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We’ve opened the hood on every major category of enterprise software. Learn about thousands of features and functions, and how enterprise software really works.
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Manhattan Associates at NRF 2014—Improving the Omnichannel Experience
At the 2014 National Retail Federation (NRF) Annual Conference, Manhattan Associates showcased a comprehensive set of capabilities for executing on the promise

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Software Functionality Revealed in Detail

We’ve opened the hood on every major category of enterprise software. Learn about thousands of features and functions, and how enterprise software really works.

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Visit the TEC store to compare leading software by functionality, so that you can make accurate and informed software purchasing decisions.

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Need for Content Security

The Internet access you have provided in the office costs money. You wish to see it used as a productive tool and increase business. It also provides the best way to appear busy. Employees can open multiple pages, a few of them related to legitimate work, while the others cater to their "personal" interests. It takes a single mouse click or Alt+Tab to navigate between pages, when a supervisor appears. This white paper provides details of how Internet access can be abused and how organisation can keep a tab on its employees.

url checker  list. Access to any URL or page, that has these words, should automatically be blocked. The software should also be intelligent enough, not to block or flag educational or medical sites. Many Content Security softwareâ€s, currently available in the market, have this crippling problem. List of banned sites: Software should allow you to add URLs of banned sites. Access to these sites is immediately blocked. Some notorious sites like www.hustler.com, www.playboy.com, etc. do not change their names. Such Read More

Illumiti Faster Smarter Leaner

Find out about Illumiti, an SAP systems integration and management consultant company.

url checker  (height)264|(rel)True|(autoplay)False|(fs)True|(url)www.youtube.com/embed/bFT7T4mP0Yk|(loop)False^} Read More

Bullet-proofing Instant Messaging

As more corporations adopt instant messaging (IM), chief information officers (CIOs) and IT managers are learning that it can be a serious source of liability and security exposure. Users, it seems, simply don’t understand the losses and exposures that can result from incautious IM use. Find out how security software solutions can help you reap the benefits of IM without exposing your company to unnecessary risk.

url checker  or message content, including URL s. Corporate-grade IM screening and filtering services perform detailed content checks as IM traffic crosses organizational boundaries. Information can be restricted on the basis of file extension, URLs and actual file content. This prevents accidental infringement of copyright and protects users against incoming or outgoing malware and SPIM. Most corporate IM screening and filtering services permit organizations to impose policy controls over what kinds of content may Read More

InsideOut Firewall Reporter Unravels the Mysteries of Your Firewall Logs

The most important piece of hardware that protects your network from intruders, hackers, and outside traffic is your firewall. Firewalls process an enormous amount of data, that when converted to useful information, can tell you many things about the packets traveling in and out of your network.

url checker  the ICC using the URL http://server-ip:8080/insideout/admin.html and configure InsideOut. There are many configuration variables that you must supply during the configuration, such as the type of firewall, IP configuration information, database type, etc. Supplying correct information during the initial configuration can save you time later from having to reinstall or reconfigure. After launching the configuration URL, http://server-ip:8080/insideout/admin.html , you will have to choose the correct Read More

IBM OpenPages Policy and Compliance Management

This video introduces the IBM OpenPages GRC Platform and, specifically, the Policy and Compliance Management module.

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Employee Web Use and Misuse: Companies, Their Employees, and the Internet

The Internet creates new opportunities for mischief—and new challenges for managers. How do you balance individual access with the overall good of the business? What’s the right balance between monitoring and blocking? Learn about a Web security solution that can allow you to monitor and enforce your Internet usage policies, bringing site monitoring and filtering together with anti-virus and anti-spyware protection.

url checker  content. Companies also use URL blocks to stop users from visiting game sites (61%), social networking sites (50%), entertainment sites (27%) ; sports sites (21%) and external blogs (18%) according to the 2007 Electronic Monitoring & Surveillance Survey from American Management Association and The ePolicy Institute. However, completely blocking internet access may not be the right approach for your business. Monitoring employee behavior online Monitoring inappropriate use may seem to be the lesser of two Read More

Software as a Service for Customer Relationship Management and Sales

Major vendors are noting the growing demand for software as a service. However, smaller providers are forging new ground by offering services for inventory and collaborative planning.

url checker  a uniform resource locator (URL). APIs provide the user's context to the new application and let the user invoke, for example, the contact list from the original Salesforce.com application. The new application also uses style sheets provided by Salesforce.com, which makes the interface look-and-feel consistent. As an on-demand application sharing service, AppExchange provides an environment that enables developers and partners anywhere in the world to develop, publish, market, and distribute their Read More

Job Scheduling Maze in Distributed IT Landscapes - Part 2

Part 1 of this blog series outlined the problem that, as the number of systems, applications, databases, and whatnot platforms increases, the IT business community requires a holistic approach across all these various systems to provide a single point of running IT jobs and workload automation. It also pointed out the difficulties in achieving this noble idea, and introduced Advanced Systems

url checker  ’s Uniform Resource Locator (URL) as a parameter to open the TEC's home page. Worth noting here is the Copy Script to execution machine option for running scripts as a process, as well as the ability to allow pre- and post-job steps; File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Job -- can initiate a series of FTP and/or Secure FTP commands in a heterogeneous fashion, using the following secure protocols: Secure Socket Layer (SSL) v3 and v2 , Private Communications Technology (PCT ), Transport Layer Security (TLS), Read More

BI on the Go . . . So, Who’s Using Mobile BI?

