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Method to the (Expansion) Madness: Some Common Threads
Click Commerce has been impressively active in its expansion efforts, and now offers quite a few solutions outside its traditional realm. While each of its

uccnet eroom  product time-to-market. According to UCCNet , there are more than one million suppliers worldwide, and more than a quarter million suppliers in North America that will eventually have to implement collaborative commerce solutions. A key trend that cuts across all Click Commerce verticals is RFID, with a huge projected $10 billion (USD) software and services market by 2010. This will revolutionize how trading partners interact with each other, and how they manage their own internal processes to serve Read More
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Inovis Delves into PIM by Snatching QRS Part Four: Market Impact
While owing to a number of similar products and to former competition between the merging parties this merger has a merit of growth by acquisition in a slow

uccnet eroom  AS1, AS2, ebXML, and UCCnet data synchronization. The GTIN, UPC, and EAN data formats allow for the consistent identification of merchandise throughout the supply chain process, from product design to the point of sale. The use of GTIN, UPC, and EAN data promises to greatly increase the efficiency with which retailers and manufacturers can mark, track, and exchange detailed product information. As a result of these standards and technologies, many retailers, vendors, suppliers, and brand manufacturers Read More
The Role of PIM and PLM in the Product Information Supply Chain: Where is Your Link?
Diverse groups have been discussing PIM from the perspective of data synchronization and syndication, product lifecycle management (PLM), and enterprise

uccnet eroom  synchronize product data via EAN/UCCnet registry and data synchronization services. Other catalysts include the Sunrise 2005 initiative that seeks to standardize on a format for global product identification via a new 14-digit code, and the radio frequency identification (RFID) initiatives in place to bring about the rapid adoption of new radio frequency tags on all products, so that they may be more easily tracked through manufacturing and retail environments. Because of these same initiatives, PLM Read More
Oracle Further Orchestrates Its SOA Forays Part Three: Strategy Shifts
Oracle has long moved in the direction of blurring the line between applications and infrastructure. It has leveraged the system of record elements in

uccnet eroom  standard for healthcare) and UCCNet . Another lesser known fact is that with Oracle's recently improved attitude to open software, Oracle JDeveloper and Oracle Application Development Framework ( ADF ) work with and deploy on any database and J2EE -compatible application server. Both are certified with application servers from JBoss (an open source software provider) and BEA WebLogic , and on databases including IBM DB2 and Microsoft SQL Server . Also, more than half of the users of Oracle JDeveloper Read More
EDI versus. XML--Working in Tandem Rather Than Competing?
Electronic data interchange (EDI), extensible markup language (XML) , and any other format are merely

uccnet eroom  RosettaNet , CIDX , UCCNet , AS2, and so on within respective hi-tech, chemical, and retail and consumer goods sectors. Furthermore, traditional VAN companies have begun to do EDI business over the Internet and the big buying giants that have always used VANs, such as Target and Home Depot , are still very happy with the way that they do business, because it works for them. And as long as these big hubs demand their suppliers to do business with them via EDI, VAN providers are going to stay in business. Read More
Mainstream Enterprise Vendors Begin to Grasp Content Management Part Two: Background & Lessons Learned
The requirement for robust PCM is finally being recognized among chief information officers (CIO) and IT managers, who are looking to create and manage a

uccnet eroom  and transactions known as UCCnet to which suppliers are mandated to subscribe. With this opportunity resonating, many catalog management and publishing providers like former A2i have lately jumped into more lucrative PIM/GDS space. Further, depending on the market and geography segments, the global trade item number (GTIN), uniform product code (UPC) and European article number (EAN) data formats allow for the consistent identification of merchandise throughout the supply chain process, from product Read More
Retail Market Dynamics for Software Vendors Part Two: Progress
ERP vendors are making their way into the retail market by bundling, acquiring point solutions or partnering strategically to embed retail-specific functions

uccnet eroom  like AS2, RosettaNet, and UCCnet, while the emphasis has been moving from mere connectivity to becoming more flexible and better-rounded service providers. For more detail, see EDI versus XML—Working in Tandem Rather than Competing . The GTIN, UPC, and EAN data formats allow for the consistent identification of merchandise throughout the supply chain process, from product design to the point of sale. The use of GTIN, UPC, and EAN data promises to greatly increase the efficiency with which retailers and Read More
A Supply Chain Applications Vendor Expands Beyond Its Roots
Click Commerce has evolved beyond its roots, into a provider of much more comprehensive on-demand supply and demand chain management software, consulting

