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chinadotcom In The
Mid-market process ERP vendor Ross Systems is being acquired by its Chinese distributor, chinadotcom. Unlike some recent acquisitions that are based on the

unicode lambda  its product's support for Unicode, a relatively small vendor like Ross was not going to grow fast on its own without penetrating a large emerging and still not penetrated market, like China. A renowned domestic parent should certainly help Ross gain a larger foothold in the market. This concludes Part One of a two-part note. Part Two will discuss the challenges and make user recommendations. BEGINLYX� Read More
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Microsoft Dynamics AX: The Chosen One Among Microsoft Dynamics ERP Equals? - Part 2
Part 1 of this blog series positioned all four Microsoft Dynamics enterprise resource planning (ERP) product lines and concluded that Microsoft Dynamics AX

unicode lambda  40 languages, and full Unicode support, while the brand new Service Management module was a major functional enhancement. The Current State of Affairs The Microsoft Convergence 2008 conference in the US  was mostly about previewing the then upcoming Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 release with the “upper mid-market product” themes of  globalization (multi-national and multi-site capabilities, such as a new site inventory dimension), regulatory compliance, and user experience (UX) design (via Read More
Should Uniqueness Vouch For Marketing Automation Niche Players?
Unica's possibly unique set of broad and astute functional footprint and geographic coverage, easily-deployable product with proven quick payback may prove the

unicode lambda  also fully internationalized with Unicode support and will reportedly be available in a localized version for the French market starting in June 2003. A few days later, on May 19, Unica announced the addition of two new consulting services -- Affinium Operational Services (AOS) and Affinium Innovation Services (AIS) -- to its Unica Consulting Services portfolio. Introduced at Unica's Global Customer Conference 2003 , these two new programs aim at enabling customers to maximize their Affinium investment Read More
PeopleSoft Gathers Manufacturing and SCM Wherewithal Part Three: The Manufacturing Industry
Even before the mega merger, PeopleSoft had already set it sights on a bigger manufacturing presence. PeopleSoft’s acquisition of mid-to-large ERP system

unicode lambda  (with the support for Unicode, which is yet to be delivered by competitors en mass), with embedded security, and founded on open technology (e.g., XML, SOAP, UDDI, Java, etc.), and while PeopleSoft's wholehearted endorsement of Web services. PeopleSoft's architecture should challenge competitors' offerings with its advanced homegrown XML messaging hub middleware called PeopleSoft Integration Broker , and application programming interface (APIs) options that promise to ease bidirectional integration Read More
PeopleSoft 8 Launched - Anything to Write Home About?
PeopleSoft, once a high flyer owing to its congenial culture and slick ERP product, has unveiled a number of new, possibly revolutionary enterprise applications

unicode lambda  hopes its support for Unicode, a global language standard, will allow customers to centrally manage implementations of PeopleSoft 8 in virtually every modern language in a single database. This will possibly enable multinational companies to better coordinate and streamline operations while significantly reducing cost. The company claims that PeopleSoft 8 is also the first enterprise application to embed multi-language search engine technology. PeopleSoft has embedded analytic capabilities into all Read More
Enterprise Systems and Post-implementation Agility-No Longer an Oxymoron?
The need to support flexibility prior to installation of enterprise systems has largely been mastered by many vendors. But what is really more important is

unicode lambda  delivered localizations, owing to Unicode support, a single centralized Agresso installation will deliver required local statutory requirements to each client. The company will thus likely be competing in the mid-market space ($50 million to $1 billion [USD] organizations, although it can scale upwards if necessary), squarely against the traditional vendors in this space, such as Lawson Software , Deltek Systems (see Enterprise Management Software Vendor Welcomes Additions ), Microsoft Business Solutions Read More
IMI Hopes Vivaldi Plays Well for Reverse Auctioneer
In signing CoShopper.com, European e-fulfillment vendor Industri-Matematik opens a passage to its least penetrated corner of the globe, the Far East.

