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The Market Rewards Ardent Software Initiatives
Over the last year, Ardent Software (NASDAQ: ARDT) has announced a number of initiatives to strengthen their DataStage data warehousing product, most recently a

websphere datastage  Market Rewards Ardent Software Initiatives Event Summary Ardent has announced a number of initiatives to strengthen their DataStage product, most recently a partnership with NEON Systems (NASDAQ: NESY), a provider of OS/390-MVS mainframe access through their NEON Shadow Direct middleware. This development, coupled with their earlier acquisition of Prism Solutions, greatly improves their ability to access legacy mainframe data. See TEC News Analysis Articles: Data Warehouse Vendors Moving Towards Read More
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » websphere datastage

QAD Finally Breaks The Red Ink Streak, But…
On March 13, QAD reported financial results for fiscal 2001. Although the company finally posted a profit in the last quarter, the sharp revenue decline and

websphere datastage  functionality based on IBM's WebSphere e-commerce application suite. QAD had no choice but to extend its foothold in its large, predominantly mid-market client base and to fill the gaps and/or diversify its product offering. The combination of MFG/PRO, eQ, and embedded point solutions from its premier partners (IBM, Adexa , Robocom , Access Productique , etc.) might provide QAD with a product set also suitable for larger, multinational corporations. We also endorse the company's strategy of enhancing Read More
IBM is Serious About SMB
In the battle for market supremacy, IBM wants to win by reducing Microsoft's market potential. IBM has selected the infrastructure as its battlefield. Both

websphere datastage  was bundling the IBM WebSphere application server with the E.piphany E.6 platform. Last year Onyx and IBM made their first e-business On Demand applications for SMBs and Clear Technology offered its C2 CRM suite with IBM's hardware, middleware, and database technologies. Even SAP and IBM formed an alliance to offer enterprise developers a stream of Web services-based APIs. Accordingly, IBM is reinforcing its integration strategy and has already rolled out about 300 adapters for its WebSphere platform, Read More
Mortice Kern Systems Goes Vertical (Sky, that is)
Mortice Kern Systems (MKS), long known for their expertise in porting UNIX environments (for instance, a Korn Shell or a CGI script) to native Windows NT and

websphere datastage  the mainframe environment), IBM WebSphere Studio, Merant PVCS, and Microsoft Visual SourceSafe (for a purely Windows environment). There are many other products in this market, and TEC will issue a market note on all of the players in the near future. BEGINLYX Read More
IBM and Partners Load the Guns in Europe
IBM has launched a service provider initiative in Europe, a move that underlines the growing trend to 'coopetition' behavior among service providers and

websphere datastage  IBM products, such as WebSphere, Lotus Domino & Notes, ThinkPads and RS/6000 machines. If you want other solutions, you may need to fight for them and make your case - and you had better have some good technical people on your side. However, this is not your father's IBM: even IGS offers non-IBM competing solutions to its clients. Be also aware, if you are offered a joint venture by an IBM partner that will include IBM, that you may need to manage the joint relationship and define clearly who does what Read More
IBM’s S.M.A.R.T. Offerings for Retailers at NRF 2014
My overall impression of this year’s National Retail Federation (NRF) convention (held recently in New York City) could be summarized in the acronym S.M.A.R.T.:

websphere datastage  mix in stores.   WebSphere Commerce News IBM's Smarter Commerce initiative features software and services that help companies transform their market, buy, sell, and service business processes to more quickly respond to shifting customer demands in today's digitally-transformed marketplace. The WebSphere Commerce platform, DemandTec, and former Sterling Commerce ’s distributed order management and execution capabilities form the “sell” part of Smarter Commerce.   To help retailers dynamically Read More
SAP Weaves Microsoft .NET And IBM WebSphere Into Its ESA Tapestry
While SAP’s determination to become service-oriented architecture applications Lingua Franca evangelist should be of vital importance to its customers and for

websphere datastage  Microsoft .NET And IBM WebSphere Into Its ESA Tapestry Event Summary On January 16, SAP AG (NYSE: SAP), the leading provider of enterprise applications, in its intent not to be left behind in the rush for the enterprise infrastructure and integration platform El Dorado, further outlined its open-standards-based infrastructure blueprint that should eventually enable technical interoperability and should drive collaborative business in an admittedly heterogeneous IT world. The vendor announced its Read More
Informix XML’s Its Metadata Transport Layer
Informix® Corporation, has announced an XML Document Type Definition (DTD) for Extraction, Transformation, and Transport (ETT) of metadata. The DTD is designed