uccnet eroom  data synchronization (along with UCCNet and other major standard-setting bodies). UCCNet had previously selected bTrade software to handle communications with the trading partners, and retail supplier on-boarding in North America. Today, this software handles communications for the global registry for the worldwide retailer industry. Furthermore, bTrade had early relationships with leading retailers like Wal-Mart , SUPERVALU , and Home Depot , and was well on its way to establishing itself as one of only Read More
JDA Portfolio: For the Retail Industry Part Four: More JDA Portfolio 2004.1 and Microsoft Alliance
JDA Portfolio 2004.1products have been developed or acquired by JDA in order to present customers with an enterprise offering that might currently be the

uccnet eroom  sources and catalogs (i.e., UCCnet , EAN, etc.). 10. Portfolio Collaborative Solutions Portfolio Collaborative Solutions starts with JDAMarketplace.com , which is a portal that enables trading partners to navigate to collaborative solutions and partners via the Internet relatively easily. In addition, JDAMarketplace.com provides educational insights and recent news for those interested in collaborative space. Marketplace Replenish is a solution designed to deliver collaborative planning, forecasting and Read More
GXS Acquires HAHT Commerce for More Synchronized Retail B2B Data Part One: Event Summary
GXS, a business to business e-commerce pioneer, announced its acquisition of channel management specialist HAHT Commerce. However, despite a good complementary

uccnet eroom  Suite features a powerful UCCnet -interoperable catalog capable of aggregating, organizing, structuring, and managing item-related content. The solution can aggregate data from multiple internal sources including leading ERP systems, create a scalable data repository (catalog) for centralized management, and optimize data flow to multiple destinations. UCCnet is a subsidiary of the Uniform Code Council , a nonprofit organization that manages a standards-based item registry for companies' product data as Read More
Not All Acquisitions Happen: JDA and QRS Part Two: Market Impact
The QRS acquisition by JDA would have eventually brought together two providers of complementary e-commerce products that would help retailers, manufacturers

uccnet eroom  entitled registers like the UCCnet foundation service. Given Wal-Mart' s directive for its suppliers to meet data sharing regulations passed by UCCNet and given that many vendors' endeavor in addressing UCCNet's compliance, one should discern the major rationale behind the acquisition. Therefore, JDA would have stood a chance of marshalling broader and deeper retail supply chain functionality than most of its rivals through QRS's hosted catalog, GDS, sourcing and collaborative B2B integration services. Read More
Demystifying the EPC Global Network: An explanation of ONS, EPC-IS, and EPC-DS
As goods traverse the supply chain, various parties need to exchange information about these goods. This requires interoperability across the global network

uccnet eroom  synchronization, standards defined by UCCNet) and EPC networks are complementary. Figure 8 illustrates this relationship. Understanding the relationship between GDS and EPC networks is a deep enough subject for another whole article. Source: An Integrated View of the GDS and EPCglobal Networks , Published by IBM and GCI Figure 8 - Relationship between GDS and EPCglobal Networks ( click here for larger verison ) Where We're at We are very early in the actual implementation of EPCglobal Networks. Most Read More
Lawson Software Means Business With PSA and IPO
By acquiring a leading PSA vendor and deciding to go public, in addition to the new functional and technological enhancements to its flagship lawson.insight

uccnet eroom  Software Means Business With PSA and IPO Lawson Software Means Business With PSA and IPO P.J. Jakovljevic - July 31, 2001 Event Summary On June 29, Lawson Software , a provider of Internet-enabled business applications for service industries, announced that it had signed a definitive agreement to acquire Account4 , Inc ., a provider of Web-based Professional Services Automation (PSA) software. Through this acquisition, Lawson hopes to expand its software solution for professional service Read More
Mainstream Enterprise Vendors Begin to Grasp Content Management Part One: PCM System Attributes
Enterprises are becoming painfully aware of the need to clean up their structured data and unstructured content acts to capitalize on more important efforts

uccnet eroom  functional requirement (such as UCCnet synchronization, paper print or web-based publishing, or illustrated parts catalogs). Rather, it must be a completely open system with both graphical user interface (GUI) tools for end users and multi-platform application programming interfaces (API) for programmatic access (e.g., Java 2 Enterprise Edition [J2EE], Microsoft .NET , eXtensible Markup Language [XML], web services, and simple object access protocol [SOAP]), supporting both content authoring and runtime Read More
Pain and Gain of Integrated EDI Part Three: Other Industry Gains
Many small and medium companies find themselves under pressure to deploy the same EDI system as a major customer, making it a basic cost of doing business with

uccnet eroom  RosettaNet , CIDX , UCCNet , AS2. Moreover, XML has a larger footprint than EDI, which means it requires more bandwidth. For companies that handle large volumes of transactions a day, that extra bandwidth can quickly become quite expensive. For the time being, businesses that have invested significant resources in EDI use it for B2B communications, and many see EDI as the best choice for secure, reliable transactions because it is a mature, standardized, and trusted medium. The leading EDI standards, Read More

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