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Inforbix - About Smart Product Information Discovery and Consumption
Anyone who has been covering the product lifecycle management (PLM) market will have likely met Oleg Shilovitsky at some industry events or at least read one of

very knowledgeable about  combining these with a very simple and intuitive ways for users to interact with the technology and product. We use semantic technology to help our users find data and information that is either related or linked in some meaningful way. For example, a particular CAD drawing might have Excel and PDF files that are connected to it. It could even have other CAD drawings from a different vendor associated with it. Inforbix' semantic technology assures that users have the ability to access ALL relevant data Read More
Document Management System (DMS)
Document management systems (DMS) assist with the management, creation, workflow, and storage of documents within different departments. A DMS stores documents in a database and associates importan...
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SAP Releases Cloud and Mobile Carpooling App
According to an ABC News/Time magazine/Washington Post poll, in very large US urban and metro areas, the average commuter spends US$16 and 52 minutes going 32

very knowledgeable about  magazine/Washington Post poll , in very large US urban and metro areas, the average commuter spends US$16 and 52 minutes going 32 miles round trip to work each day. Long solo commutes can cost employees and their organizations in lost productivity, wasted resources, and additional expenses. In addition, many of these miserable commuters spend the rest of their workday without much interaction with their coworkers. To that end, SAP recently introduced  TwoGo by SAP , a mobile and cloud carpooling Read More
The Whys and Hows of a Security Vulnerability Assessment
TEC outlines the reasons for having a Security Vulnerability Assessment done, how a security vulnerability assessment is performed, what can be gained by

very knowledgeable about  clever auditors, and sometimes very well-known technology organizations, have been known to neglect the UDP ports. A knowledgeable security engineer viewing the logs on your corporate firewall can ascertain which ports are being prodded. If you are having the audit done for a potential acquisition inspection, make sure that you find an auditor that will check UDP, as well as TCP ports. A best-of-breed Security Vulnerability Assessment usually starts out by doing some data gathering, and looking for Read More
Michael Treacy Focuses on Double Digit Growth
This new book, Double-Digit Growth was one of the most useful and optimistic books to come along in some time. Growth is the whole point of business. Yet many

very knowledgeable about  management is it is very comparable to supply chain—it's just the supply of people. Think of the current challenges you have—getting a supply of the most knowledgeable people. Do I have my most talented people working on the growth projects? They are usually scattered throughout the organization. Firms like GE and Citigroup have really seeded their industries with leaders. We will see these people come out of Dell... ChainLink : We just did a story about a Dell executive who is making big changes at Read More
The Reinvention of Software Vendors and End-User Value
Application vendors are focusing on their install base as their primary source of revenue while cutting costs to provide profitability.Most vendors will tell

very knowledgeable about  and attitudes can be very different. Can the vendor change the skill sets and attitudes? If not, the customer must suffer the consequences of less experienced, less knowledgeable people. To illustrate the problem, application software sales management often classifies the sales teams in two groups, hunters and farmers. The hunters search out new accounts, the farmers grow the customer. The skills and the attitude of these two types of sales people are very different. Can a hunter be converted into a Read More
Saba Software: All about People (Cloud) - Part 2
Part 1 of this series introduced Saba Software, a public provider of what it calls “People Cloud,” which constitutes a new class of business-critical software

very knowledgeable about   Read More
Employee Engagement: It’s Actually All about Your Leaders
While development is critical to engagement, performance, and succession, its overall effectiveness is determined by the quality of an organization’s leaders

very knowledgeable about  talent management, workforce management, human resources technology, leadership development strategy, employee engagement Read More
Missing PDF Fonts: Why It Happens and What You Can Do About It
Fonts are the essential elements of any portable document format (PDF) file, but are often taken for granted by most readers. But what if you are a developer

