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USinternetworking and AT&T are Working the System
USinternetworking and AT&T begin rollout of alliance in Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Northern Virginia.

usi gsp  market leader and innovator, USi gives us strategic access to the ASP market, said Ken Sichau, President of AT&T Business Services Sales. As the network becomes the environment for business, AT&T's Ecosystem and USi's GSP and SAN solutions combine to provide quick and easy high-performing and reliable network-based applications. On a day-to-day basis, our agreement with AT&T represents further benefits to our unique ASP-specific infrastructure as well as business commitments to enhance our end-to-end Read More...
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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CRM: What Is It and Why Do It? Part One: Historical Background
Many consultants, vendors, and analysts today define CRM in terms of being a customer-centric business strategy that is enabled by a set of applications that

usi gsp  It is analogous to using a howitzer to kill a mosquito; it will get the job done but with what collateral damage? In today's market, it is common to observe user organizations seeking out less complex products as opposed to looking for greater sophistication. Many consultants, vendors, and analysts today define CRM in terms of being a customer-centric business strategy that is enabled by a set of applications that support customer-facing functions and management decision making. That may capture the Read More...
Latest Developments for a Vendor-neutral Third Party Support and Maintenance Provider
Rimini Street is not trying to be a software vendor. Rather, the third party support and maintenance provider is a focused system implementation and consulting

usi gsp  party S&M with outsourcing, USi ( http://www.usi.com ), an AT&T company and a leading application service provider (ASP), and Rimini Street announced an alliance in December 2006 to provide USi clients with a single-source option for hosted PeopleSoft applications as well as S&M. This new alliance agreement allows Rimini Street support for USi clients to be added by request to USi client service agreements. The offering is thereby designed to seamlessly integrate USi's client support model with Rimini Read More...
Sales Force Performance
Understanding market drivers is key to managing customer behavior. To do this, organizations must state and qualify their assumptions about the real drivers of

usi gsp  this article. These calculations using the worksheet format are provided below for reference: ( click here for larger verison ) Note that the symbol Δ refers to net change or improvement. This change is expressed as a percent but for the purposes of the calculation one must covert these numbers to a decimal equivalent; so 1% is equivalent to .01. Also note that with a gap score of 2.0, each point in reduction in gap score improves profit contribution by $1.64 million ($4.925÷3.0). Creating an Read More...
Assessing the Drivers of Sales Performance
Outmoded measures are being used to develop marketing strategies and allocate resources. Existing go to market models often fail to consider the customer's

usi gsp  Introduction Most organizations manage business development in a context of cost containment. Metrics such as sales cost per dollar revenue are used for budgeting purposes with the intention of maintaining bottom-line profitability. This approach of managing by trend or history assumes that history is a good approximation of the future. However, these practices are the result of having little insight as to what actions actually drive results, forcing organizations to use history as the benchmark, even Read More...
Difficult Conversations: Positioning Your CEO in a CRM Implementation Part One: Sources of Misconception and Faulty Assumptions
For a successful customer relationship management (CRM) implementation, the chief executive officer (CEO) must have an ongoing role in the process. The project

usi gsp  designate) needs a pragmatic business orientation to be successful with this discussion. A Common Mechanism for Generating Initiatives Before identifying common misconceptions of CRM, it is vital for the reader to appreciate the process by which major initiatives are developed within large organizations. It is not uncommon for large corporations to implement ten to twenty major management initiatives at the same time, and sometimes these initiatives are inconsistent, confusing the rank and file, which Read More...
Difficult Conversations: Discussing CRM with Your CEO Part Two: Elements of the Discussion
A customer relationship management (CRM) system's potential can be lost if the chief executive officer (CEO) doesn't play a continuous role in its

usi gsp  it becomes analogous to using a tank to kill a mosquito. The Dilemma From an organizational perspective, CRM is a disruptive concept, and it is expensive to deploy and support. Senior management tends to recoil at the cost, yet cutting short the strategy phase and budgeting has a consistent track record of failure. The underlying issue here is that without a clear sense of outcomes, it is difficult to generate the commitment to do the right things for the right reasons. When the initiative is funded, the Read More...
CRM: Creating a Credible Business Case and Positioning It with the CEO Part Two: Linking CRM with Organizational Direction
An effective business case must link CRM with achieving organizational objectives; but this step is just the beginning. Credibility implies that the document

usi gsp  Creating a Credible Business Case and Positioning It with the CEO Part Two: Linking CRM with Organizational Direction Linking CRM with Organizational Direction Research that has linked the statistical relationships between organizational behavior and CRM success has identified the importance of senior management leadership and direction prior to the deployment of CRM applications. In other words, it is important that an organization pursues a strategy that is complementary to CRM before the technologie Read More...
CRM, Success, and Best Practices: A Wake Up Call Part Two: Modeling Success with Senior Management and CRM Culture
To maximize the return on investment of a customer relationship management system, a new CRM best practices model should be used. A point-based system, self

usi gsp  operational decisions are made using reliable information. People Development and Involvement The full potential of the employees of a company are best released through shared values, a culture of trust, and investment in the development of employees. Continuous Improvement Long-term performance is best achieved through a sharing of knowledge and improvement through closed loop processes. Partner Development The creation of mutual benefits is the framework for long-term productive relationships. Read More...
CRM, Success, and Best Practices: A Wake Up Call Part One: Searching and Establishing the Business Parameters of CRM
Customer relationship management is a sophisticated set of customer-facing tools; however, its technology has outpaced the management strategy used to implement

usi gsp  Searching and Establishing the Business Parameters of CRM In Search of a Charter Customer relationship management (CRM) represents a powerful and sophisticated set of software applications that are designed to leverage the efforts of customer-facing functions such as sales, marketing, and customer service. The CRM industry continues to flounder due to high costs and perceived high failure rates. Despite thousands of pages of analyst reports and hundreds of books written on the subject, the industry and Read More...
The CMO-CIO Organizational Alignment Mandate
Chief information officer reporting relationships continue to be distanced from the strategy function. The marketing function is experiencing this same

usi gsp  (IT) agenda with the business agenda has spawned literally hundreds of articles, and certainly sensitized the IT community regarding this issue. Despite the progress made regarding the alignment question, chief information officer (CIO) reporting relationships continue to be positioned at a distance from the chief executive officer (CEO) and strategy function. A comparable trend appears to be occurring with the marketing function. The chief marketing officer (CMO) position is experiencing this same Read More...
Global Trade Regulatory Software: Vendor Obstacles and User Recommendations
The acquisition of Vastera by JPMorgan Chase indicates that finance in GTM is just as important as the physical movement of goods. However, there are still a

usi gsp  global corporations prefer doing business with other giant global corporations—the GTM enterprise applications business requires scale to achieve profitability. Further problematizing Vastera's position is that its product and services are still new. Moreover, the return on investment (ROI) of compliance can be a tough sell, because it might be hard to put a price on the fines one did not have to pay. While compliancy is crucial to an import/export company, Vastera's offerings are generally not core to Read More...
What Drives Profitability
Growing customer sophistication and lifetime value means managing customer behavior is key to long-term profitability. Customer profitability and customer

usi gsp  behavior to predictive analysis. Using this new framework for understanding what drives revenue and profitability, it should be obvious that managing customer behavior is the key to long-term profitability and that lifetime customer profitability must be a fundamental organizational performance metric. It is customer profitability and customer behavior metrics that enable the organization to create alignment within the go to market process. All other metrics will either be internally focused or they will Read More...

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