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Microsoft Readies Win2K Datacenter for Defeaturing
Microsoft has started telling the world that the Datacenter version of Windows 2000 will not only be delayed, but also is not yet scaling up to 32-processor

unix uptime  effect on Unix sales. Unix (except for Linux) has been losing market share to Windows-based OSes for some time now, Datacenter should accelerate that trend. The features - on paper - indicate that it will be a serious contender, even without the built-in market share of Windows. Assuming Microsoft actually gets the 32-CPU version really working (as opposed to just saying it works, but planning for it to be fixed in Service Pack 1 or 2), we expect this will suppress demand slightly for Datacenter. The grea Read More
Quote-to-Order (Q2O) Systems
Quote-to-order (Q2O) solutions (sometimes known as configure, price, and quote or CPQ) enable manufacturers to mobilize their mass customization initiatives. These systems can reduce time-consuming...
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Documents related to » unix uptime

Intel Server Trends
The Intel-based server market is one of the most hotly contested segments in the industry. What are the key trends in this market, and what will they mean to

unix uptime  ways to that of Unix in general. We expect consolidation to start by the end of 2000. We also expect Red Hat (currently owning approximately 65% of the commercially-available Linux market share) to be one of the survivors - no surprise there. Although Corel's Linux distribution is supposed to be the easiest to load, plus able to run Windows applications, it is a desktop-oriented product, so we don't include it in our assessment. Vendor Unsurprisingly, hardware vendors waited until 1999 to provide Linux in Read More
eBay Looking For Sun Block?
The now-infamous 1999 shutdowns of the eBay website has led them to consider alternatives to their current Sun infrastructure.

unix uptime  RS/6000 S80, its high-end Unix server, which recently has made headlines by surpassing Sun's best transaction-processing benchmarks. Although valuable (we estimate the server price tag at $5-10 million), the contract's symbolic value exceeds the actual dollars involved. An indication of this is the dueling PR statements from Sun and IBM: This is more than a blow to Sun's advertising campaign, James Sciales, an IBM spokesman, was quoted regarding their recent big win at Network Solutions Inc. In Big Blu Read More
Compaq's Alpha - Moving Toward Its Omega?
Compaq's powerful Alpha processor is reaching a crucial juncture - will Compaq expend the effort necessary for it to challenge Intel's dominance, or is it

unix uptime  a Unix-only system. Although Unix is not dead/dying, NT has passed it in quantity of licenses. Alpha will survive at least another three years (90% survival likelihood), but its prospects diminish after that (30% survival likelihood after five years), unless Compaq can turn things around in the next 12 months. Users should take these factors into consideration when deciding on a technology platform. Glossary: RISC: Reduced Instruction Set Computing VMS: DEC/Compaq proprietary OS SPEC: Performance benchmar Read More
IBM’s Newest NUMA-Q Server to Handle 64 Intel CPUs
IBM announced its latest NUMA-Q server, the E410. Its ability to house up to 64 Intel CPUs represents a doubling of the “largest” current system, the ES7000

unix uptime  is better than HP's Unix offerings (at least, of the ones tested to TPC-H). In a more mainstream package, these figures would help IBM/Sequent (IBM purchased Sequent for their NUMA-Q offerings/architecture) gain sales volume and market share. One caveat: the five 9s uptime comment in the press release mentions customers working closely with IBM to achieve these figures. This implies that the average Joe will not necessarily achieve those results. IBM should provide figures from customers who haven't Read More
Microsoft to Purchase Softway Systems
Microsoft Corp. announced on September 20th that it will purchase privately held Softway Systems Inc., a developer of Unix/NT interoperability software.

unix uptime  interoperability market, and help Unix users migrate to Windows NT. Market Impact This acquisition will provide Microsoft with a stronger position in the Unix market, since Unix applications will be able to run natively on Windows NT. Softway also intends to develop a version of its Interix software that will support 64-bit Unix applications on the upcoming (mid-2000) 64-bit Windows, which we believe will further add to Microsoft's strength. Although this will not increase overall market growth, it Read More
Sendmail Matures
In 1981, Eric Allman developed sendmail to route messages between disparate mail systems. Two years later, in 1983, sendmail version 4.2 was shipping with 18

unix uptime  with 18 different vendor UNIX systems. The product was primarily open-source coding, which allowed system administrators to add whatever custom configurations deemed necessary. This open-source code allowed sendmail to gain a strong following, which has continued to the present day. In 1991, Eric Allman unified the sendmail development volunteers and released the enhanced version of sendmail via FTP in 1992. Six years later, in March of 1998, Eric Allman and Greg Olson formally launched Sendmail, Read More
Sendmail Takes Security to the Next Level with Version 3.0 for NT
Sendmail 3.0 includes the Sendmail Message Transfer Agent, a Mailing List Server, a POP3 Server and a Message Store.

unix uptime  are heavily based in UNIX systems and most already have UNIX Sendmail implementations. The 3.0 release is geared for Windows NT Server, which is starting to be implemented by some of the newer ISPs on the Internet today. The product is not specifically geared to the upcoming Windows 2000 Active Directory Service, but will function in the same fashion as it would under the NT Server 4.0 platform. The release of the product is a definite positive for both ISPs and corporations looking to enhance the speed Read More
Total Uptime Guarantees? It Must Be A New Millennium!
Netsourcing provider Intira has announced that it will offer service level agreements (SLA's) covering its complete line of IT and network infrastructure

unix uptime  Uptime Guarantees? It Must Be A New Millennium! Event Summary Intira provides netsourcing -- outsourcing services for IT and network infrastructures needed to support E-commerce applications. Intira has announced a comprehensive collection of SLA's and the reporting tools necessary for customers to monitor them. Intira will guarantee up to 99.95 percent uptime (4.38 hours of downtime per year) for all aspects of the customer's operation, including data centers, network, equipment and operating Read More
The Intranet Has Come a Long Way: Where is it Going Next?
The intranet was born from the marriage of two opposing business initiatives. The word processing department was cutting costs by eliminating the printed

unix uptime  of the now traditional Unix servers and in some cases to the extreme Linux operating system. Why? To reduce cost? Microsoft NT is supporting mid-sized companies and midrange Unix servers are readily available but the trend in larger companies is to consolidate servers. It is not unusual to find a billion dollar enterprise with fifty to seventy servers in a single data center. One IT Manager said that although he adopted all of the lowest total cost of ownership products, his budget was in the third Read More
Ardent Software Enters the SAP Data Extraction Market
Ardent Software has announced the addition of SAP extraction and load capabilities to their DataStage product, increasing their strength in the Extract

unix uptime  available now on Windows. UNIX availability is stated to be within 60 days of the initial August 17th announcement. The DataStage Load PACK is also expected within 60 days on both NT and UNIX. Market Impact For many reasons, SAP customers want to be able to extract their enterprise data from the SAP data store and consolidate it with other information in their data warehouse or data mart. As an example, many have long been frustrated by the difficulty of producing reports that integrate SAP data with Read More
Cobalt Releases Linux
Cobalt Networks, Inc. becomes the latest vendor to jump on the Linux-cluster bandwagon, but does the software they’re touting really qualify as a cluster?

unix uptime  Releases Linux Clustering Software Cobalt Releases Linux Clustering Software R. Krause - June 28, 2000 Event Summary In May Cobalt Networks Inc., a provider of server appliances, announced Cobalt StaQware, a high availability clustering solution that ensures the uptime of business critical Web sites and applications. StaQware, which runs on Cobalt's RaQ 3i server appliances, offers 99.99 percent availability and requires no customization or modification to applications. [Source: Cobalt press Read More

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