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Documents related to » website statistics

The Joy Of Enterprise Systems ImplementationsPart 1: Inexorable Statistics
We take the liberty to expand further on the findings of a report, which was recently released by a renowned research organization, and which pinpoints enterprise applications implementations’ dissatisfactions in no uncertain terms. One may expect even more bad news in the future given the intricacy of collaborative inter-enterprise business.

WEBSITE STATISTICS: The Joy Of Enterprise Systems Implementations Part 1: Inexorable Statistics The Joy Of Enterprise Systems Implementations Part 1: Inexorable Statistics P.J. Jakovljevic - July 8, 2002 Read Comments The Joy Of Enterprise Systems Implementations Part 1: Inexorable Statistics P.J. Jakovljevic - July 8, 2002 Executive Summary What has long been a general feeling based on rumors, news headlines and some casual survey reports hidden within analyst houses vaults and largely inaccessible to mass audience

Case Study: The Morris Law Group
The Morris Law Group—a personal injury law firm based in Ontario (Canada)—sought to design an intuitive Web site that was simple to maintain and architecturally aware of sophisticated search engine optimization (SEO) techniques. Personal injury law is a competitive field, so visibility was a priority. Learn how a content management system (CMS) helped the firm increase page views by 47 percent and visits by 38 percent.

WEBSITE STATISTICS:   design website,   website design,   search engine optimization,   website designing,   website designer,   content management system,   cms php,   website designers,   open cms,   search engine optimization marketing,   simple cms,   website designs,   websites design,   open source cms,   personal injury law,   search engine optimization seo,   design a website,   free cms,   joomla cms Source: Telerik Learn more about Telerik Readers who downloaded this case study also read these
6/22/2010 9:58:00 AM

Macromedia Shocks with Flashy E-commerce Plans
Macromedia, best known for its Shockwave and Flash technologies that bring animation to the browser, has announced a sweeping series of moves to make it a powerhouse provider of E-commerce software.

WEBSITE STATISTICS: that tracks and analyzes website users and their behavior and can personalize their experience on a website Announcement of Project Whirlwind, a complete site production platform enabling the management, verification and deployment of website content. Project Whirlwind is based on technology from StarBase, a vendor of software configuration management systems. Partnerships with Internet services provider USWeb/CKS and application vendor BroadVision. BroadVision will be an integration platform for

Is Something Fishy Happening To Your Website?
Freshwater Software offers powerful solutions for website monitoring. There’s a product or service for every budget and every type of site, and the customer service behind it all makes this a unique company.

WEBSITE STATISTICS: Freshwater Software specializes in website and web server monitoring. They offer a product, a service, and a hosted service; each of these is configurable to a user s specific needs. The three offerings are: SiteSeer . This service provides external monitoring of a web site from outside the firewall. It provides information about the user s experience by answering questions like: Can the site be reached at all? How long does it take the site to respond to a page request? Are the correct pages being

Microsoft Hopes to Win Over Consumer Privacy Advocates
Microsoft aims to assist users understand privacy issues by embedding privacy agents into its web browser

WEBSITE STATISTICS: The lesson for a website operator is a simple one. Have a clear privacy statement that explains what kinds of data you collect and how you intend to use it. Make sure that you reference any partners who might use your data in raw or aggregated form, and that their privacy policies are equally clear. An opt-in policy clearly provides more protection to surfers than an opt-out policy; just as clearly it can have the effect of scaring users for no good reason. As Microsoft itself notes, cookies offer many

At Least Your Boss Can t Read Your Home E-mail, Right? Wrong!
A lower-court judge in St. Paul granted a subpoena to Northwest Airlines allowing them the search the home computers of employees for evidence of allegedly illegal union activities.

WEBSITE STATISTICS: that either of the website operators engaged in a sickout or even advocated one. One operator had posted a notice on his site requesting that users of a forum about ongoing union negotiations please refrain from calling for certain actions that may be illegal. I know we all want results and we all wanted them yesterday if not three plus years ago but there are certain guidelines we have to follow even if NWA does not always do so. We must continue to keep the pressure on the leadership of the Local and

Getting Strangers to Take Your Candy
Angara uses millions of anonymous user profiles to help websites convert first time visitors to first-time customers.

WEBSITE STATISTICS: visitors. Angara pays other websites for anonymous, permission-based profiles that an Angara customer can use to identify characteristics of new visitors. With some information about how visitors behave on other sites, Angara s customers can then make offers to first-time visitors that have a better chance of generating sales. In the first thirty days of live beta testing Angara s customers reported on average that sales to first-time customers doubled. Angara s solution is available only as a hosted

A Sharp ASP
Sharp Microelectronics of the Americas has selected Harbinger as their Application Service Provider of choice. The multi-year contract will allow Harbinger to integrate e-Procurement and business applications across Sharp's e-Supplier community.

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IT Outsourcing

WEBSITE STATISTICS: Politec offers onshore, nearshore, and offshore outsourcing. Services include development, maintenance, legacy transformation, and system integration.

Data-driven Design
Creating and maintaining a successful digital experience that drives business results requires the right research insight, design, technology, and ongoing optimization. Forrester conducted an online survey of 209 digital experience professionals in the US to evaluate current practices around Web site monitoring and digital experiences. Read about the adoption, benefits, and challenges of current data-driven design processes.

WEBSITE STATISTICS: Value,   Metrics,   Website Development,   web development,   web site development tools,   web page development Source: Extractable Learn more about Extractable Readers who downloaded this white paper also read these popular documents! Three Keys to Better Data-driven Decisions: What You Should Know... Right Now Customer Analytics: A Powerful Source of Competitive Advantage for Midsize Organizations 5 Tech Solutions for Top HR Time Wasters Quality Management Databases and ERP Selection: Oracle vs.
5/15/2012 1:00:00 PM

New Market for Security Insurance
Some insurance companies are now offering policies which protect companies against system, network, and website security losses. What do these policies offer corporations that they don't get in their standard General Liability Insurance Policy coverage?

WEBSITE STATISTICS: companies are facing regarding website, network, and system security compromises, insurance brokers are jumping on the bandwagon, offering customized Security Insurance Polices that protect companies with information technology infrastructures against numerous risks not covered by their required standard corporate General Liability Insurance Policy. Some of the kinds of protections these policies cover are: Loss due to fraudulent and malicious acts against your computer system, programs, data, or media

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