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Accelerating (and Fast-starting) the SME Business at Oracle (and SAP) - Part 2
Part 1 of this blog series outlined Oracle’s recent (and seemingly genuine) change of heart and approach towards partnering and catering enterprise applications

ust gmbh  good fit for an industry-specific package of low-cost applications and services provided by partners, combined with  Oracle Business Accelerators (OBAs)  for rapid implementation. Since the launch of Oracle Accelerate in early 2007, Oracle has added  more than 7,000 midsized applications customers for a total of over 25,000 . Yet, both Oracle and SAP are still regarded as providers for the largest businesses only. In fact, overall, across all of its burgeoning products, Oracle has over 190,000 Read More...
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Has SAP Become a PLM Factor to Be Reckoned With?
You have probably heard of SAP’s recent blockbuster acquisitions, but did you know about the vendor’s fervent in-house innovation and newly developed products

ust gmbh  lately come from its blockbuster acquisitions of Business Objects and Sybase . The major headlines of the conference were along the lines of in-memory analytic applications ( SAP HANA , anyone?), mobility, on-demand/cloud applications, and so on. But SAP has also been doing a boatload of tacit and less publicized innovation in-house. At the event, we learned of major new SAP products (recently released or slated for future release) in the realms of supply chain management (SCM) and product lifecycle Read More...
Case Study: Concert GmbH
Management at Concert GmbH, a company specializing in the production of non-woven air-laid fabrics, realized that the company had a lot of different custom

ust gmbh  a lot of different custom applications running in its plants. Much of the production management was being handled manually—not in keeping with the nature of the company. After selecting a production management solution, Concert realized a return on investment in less than one year. Learn why. Read More...
SAP as a Retail Market Force: More Fact Than Fiction
Can SAP, a market and technology leader in business management software, translate its success in the manufacturing industry to retail? TEC principal analyst P

ust gmbh  its solutions to specific industries beyond manufacturing. Some pundits are still not convinced that retail is in SAP’s DNA (well, industry analysts and consultants are slowly getting there—the noise out there is generally from SAP’s competitors). Their point is that retail is a master vertical, much like manufacturing, with tons of various flavors all different from one another. For example, a fashion retailer is different from a supermarket, which is completely different from a big-box store. Read More...
The Changing Face of the Holiday Season
It seems that Santa will need to relocate to China! When traveling abroad (with the exception of low wage countries) it is becoming increasingly difficult to

ust gmbh  Cost prohibitive in any industry. Steiff, in common with the manufacturing exodus from Europe, is taking advantage of low cost outsourcing. Cost pressures have driven German brands like Mercedes Benz and BMW to assembly points with low cost labor and other incentives. But Steiff? How could Giengen on the Brenz have allowed such an outrage? Almost apologetically, the rear of the label explains that this item has been carefully manufactured in China, under quality control of Steiff Germany. Chinese hands Read More...
Provia Software Rises To The Challenge
Provia stands apart from its peers in the enterprise software industry by claiming that behind every one of its installations is a satisfied client.

ust gmbh  purchasing among its core customers. The VIAWARE suite of applications for fulfillment is Provia's response to a clear trend among many warehouse management software vendors to round out their product offerings by including adjacent functionality. Key components of VIAWARE are Provia's flagship warehouse management system (WMS) and yard management system (YMS), an order management system (OMS) acquired in 1999 from Logistics Concepts, a transportation management system (TMS) acquired earlier this year Read More...
Industrial Application Software
Industrial Application Software (IAS) offers an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, as well as a service spectrum that includes product development

ust gmbh  Application Software Industrial Application Software (IAS) offers an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, as well as a service spectrum that includes product development, sales, support, and training. The company supports customers in matters of system-optimization and system-extension. IAS Unternehmensberatung GmbH was founded in 1989 in Karlsruhe, Germany, and become Industrial Application Software GmbH in December of 1998. Read More...
Mega-vendors Warming Up to the Cloud - Part 2
Part 1 of this blog series depicted the three evolutionary phases (or waves) of software as a service (SaaS) and cloud computing adoption. The article ended

