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Epicor Retail: Behind the Counter
The retailing paradigm is shifting from connecting, beyond engaging, to inspiring customers. Epicor Retail software solutions are responding to this market

victim restitution  Retail: Behind the Counter Retail’s BIG Show 2012 , the annual industry event organized by the National Retail Federation (NRF) , was recently held in New York City. Epicor , while showcasing the full suite of Epicor Retail software solutions, highlighted mobility features across its product suite in the following manner: Personalized service with Epicor Retail Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Clienteling Fast and accurate decision making with Business Intelligence (BI) Information Center Read More...

Stalled Oracle Fumbling For A Jump-Start Kit Part 3: Market Impact
Oracle remains a true IT powerhouse with fingers in many pies other than databases, such as application servers, and development tools, which ranks it as an

victim restitution  Oracle has become the victim of its own success of overselling its product over a year ago. Oracle cannot afford to gamble any longer with its customers' willingness to entrust it to support their complete applications, infrastructure and service requirements. The time for trustworthy leadership and spotless execution within Oracle is long overdue. It is apparent that having set its sights on transforming itself into a total e-business solution provider, Oracle has painfully realized that it takes much Read More...
HR System for Banks, Financial Institutions
A multinational bank turned to TEC for help selecting a fully integrated human resources (HR) solution. Find out how the selection project played out.
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Documents related to » victim restitution

Top 10 Excuses For Not Securing Your Website or Network
With so many sites lacking security, we have put together a list of the leading reasons why businesses and organizations are unable to secure their network. Don

victim restitution  let your organization fall victim to silly excuses. Hold someone accountable for managing and implementing security and take no prisoners. Read More...
100 Percent Organic: The Better Choice for Learning and Talent Management Software
Companies aiming to stay ahead of the competition are carefully choosing technology solutions to improve their business processes—and this also holds true for

victim restitution  But before you fall victim to a ‘Franken-suite’ built upon layers of acquired systems, read this paper to know how a 100 percent organic, integrated talent and learning management solution will best support your employee and technical needs. Read More...
Support and Maintenance: No Longer the Software Industry's
Support and maintenance (S&M) contracts mean very different things to vendors and to users. With user enterprises' growing awareness of how these S&M agreements

victim restitution  come in. The logical victim, besides product development, would then be support services, since fewer available dollars would mean fewer offered services. But given the current high margins for maintenance, vendors can still afford to provide services with fewer dollars. So in summary, vendors need the S&M money. But what if the customers rebel en masse and refuse to pay it? Second, vendors have been tightening enforcement of existing agreements lately. In the past, vendors were quite lax about Read More...
Plex Systems at a Crossroads: Part 1
Plex Manufacturing Cloud is an integrated manufacturing software solution for managing the manufacturing process (including specific lean manufacturing needs), with functionality for: engineering and design; financing and accounting; electronic data interchange (EDI) and orders; materials and inventory purchasing; receiving and tracking; shop floor production and control; process

victim restitution  seems to be the victim of its own success. Plex is not a conventional ERP software vendor, to say the least. While its customers have become Plex “fans” of sorts, Plex’s future growth and expansion have meanwhile became somewhat plagued by the parochial Michigan-centric view of the world. The company still has only one major office, in Troy, Michigan, and has only recently opened a customer call center in Irvine, California, currently with five employees, but that number is expected to grow to a Read More...
Outsourcing-The Pros and Cons
Outsourcing’s in the news these days, what with the US presidential election and all, but it’s usually covered from an “is it good for us” angle—where “us” is the American people or the national economy. But how about you? Is it good for your organization?<!--more--> I’m interested in your current perspective on outsourcing—please let me know what you think by responding to the poll at the

victim restitution   I’ve myself been a victim of jobcuts in the IT industry as a result of outsoucing on two occasions. My perspective is that Free Trade only works when business has free and unfettered access to international markets. China must provide wider access to its markets and it must peg its currency to international currency rates. Furthermore, rather than ask for people to pay in North America carbon taxes. Many of the world’s largest sources of environmental polution are in Asia and the US. It is my fear Read More...
What Can Manufacturers Do in a Tough Economy? - Part II
Part I of this blog series outlined the first three suggested "winning strategies" by JDA Software Group Inc. that manufacturers (especially of consumer goods) could instantly deploy to drive up margins and protect shareholder value in the current economic climate (malaise). I also took the liberty of mapping, with the help of some current and former employees of JDA Software and former

victim restitution  products that have fallen victim to the abrupt economic downturn, manufacturers should work collaboratively with their channel partners to aggressively promote those products, alleviating excess levels of inventory. This action can free up much-needed working capital. Although there may be an immediate impact on margins, the additional capital could be used to invest in areas where growth is still achievable.” The offered products by JDA in this regard are JDA Collaborate , powered by Manugistics; JDA Read More...
Firewall Cowboyz Set the Stage to Free Innocent Convict
Cowboyz.com builds and sells affordable firewall appliances to small to medium sized businesses. When not deploying firewalls, this small-time firewall vendor gives something back by taking notice and assisting to restore justice to a falsely accused convict.

victim restitution   Mayes stated, acknowledging the victim s family as well as the community. Judge Mayes went on to say that, Justice is not a static, unmoving and unliving thing. Mayes was the judge who had recommended a new trial when the first DNA test excluded Criner. After the latest evidence, Judge Mayes concluded that Criner was innocent, and signed a request for a pardon. Criner s mother, Jackie, believes that Roy would still be looking at a life sentence if it hadn t been for the efforts of the media, his Read More...
How to Defend Against New Botnet Attacks
In 2008, botnets were responsible for 90 percent of spam. The ever-changing nature of botnets makes them hard to detect and even harder to defend against—and these compromised “robot” computer networks don’t seem to be going away in the near future. Learn about new and sophisticated botnets, how they can affect your business network, and the steps you can take to protect your company from a botnet attack.

victim restitution  network by enticing a victim to click a link or open a file. These bots have the same restrictions as certain legendary vampires: they can’t cross your threshold unless you invite them in. This luring approach has gradually constricted itself even further. In the past, attackers sent malicious executable code as an attachment to an email. This practice has also fallen into the minority. Most of the action now is web-based. Malicious emails that would have contained an attachment two years ago now Read More...
Won’t Get Fooled Again: The 5 Worst Buzzwords in the CRM Industry Today
Going through our article archives, I stumbled across Glen Petersen’s excellent article A Lexicon for CRM Success. Petersen takes aim at key buzzwords in the CRM industry, and I thought it’d be worth summarizing his list of the worst offenders--and his thinking about why they belong in the trash can. <!--more-->An internationally recognized speaker, writer, practitioner, and thought leader in

victim restitution   hard-core editors can fall victim to the curse of slippery language. In my blog post Won’t Get Fooled Again: The 5 Worst Buzzwords in the CRM Industry Today, I merrily “summarized” Glen Petersen’s article A Lexicon for CRM […] * Name: * E-mail (private) : Web site: XHTML: You can use these tags: --> * Comments: * Spam protection: Sum of 2 + 6 ?     Notify me of followup comments via e-mail --> The TEC Blog Discussing Enterprise Software and Selection Tag Cloud analytics bi BPM Business Read More...

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