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Case Study: Blue Mountain Resorts
In 2001, a leading North American resort owner purchased a 50 percent interest in Blue Mountain Resorts. To prepare for the demands of being part of a publicly held company, Blue Mountain began evaluating business intelligence (BI) and performance management (PM) systems. Find out how the company’s chosen solution helped improve reporting, avoid head-count additions, reduce labor costs, and decrease inventory levels.

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1/26/2010 11:02:00 AM

PLUK Productions

VAN NUYS RESORTS: PLUK Productions houd zich bezig met het ontwerpen en implementeren van complete website, bestaande uit HTML, PHP in combinatie met MySQL, DHTML, JAVAScript, FLASH, etc.

Migration Made Easy: Switching VAN Providers without the Fire Drills
Migration Made Easy Switching VAN Providers without the Fire Drills. Get Free Reports Related To The VAN Providers without the Fire Drills. To ensure end-to-end visibility while still meeting multiple trading partner requirements in your supply chain operations, one solution is to consolidate with a single value-added network (VAN). Looking for a migration partner? Want to know more about the latest in VAN solutions? Learn the drill without tripping any alarms: use a best-practices checklist to help make your VAN migration simple and seamless.

VAN NUYS RESORTS: Migration Made Easy: Switching VAN Providers without the Fire Drills Migration Made Easy: Switching VAN Providers without the Fire Drills Source: Inovis Document Type: Checklist/Guide Description: To ensure end-to-end visibility while still meeting multiple trading partner requirements in your supply chain operations, one solution is to consolidate with a single value-added network (VAN). Looking for a migration partner? Want to know more about the latest in VAN solutions? Learn the drill without tripping
11/14/2007 2:40:00 PM

Vendor Extends Welcome Mat for Hospitality Industry
SoftBrands Hospitality business supports the enterprise information management needs of hotels and resorts. SoftBrands' range of hospitality software products includes the property management systems Medallion and PORTfolio, and RIO, a leisure management system.

VAN NUYS RESORTS: hotel chains can take advantage of a central reservation system (CRS), as well as centralized guest and company history, data warehousing, and a sales ledger. The product also has many customizable features, allowing hotel staff to keep operations flowing from one shift to the next. Using these features, staff can track reservations, client history, room availability, rate levels, and day-to-day communications with graphically rich screens and relatively easy-to-read menus. Other key features of

A Drop-ship Enablement Pioneer Leads the Way
By providing a single plug-and-play connection to multiple trading partners, CommerceHub strives to enable basically any retailer to electronically integrate with its suppliers, regardless of the idiosyncratic systems and capabilities that might exist among them.

VAN NUYS RESORTS: regarded as a traditional VAN provider, albeit with many more benefits that go well beyond the mere connectivity of VANs. VANs serve the purpose of a glue connecting merchants with their drop-shippers, by leveraging EDI to allow information files to flow back and forth. With a multi-supplier scenario in place, order flow (and tracking each order back to every drop-shipper) gets terribly confusing and time-consuming if there a hub-like exchange to handle this complexity and monitor any exceptions. To

EAI Market Consolidation Continues With Peregrine Acquisition of Extricity
Peregrine Systems, Inc. a provider of Electronic Market Enablement and Infrastructure Management solutions, has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Extricity, Inc. Extricity will contribute its B2B relationship management software as Peregrine creates a digital business offering that provides a full range of software products and managed Internet services using Peregrine’s Get2Connect global trading network.

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Supporting the Lean Value Stream with Technology Solutions
Supporting the Lean Value Stream with Technology Solutions. Read White Papers and Other Software for Your Implementation and for Supporting the Lean Value Stream with Technology Solutions. In today’s manufacturing environment, suppliers and manufacturers alike need to be highly selective when choosing an enterprise resource planning vendor to support their product-specific Lean value-streams. Technology is a key element in the success of Lean manufacturing, and should be selected with an eye to the entire value-stream. Infor examines all elements of a Lean value-stream in this must-read white paper.

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7/5/2006 2:09:00 PM

Inovis Delves into PIM by Snatching QRSPart Four: Market Impact
While owing to a number of similar products and to former competition between the merging parties this merger has a merit of growth by acquisition in a slow growing (or even declining) EDI-VAN market, the merger of Inovis and QRS may well emphasize some interesting dynamics within the retail market segment.

VAN NUYS RESORTS: option. Thus, many former VAN providers are taking advantage of emerging standards like AS2, RosettaNet, chemical industry data exchange ( CIDX ), and UCCnet, while the emphasis has been moving from mere connectivity to becoming more flexible and better-rounded service providers. For more detail, see EDI vs XML—Working In Tandem Rather Than Competing . To that end, Inovis has greatly achieved this expansion through the 2003 acquisition of former IPNet Solutions , which has bolstered its portfolio in

The Pain and Gain of Integrated EDIPart Two: Automotive Suppliers Gain
The nature of the global automotive supply chain means that the suppliers must be tightly integrated into the trading partner’s enterprise, whose supply chain communications and management capabilities need to be able to manage that critical relationship.

VAN NUYS RESORTS: Still Win Some Competitive Advantage? ). This is Part Two of a three-part note. Part One detailed the pain of integrated EDI. Part Three will discuss the gains of other industries and make user recommendations. Infor Automotive Essentials The Infor Automotive Essentials product suite has been developed specifically to benefit manufacturers in the automotive industry. Today, seventeen of the top twenty-five automotive suppliers worldwide apparently use parts of solutions found in Infor Automotive

The Wizardry of Business Process Management – Part 3 » The TEC Blog
automation and minimal manual effort. Nirvana would be to ultimately automate the work for people, who then only add value as required. Although the human touch is always needed, the point of business process automation (BPA ) is to eliminate any distractions. Again stepping out of Trefler’s presentation’s narrow scope, let me try to explain here how Pega’s SmartBPM suite  really turns work automation into a tool for business changes on the fly. Let’s explore the “Six Rs” of driving work

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PurchasePro Acquires Stratton Warren
The $34 million digital marketplace provider is hoping to cash in on Stratton Warren's large customer base and domain expertise.


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