In this first of two posts, TEC senior BI and data management analyst Jorge García presents some of the main findings of the TEC 2014 mobile survey on the usage of mobile BI offerings by enterprises—who's using mobile BI offerings and from which vendors, and which industry is showing the interest in mobile BI solutions.

url checker  (width)500|(height)160|(originalheight)285|(url)~/getattachment/Content-Library/Research-TEC/2014/02/BI-on-the-Go-So,-Who’s-Using-Mobile-BI/Fig1_MobileBITOP10_Apps.png.aspx?width=500&height=160|(behavior)hover|(mouseoverwidth)888|(originalwidth)888|(ext).png|(sizetourl)True|(mouseoverheight)285^} Figure 1. Top 10 Mobile Apps Used by Respondents to TEC’s 2014 Mobile BI Survey Other mobile BI offerings used in the organizations of the survey respondents come from QlikView , MicroStrategy , and Read More

Case Study: Poudre Valley Health System

In 2006, Poudre Valley Health System (PVHS) was about to open a new hospital in Colorado (US). PVHS’s human resources (HR) department saw the need to change some existing processes, including the method of referencing job candidates. After one year of using a new HR hiring process solution, PVHS was able to predict supervisor evaluations of new hires and had the potential to save over $850,000 (USD). Learn more.

url checker  Location: Ft. Collins, CO URL: http://www.pvhs.org Industry: Health care Quality of Hire Studies: Predicting Retention Predicting Performance SkillSurvey's Pre-Hire 360® helped us align an HR process with our vision of providing world-class healthcare. We are able to continue hiring the best patient care providers while saving a substantial amount of time in the hiring process; we can spend more time and energy on other strategic initiatives, helping us to remain world class. Peggy Bradley Performance Read More

Case Study: Agitar Technologies

Agitar provides Java testing solutions to its customers around in the world in various industries. Agitar has been using a network licensing platform since 2004, and now offers floating licenses from a re-distributed server, with stand-alone license server or embedded options. Unlike other license servers that can’t be embedded, there’s no separate licensing process. Learn how this benefits Agitar—and its customers.

url checker  Santa Clara CA95054 USA URL: www.agilis-sw.com Email: sales@agilis-sw.com Tel.: (408) 404 8480 Searches related to Case Study: Agitar Technologies : License Management | License Management Agreement | License Management Database | License Management Facility | License Management Guide | License Management Policy | License Management Portal | License Management Process | License Management Program | License Management Server | License Management Service | License Management Solutions | License Management Read More

Maximizer Enterprise 8: A Strong Competitor on the SMB Front Line

TEC recently reviewed Maximizer Enterprise 8. Tailored to the latest Internet technology, the offering is aggressively priced. Rich functionality is offered in a three-module structure that continues to compete in the demanding "best fit," customer relationship management, small and medium enterprise marketplace.

url checker  having a remove subscriber URL used to unsubscribe customers from an automated e-mail campaign and a do not solicit field that can be updated in the customer detail screen. Campaigns are created around teams for which campaign designers can assign roles and automatically distribute work to different members of the team. All roles are associated with relevant process steps and are assigned to work team members. However, in order to do this, the user must navigate through a multitude of unrelated Read More

Can High Flying NetGravity Maintain Its Position?

NetGravity's ad serving software remains a leader, and its merger with DoubleClick should have the company celebrating, but CMGI is massing troops on the border, and NetGravity needs to gird for war.

url checker  image reference to a URL on the AdServer machine. This reference contains parameters that specify the characteristics of the ad. The browser sends a request to the AdServer machine for the image; the AdServer chooses an ad that meets the parameters and returns it as an image. In the Network model the AdServer 3.5 software resides on a different machine. (Actually, in this model you may have separate machines for serving ads, running the user console, serving advertiser reports, and running your AdServer Read More

Lawson Asserts Itself, Draws A Bead On Bigger Players

With the new functional and technological enhancements to its flagship suite due in August, Lawson Software throws a gauntlet to direct, bigger competitors, primarily PeopleSoft.

url checker  and executed via a URL) and componentized products that exhibit an open architecture and a support for a wide range of platforms - even in advance of much larger and more visible publicly traded competitors. Lawson has long been promoting its Self-Evident Applications (SEA) initiative (since 1996), with the idea of simplifying the users' learning curve by featuring Web user interfaces and navigational tools. Lawson's advantage also lies in its integrated, omnipresent Drill Around functionality and its Read More