websphere datastage  XML’s Its Metadata Transport Layer Informix XML's Its Metadata Transport Layer M. Reed - May 22 , 2000 Event Summary MENLO PARK, Calif. and Westboro, Mass.- April 18, 2000- Informix Corporation (NASDAQ: IFMX), a software vendor specializing in infrastructure for the i.Economy, announced the industry's first XML Document Type Definition (DTD) for Extraction, Transformation, and Transport (ETT) metadata. Informix's XML DTD will enable more complete metadata sharing, easing business-to-business Read More
Analyzing Manhattan Associates’ Supply Chain Platform Play - Part 3
Part 1 of this blog series analyzed Manhattan Associates’ innovative Supply Chain Process Platform (SCPP)-based analytic applications, including Supply Chain

websphere datastage  The demo showed IBM’s WebSphere Commerce Server at the  e-commerce  front-end (although ATG and any other storefront/e-commerce engine could be leveraged as well). IBM's e-commerce platform  caters to personalization, merchandising marketing and promotion, order capture (with inventory availability information), shopping carts, pricing (quotes, payment, taxation, contract entitlement, etc.), and customer service aspects . The latter aspect can be achieved in multiple ways (e.g., via Internet chat, Read More
SAP - A Humble Giant From The Reality Land? Part 3: Market Impact
SAP's decision to be more open and flexible was both wise and pragmatic. SAP now can afford to compete on a component per component basis, having basically

websphere datastage  for use with IBM's WebSphere Portal Server considerably fortifies the new SAP Portals business. On the other hand, SAP will make expanded use of the IBM WebSphere Application Server within its MarketSet development. IBM hopes to increase the use of DB2 and WebSphere via partnerships to primarily compete against Microsoft and Oracle. Also, one should not neglect IBM GS' opportunity for providing consulting, implementation and outsourcing services around mySAP.com. Consequently, at SAPPHIRE user Read More
IBS-Slow but Steady (and Demand-Driven) May Win the SCM Race
IBS, a conservative Swedish enterprise resource planning and supply chain management, seems to be making right moves to remain the leader within its selected

websphere datastage  based on the IBM WebSphere platform, which, among other things, has been designed to speed up the software application development process. Despite this, IBS' global organization might still experience difficulties evolving into a cross-platform sales and delivery channel. The biggest area of technical advancement made by IBS lately has been with its development effort with IBM WebSphere to build a base set of object-oriented infrastructure and application business logic. This can be expanded and Read More
A New Platform to Battle Software Bloat?
Lawson has unveiled a new standards-based business applications platform designed to increase overall application quality and improve the product lifecycle

websphere datastage  access, and where a WebSphere deployment usually requires a hardware upgrade. The hope, however, is that, when Landmark is commercially available in a few years time, new technological developments will render Java more efficient. Perhaps by 2008, when computers will be running on multi-core processors with available on-chip memory stacks, and multi-threaded and 64-bit applications are put into practice, Java will have made tremendous performance gains, possibly also with the help of special Java Read More
Ardent Software: Will Informix Merger Affect their Success?
With Informix’s completion of its acquisition of Ardent Software, it remains to be seen how effective this marriage will be, and whether Ardent will be allowed

websphere datastage  Software: Will Informix Merger Affect their Success? Vendor Genesis Ardent Software, formerly known as VMARK Software, was founded in the mid-1980's to develop and market extended relational database systems. The product originally ran on UNIX operating systems, and soon the systems were also licensed for use as an embedded part of business applications. In February 1998, Ardent merged with Unidata Inc., a marketer and developer of relational databases, object databases and software tools. In Read More
IBM Express-es Its Candid Desire For SMEs
IBM has recently reenergized its incursion into the mid-market gold rush with a new program carrying the 'Express' brand, which targets companies with less than

websphere datastage  an example, the new WebSphere Commerce - Express is designed to enable medium-sized companies to create and manage e-commerce sites in fewer steps than the comparable offering from Microsoft, and at a lower price point. Also, the new portal solution combines the power of an eServer xSeries system with the scalability of WebSphere Portal Express, to make it easier for employees to access, customize and manage, in one place, all the business critical knowledge and content-management tools they need to Read More
NetWare for Small Business - NetWhy?
Remember Novell? They’re a small Utah company that makes network software called NetWare, now aimed at small businesses. Sounds familiar?

websphere datastage  partner products including IBM WebSphere*, Network Associates VirusScan* and NetShield*, Oracle8i*, Tobit FaxWare*, and others. Market Impact Let's see if we have this straight - we can run IBM's Small Business Pack for Linux for 100 users, $499, which includes DB2 and Domino. Or we can buy Microsoft's Small Business Server 4.5 for 100 or so users - including Exchange 5.5 and SQL 7.0 -- for $5,840. Or we can buy this Novell bundle, which includes Oracle 8i and GroupWise (still going!), for $7,945. Why, Read More

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