach iPhone apps how to set up an effective mobile strategy now Read More...

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