ust gmbh  (FP) 2.0 was j ust announced . The key enhancements of the FP 2.0 release are as follows: increased footprint for professional service industries integration of BusinessObjects functionality (i.e., Crystal Reports   and the Xcelsius dashboard ) make-to-specifications capabilities 35 end-to-end business process scenarios Web services  mashup capabilities FP 2.0 was a major functionality release. The next one (FP 2.5, slated for some time in 2010) will focus on extensibility for partners, flexibility to Read More...
Ironware International Selects abas USA for ERP
Founded in 1980, abas has lately been coming out of its “dark horse” and “best kept secret” stature to become a fiercely competitive provider of cost-effective

ust gmbh  year, Crystalfontz America and UST Mamiya being some recent wins. We should stay tuned for more announcements of new deal closings as well. Read More...
Retail Technology Experiments at Metro AG
Last year, I had the pleasure of attending a Canadian retail conference where I was incredibly impressed by the presentation of Dr. Gerd Wolfram, the Managing

ust gmbh  three major future retail industry trends: new forms of communications; better service; and real-time transparency. The organization thinks in terms of future and thus information technology has been defined as one of the company’s priorities. A very good demonstration of such forward thinking is The Metro Group Future Store Initiative , which is supposed to drive the national and international modernization process in retailing. The organization opened a new hypermarket in Töenisvorst, Germany, which Read More...
abas ERP Partners for Quality Management Software
abas-USA and Pickert & Partner GmbH recently announced a new partnership, which will integrate the Pickert RQM quality management system (QMS) with abas ERP

ust gmbh  close coordination with its customer base, the company develops and maintains comprehensive standard software for production management via manufacturing execution system (MES), QMS, and traceability (track & trace) solutions.   Pickert is a proven abas ERP partner, with several successfully implemented abas ERP/QMS projects, especially in Germany. This provides abas and Pickert the opportunity to bring QMS and MES software to the abas ERP market in the United States.   Abas ERP is a well-rounded Read More...
RFID Workbench: Understanding the Basics
Radio frequency identification (RFID) helps actualize the perfect integration of logistical and commercial chains and its use is rising in the US and Europe

ust gmbh  in a problematic environment (dust, mud, vapour etc.) and to reduced size objects or to those with improper shape for sticking on a paper label The impossibility to use bar code to overcome shoplifting. Today, a second generation of workbench technology enables us to move beyond these limitations. RFID helps actualize a vision of perfectly integrated logistical and commercial chains. However, the stages to surpass before getting there must be evaluated in a pragmatic way. Using RFID in your organization Read More...
SAP Coming to Your Next Sports and Entertainment Event
SAP has announced plans to acquire Ticket-Web GmbH @ Co. KG, a provider of ticketing solutions and niche customer relationship management (CRM) software for

ust gmbh  of ticketing solutions and niche customer relationship management (CRM) software for sports and entertainment promoters. Ticket-Web employees will become part of SAP, and the deal is expected to close during the second quarter of 2013. The move is expected to pave the way for SAP to offer enhanced solutions to help promoters, venues, and teams market events over the Internet and better support arena management. Based in Wildau, Germany, Ticket-Web is established in Europe with its main product, Read More...
ELO Digital Office GmbH
ELO Digital Office GmbH (or ELO for short) develops and markets products and solutions for electronic document management, digital archiving, and workflow and

ust gmbh  Digital Office GmbH ELO Digital Office GmbH (or ELO for short) develops and markets products and solutions for electronic document management, digital archiving, and workflow and web-content management. ELO has subsidiaries worldwide, including in Europe and Asia. Read More...
Provia Proves Its Way To Success
While not necessarily blossoming like some bigger and more visible SCE peers, Provia certainly still has its 'proven way' to differentiate its value proposition

ust gmbh  a wide variety of industries, including consumer packaged goods (CPG), third party logistics (3PL), wholesale/industrial distribution, high-tech/electronics, and retail. In addition, a number of Provia's clients added new products from the Provia suite to their logistics strategy, reflecting Provia's continued success in both attracting new customers and marketing into its client base with new solutions. Provia credits a part of its success to the fact that Warehouse Management System (WMS) software Read More...

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