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What Are Your Competitors Telling You? A Case Study: SAP's New Advertising Campaign
SAP has a new marketing campaign. What does this mean for competitors, prospective buyers, and business-to-business marketing professionals? This case study

what is case study  do some investigative work. What Is SAP Telling Its Competitors? SAP's massive new marketing campaign in the US (not rest of world)—as you may have seen in the print and television ads—claims that companies that run SAP are 32% more profitable than those that don't. Of course, there's a qualifier. A tiny footnote in the ads, which run in major business and information technology (IT) publications, says that the claim is based on an analysis of publicly available fiscal results of all non-financial Read More

Process Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as...
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Documents related to » what is case study

Case Study: Terumo
Terumo Cardiovascular Systems, global manufacturer and distributor of medical products, has more than 1,500 finished goods, many of which are assembled in one

what is case study  reduction, not to mention what we’ve saved in back orders, write-offs and obsolete inventory.” — Kevin Doughty, Director of Supply Chain Management With an average shelf life of three to five years and little visibility, Terumo CVS’ obsolete inventory was dragging down profits. Unlike most software companies, Demand Solutions develops its planning tools with the underlying philosophy that people are smarter than software. “My favorite functionality in Demand Solutions Requirements Planning (DS Read More
Case Study: Kyocera
Aside from geographic challenges, Kyocera@distributor of document management devices@also grapples with three-month lead times, purchase-order constraints, and

what is case study  increasingly strict variance of what the team can change. The month before placing an order, the head office locks the finished-goods forecast into a 10 percent variance. With little room for error, the forecasters rely on Demand Solutions. Because one small mistake can shake up our operation, it's important that we trust our forecasting tool, says Fraser. Demand Solutions has earned our confidence with consistent and accurate reporting. The company has experienced tremendous economic success with Read More
Case Study: Britax

what is case study  who they were and what they thought about the company's products. To streamline its operations and assimilate its subsidiaries, Britax Childcare needed a solution that streamlined planning, manufacturing and distribution across its multiple operations. In particular, it wanted to improve reporting efficiency and data integrity, and remove duplication and manual processing. There had been very minimal investment in the previous six years and the facilities management contract that covered technical Read More
Case Study: Big Lots
Big Lots, the largest closeout retailer in the United States (US), needed a way to manage vendors, and get its products to stores as quickly as possible. The

what is case study  However, the bulk of what they manage is closeout deals.They could have a vendor call and say, I have one hundred truckloads of furniture that need to move from five warehouses across the country into your 1350 stores. Big Lots has to figure out how to get one hundred truckloads in and out of their distribution centers in a week oftentimes. They often don t know where the buy is coming from or when the closeout is coming.They have to be poised and ready to manage that merchandise throughout the supply Read More
Is J.D. Edwards's CRM 2.0 (With more than 200 Enhancements) Good News?
When it comes to touting 200 product enhancements, what J.D. Edwards is saying is that ease of integration is important to mid-market companies because they

what is case study  its enterprise integration and what remains, is to verify the product's ability to fit verticals needs. Read More
Why CRM Is So Hard and What To Do About It: Data is key to making CRM work
Making a CRM investment work is a two-step process that begins with unifying disparate systems by creating and managing standardized, reusable business

what is case study  from system to system: what is a customer in one system may be a household in another. Or, worse, what makes up the customer record in one system may be completely different - or even conflict with - what constitutes a customer record in another system. Despite spending millions on CRM systems for call center scripting, campaign management software and the like, companies can't accommodate a marketing department's simple request to link direct mailing or call center results to Web site hits for a Read More
Case Study: SCI

what is case study  job scheduling software,Skybot Scheduler,SCI,Skybot Software,workflow automation,Service Corporation International Read More
Case Study: 3form
3form, a manufacturer of resin panels used in high-design architectural projects, chose Infor Visual ERP for its flexibility and customizability to meet 3form's

what is case study  infor visual, infor ERP, visual south, Read More
Case Study: Hayward
With goals to decrease operating costs and increase sales, Hayward@a leader in the building materials industry@knew it needed to replace its 25-year-old

what is case study   Read More
Case Study: CAMACO
CAMACO, a leading seating systems solutions provider, needed to replace its outdated, unmanageable batch-process manufacturing resource planning (MRP) system

what is case study  Plex Systems,CAMACO,manufacturing,erp,edi,mrp,production manufacturing,manufacturing process,lean manufacturing,erp system,manufacturing management,erp crm,manufacturing operations,manufacturing system,manufacturing systems Read More
Developing a Collaborative Endpoint Security Solution: Why Perimeter Security Is Not Enough
Information security is more than just a technology. Two other areas also require consideration: processes and people. Each element is a critical point of the

what is case study  a Collaborative Endpoint Security Solution: Why Perimeter Security Is Not Enough Information security is more than just a technology. Two other areas also require consideration: processes and people. Each element is a critical point of the information security triangle, and a change in one area affects the other two. Download this white paper to learn how a collaborative approach to endpoint security can help ensure that your security solution is both comprehensive and effective. Read More
Case Study: Widex
Widex Canada, a manufacturer and distributor of high-end hearing aids, wanted to automate its work flow@from sales order entry through shipping and delivery. It

what is case study   Read More
Case Study: OpSource
OpSource, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) technology company, was experiencing some growing pains. The company’s financial application made it difficult to track

what is case study  Intacct,OpSource,accounting software,saas,software accounting,accounting business software,business accounting software,accounting management software,accounting software management,accounting software small business,free accounting software,small business accounting software,software for accounting,accounting payroll software,accounting software system Read More

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