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TradeStone Software Leaps Ahead With Its First Acquisition
During the recent TradeStone STARS 2014 user conference, TradeStone Software CEO Sue Welch announced that the company has made its first acquisition ever—Leap

welch  TradeStone Software CEO Sue Welch announced that the company has made its first acquisition ever — Leap Ahead Solutions , a U.K.-based startup. This was a pure technology acquisition, as Leap Ahead's mobile application, Retail Buyer , enables buyers to pictorially track samples, manage ranges, and calculate landed costs during buying trips and early in the lifecycle of each retail range period.   The solution was designed by founder Alan Osborne and Nikki Willis, former executives from New Look, a Read More

Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Chatting with TradeStone Software @ NRF BIG Retail Shows - Part 2
Part 1 of this series introduced the conundrum that retailers (especially those in the areas of fashion and apparel) encounter in the realms of design, sourcing

welch  of TradeStone’s capabilities. Sue Welch is adamant that its company is not for sale at this stage, and I guess SAP and Oracle will just have to wait and partner, or develop these features themselves (and good luck to them with that feat). Therefore, dear readers, what are your views, comments, opinions, etc., about TradeStone’s value proposition and about the MLM software market in general? We would also be interested in your experiences with this nascent software category (if you are an existing Read More
Collaborative Sourcing Solution Vendor Leaves No Stone Unturned
By layering across an organization's current infrastructure and building a sourcing system that needs hardly any training, TradeStone users anywhere can sign on

welch  No Stone Unturned . Welch got her start in the early 1980s working as an import manager for Zayre , a large erstwhile apparel retailer, when she realized there was a real need to automate international trade processes. She learned on the fly that the profit margin for imported goods was far greater than for domestic goods, and she attempted a concerted effort to increase the number of imports. Being well ahead of the times—even heretical—she boldly suggested eliminating the buyers, thinking that with Read More
6 Steps for Linking Corporate Strategy to the Budget
Ask any three people in an organization why they budget and you’ll get three different answers. But no one says they budget in order to direct the way in which

welch  that drive value. Jack Welch suggests that budgeting can be a productive and wide-ranging, anything-goes dialogue between the field and headquarters about opportunities and obstacles in the real world if organizations concentrate on two questions: How can we beat last year's performance? and What is our competition doing, and how can we beat them? The answers to these key questions typically appear in a strategic or operational plan, against which budgets can be set and monitored for effectiveness. Read More
Learn how Welch's found a solution that would give it the ability to optimize and coordinate its short-term production schedules while building long-term master

welch  s Learn how Welch's found a solution that would give it the ability to optimize and coordinate its short-term production schedules while building long-term master production schedule (MPS) based on the capacity constraints, inventory targets, and manpower. Read More
Challenges and User Recommendations for a Global Trading Solutions Provider on a Roll
The market is competitive, rapidly evolving, and highly fragmented, and one should only expect the intensity of competition to increase in the future. For the present, the biggest challenge remains a lack of awareness of the need for TradeStone's applications.

welch  to RockBlocks author Sue Welch s consequent founding of TradeStone, with the subsequent exodus of former Rockport/QRS staff from QRS (and subsequently from Inovis). While global sourcing and importing was only a minor portion of QRS revenue, these clients represented some of the most prominent retailer brands in the world, such as Sears , Federated, Dillards , Saks , and Home Depot , some of which have meanwhile moved to TradeStone, while the others have looked at a new solution going forward. To be Read More
Solve the Succession Crisis by Growing “Inside-outside” Leaders
Strong evidence supports the notion that a well-groomed insider is a key to sustained company performance. In an analysis of 1,800 successions, company performance was significantly better when insiders succeeded to the job of chief executive officer (CEO). Learn why CEO choice matters—and how you can work toward better corporate succession planning by choosing a high-potential executive from within your company.

welch  in 1981, successor Jack Welch proceeded in two or three years to dismantle much of the planning and organizational structure Jones had put in place. Welch sold Utah, acquired RCA, and built a huge financial services business. Entire levels of middle management and staff disappeared. In the second decade of his tenure, GE s market capitalization grew more than 1,000%. Welch s successor, Jeff Immelt, is changing GE once again. He is making major investments in biosciences, water, security, and platforms Read More
Prescient provides supply chain planning solutions to consumer products companies. Household brand names like The Dial Corporation, Domino's, Binney & Smith (Crayola Brand), AAi.

welch   Smith (Crayola Brand), AAi.FosterGrant, Welch s, and Wyeth Consumer Healthcare rely on Prescient. Prescient s supply chain management history began in 1982. The company is based in West Chester, Pennsylvania, USA, with offices throughout the United States and Europe. Read More
3M Wraps Up HighJump, While Retalix Shops OMI International Part Two: Market Impact
Both HighJump's and OMI's customers should be pleased because these acquisitions should center their vendors’ supply chain execution products inside a larger suite of complementary offerings and increase their vendors’ financial viability and market visibility.

welch  with services, during Jack Welch s tenure), 3M has not yet set requirements for HighJump to cross-sell with other business units. These potential synergies will have to be handled carefully, though, given that imposing too demanding requirements of sort have traditionally disrupted the acquisition of an enterprise applications vendor by large industrial organizations like 3M. Further, the autonomous model has worked well before within 3M, as experienced with the decade ago acquired company that has Read More
TradeStone Software STARS 2013: Retail Rocks! Part 1
While I have repeatedly met with TradeStone Software’s top executives at the company’s head office in Gloucester, Massachusetts (and elsewhere, such as at the multiple annual NRF BIG Retail Show events in New York City) and seen its software in action, 2013 was the first time that I have ever attended the company’s user conference, STARS (Simplifying Technology Around Retailers and Suppliers

welch  founder and CEO, Sue Welch, opened the multiday event with a brief keynote speech entitled “One Platform to Support the Tribe” (with a nod to Seth Godin’s bestselling book, Tribes). She talked about the growing passion for brands and how companies are enabling a shift toward supporting Godin’s “tribes” phenomenon—an effect of today’s always-connected, always-demanding consumers. The global village of the Internet has created brand communities, giving us constant and vocal feedback Read More
TradeStone Software Presents Bamboo Rose
TradeStone’s merchandise lifecycle management (MLM) platform unifies the design, sourcing, ordering, and delivery of private-label and branded goods, allowing fashion, apparel, footwear, and accessories retailers to leverage a “single version of the truth.” The company’s latest innovation, Bamboo Rose, is a global e-market community for retailers and suppliers who want to exchange ideas and product information before they buy.

welch  CEO and founder Sue Welch, along with her team, continues to be passionate about defining and building software that enables retailers to inspire and build brands that their customers appreciate. This powerhouse team includes the addition of two key hires to the Executive Management team: Chris Morrison, senior vice president (SVP) of sales and marketing, ran retail strategy and sales at Oracle and has made a major impact in delivering sales and developing new markets, and Cari Bunch, SVP of product and Read More

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