very knowledgeable about  would result in problematically very large files. Third, subsetting of fonts avoids licensing issues because the font then becomes unusable for other purposes then rendering the document which is often permitted by the font licensors. The draw back with partially embedded fonts is that if recipients do not have the fonts on their system, they will not be able to edit the document or will be very limited in their ability to edit text. This is where the problem of missing fonts begins to emerge. When Fonts Read More
Comparative Analysis: Are You Still Confused About APS, SCM, and ERP?
Constant changes are happening in the software market, either in software delivery methods, features and functions, or software integrations with other

very knowledgeable about  planning and ending with delivery. A SCM system helps organizations develop processes that integrate their manufacturing activities with logistics. To understand the entire SCM flow of an organization, let’s have a look at the multiple components within the supply chain. The objective of an SCM application is to provide end-to-end visibility into each component of the supply chain network without losing the long- and short-term goals of the business. So what does “long- and short-term goals” Read More
No Floundering About These Strategic And Tactical Acquisitions
Design and implementation service company Razorfish announced its acquisition of broadband and user experience firms.

very knowledgeable about  web-site design is a very crowded one that we believe is not close to a final shakeout. However, Razorfish's moves both look like the beginnings of a consolidation, and make sense in their own right. Lee Hunt Associates brings both expertise and entree into the glamorous world of Hollywood. Lee Hunt (the individual) will become head of Razorfish's broadband solutions group. Razorfish is clearly confident that the broadband revolution is coming, and beyond the immediate value of access to such Lee Hunt Read More
3 Things You Must Know About Cloud ERP
In this whitepaper, we present the facts you need to know about cloud ERP, including distinctions between different cloud computing options and the benefits and

very knowledgeable about  SaaS,cloud,on premise,ERP,enterprise resource planning,private cloud,IFS Applications,IFS,IFS white paper,cloud ERP,cloud computing Read More
Saba Software: All about People (Cloud) - Part 1
The 2011 Enterprise 2.0 conference’s expo floor in Boston in late June featured many of the “usual suspects,” such as Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, Adobe

very knowledgeable about  right goals (ensuring that everyone is always aligned), speeding the flow of information to any person, anytime, anyplace, via multiple devices, and collecting and disseminating continuous, real-time people feedback from across the organization.  In this regard, Saba’s offering is similar to SuccessFactors . To cultivate , i.e., ignite, nurture, and capture the collective knowhow. Cultivation can come from enabling individuals and teams to create, track, distribute, consume, and rate knowhow, Read More
Forget about Government, Amazon Wants to Drone You!
Jeff Bezos’ passion lies in ever-improving customer experience via ever-faster deliveries. Witness Amazon’s experiment to fulfill small orders (five pounds or

very knowledgeable about  example, how would drone delivery work for addresses in high-rise buildings?   But if Amazon figures all this out on a large scale, it would give its same-day delivery efforts (exemplified by the AmazonFresh subsidiary for same-day delivery of groceries and fresh produce in the Seattle and Los Angeles metro areas) a boost. Online retail rivals such as Google and eBay have also been partnering with major retail chains to enable same-day deliveries (e.g., Google Shopping Express ).   Amazon’s recent Read More
It’s About Process (or The Ability to Be Responsive)
Because business processes are often communicated in an ad hoc and unregulated manner, it can be difficult to standardize processes across organizations

very knowledgeable about  be put into action very quickly. This is because these sophisticated platforms provide integrated process modeling, real-time process monitoring, and Web-based management reporting - all working in unison to support rapid process innovation. BPM - Much More than Integration BPM is often used to integrate multiple enterprise applications and various internal and external users into a new process, but it goes way beyond mere integration. Whereas traditional enterprise application integration (EAI) products Read More
Workday 21—All about a New User Experience
Workday releases version 21 of its HR solution with a focus on a new user experience, and much more. Get the details in Raluca's blog post.

very knowledgeable about  Workday, Workday 21, HR software, human resources solution, Workday new user experience, Workday 21 release Read More

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