unicode lambda  is also adopting the Unicode standard for code internationalization. Editor's Note: This article has been modified from its original form since the original publication date. Read More
Internationalization Report: Unicode-enabling Java Web Applications
Java is well suited to internationalization because of its native Unicode character support and robust locale-specific functionality. But there are steps that

unicode lambda  because of its native Unicode character support and robust locale-specific functionality. But there are steps that need to be taken to enable Unicode support in a Java Web application, and these steps are dependent on the components being used (database, application server, etc.). This document describes the steps to be taken to set up a Java Web application to use Unicode. Read More
It's the Aftermarket Service, Stupid! (Part II)
Part I of this blog topic introduced MCA Solutions and its flagship Service Planning Optimization (SPO) solution for planning and optimizing spare parts

unicode lambda  product is written in Unicode. This means the vendor updates a translation table, and then all of the screens (with the exception of a couple of administrative screens) can be updated in the new language.  So far MCA has done translations into German, French, Portuguese, Chinese, and Japanese, although only German and French are in use and completely validated. I would expect that Servigistics has a similar list of languages, perhaps more in use as it has had a bigger international presence. This brings Read More
The Lexicon of CRM - Part 3: From R to Z
CRM. C.R.M. itself is an acronym, standing for Customer Relationship Management. This is part three of a three-part article to provide explanation and meaning

unicode lambda  new version of software. Unicode - A standard for representing characters, such as numbers, letters, and symbols, as integers. Unlike ASCII, which uses 7 bits for each character, Unicode uses 16 bits, which means it can represent more than 65,000 unique characters. This covers the requirements for not only languages such as English and the Western-European languages, but also for other languages, such as Greek, Latin, and Japanese. As the software industry becomes increasingly global, there is a push on Read More
PeopleSoft Building Muscles To Overcome The Rough Patch Part 3: Target Markets, Alliances, & Competition
In PeopleSoft’s case, the fact remains that it is still the best-attuned offering (in terms of pricing, vertical extensions, customizability, professional

unicode lambda  (with the support for Unicode, yet to be delivered by competitors en mass), with embedded security, and founded on open technology (e.g., XML, SOAP, UDDI, Java, etc), with PeopleSoft's wholehearted endorsement of Web services. Also, PeopleSoft's architecture should challenge competitors' offerings with advanced homegrown XML messaging hub middleware called PeopleSoft Integration Broker , and application programming interfaces (APIs) options that promise to ease bi-directional integration (either via Read More
Missing PDF Fonts: Why It Happens and What You Can Do About It
Fonts are the essential elements of any portable document format (PDF) file, but are often taken for granted by most readers. But what if you are a developer

unicode lambda  encoding is based on Unicode and as a result, can support up to 65,536 glyphs, OpenType offers more development flexibility especially when working with Asian character sets and more sophisticated Roman glyphs that may use non-lining numerals, small caps, fractions, ligatures, and swashes. Like TrueType, an OpenType font contains all of its outline, metric, and bitmap information in a single file. Font File Structures In addition to their technological differences, fonts can also be categorized according Read More
LeveragePoint Adds Value to B2B Pricing - Part 1
TEC’s in-depth 2011 article not only described the opportunities inherent in the business to business (B2B) pricing software market, but also ascertained that

unicode lambda  LeveragePoint Platform has full Unicode compatibility and text can be entered in any language supported by the browser. The vendor provides support for converting across currencies and units of measurement. The user interface (UI), on-line learning support, and pre-packaged value driver libraries and data libraries are all only in English at this time. LeveragePoint does not work with large systems integrators (SI’s), as there is no traditional integration, data normalization, or installation work Read More
Epicor Retail: Behind the Counter
The retailing paradigm is shifting from connecting, beyond engaging, to inspiring customers. Epicor Retail software solutions are responding to this market

unicode lambda  and Merchandising products. Moreover, Unicode support was introduced across multiple solutions. Some Epicor Retail Jewels Some Epicor products are distinct in nature, and these are often the order winners in new deals and expansion deals. Epicor Retail Enterprise Selling (ES) supports retailers in their quest to sell merchandise and satisfy customer demand from anywhere in their enterprise. The product does this by knowing the near real-time inventory across a retailer’s enterprise and provides access Read More
The Role of ERP in Globalization
Globalizing your market reach presents technology and business challenges to profitable growth. Your supply chain strategy for globalization should include an

unicode lambda  may not support the Unicode standard, or doublebyte representation, often required for eastern languages such as Chinese, Japanese, or Hebrew. In evaluating software, technology buyers should ask what restrictions will be placed on users that speak different languages but share a common instance of ERP. Translating Data Translation of data represents a different kind of challenge. Presenting internal descriptive data (such as general ledger account descriptions) is still not a supported feature of many Read More

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