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Webtime Now Legal
A court ruled illegal a one-year restriction that would have prevented an employee from working for a competitor.

WEBTIME: Webtime Now Legal Webtime Now Legal D. Geller - November 2, 1999 Read Comments Webtime Now Legal D. Geller - November 2, 1999 Event Summary It is common for a company to require new hires to sign agreements that would prevent them from working for competitors after they leave the company. Mark Schlack signed a one-year contract with EarthWeb in October 1998, according to the New York Law Journal. The following September he resigned to take a position with a new website, Itworld.com, to be launched by

Altrec Takes E-commerce to Extremes
Altrec is a startup E-commerce website that takes aim on the upscale outdoor recreation market. In this interview Altrec's CTO discusses the initial technology decisions on which the company's infrastructure is based.

WEBTIME: News Analysis article: Webtime Now Legal November 2nd, 1999) but it s a real phenomenon. Most of our projects only last three or four weeks, and it isn t always clear when we start what the technology requirements will be. That means I spend a lot of time managing expectations. TEC: That sounds like the stressful part of the day. What s the best? Geller: The best part is watching the site grow, educating the other members of the team about how technology works, and seeing our customers have

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