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IFS Joins the Corporate Social Responsibility Fray
While day 1 of the IFS World Conference 2012 in Gothenburg, Sweden was mostly about mobility, day 2 expanded into some other interesting themes and topics. IFS

what is corporate social responsibility  never be repealed. And what if, say, a US company that doesn't have strict local regulations still wants to compete in regions with more affinity for environmental protection and regulations? By closely monitoring the market and working with its customers, IFS has developed fully integrated solutions that can help customers turn the challenges of (often voluntary) non-financial reporting into a business improvement opportunity. The new IFS CSR solutions, which have been developed in close collaboration Read More

Talent Management
Talent management solutions encompass all the applications necessary for handling personnel-related tasks for corporate managers and individual employees from the point of hire to the point of...
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Documents related to » what is corporate social responsibility

Enterprise Asset Management Strategies: Creating Social and Financial Value by Going Green
Progressive companies are discovering that they can optimize processes and assets to make the best use of resources, reduce negative impact on the environment

what is corporate social responsibility  share similar concerns   What is Green? Thousands of years ago, Egyptian farmers understood the business value of optimizing their key processes and making the most of their resources. By controlling the Nile's loodwaters and reclaiming the fertile silt left behind, for example, these agriculturalists were able to extend their growing season and increase their crop production and wealth, even in one of the most arid climates on Earth. Business today is much the same. Enterprises use natural resources to Read More
6 Steps for Linking Corporate Strategy to the Budget
Ask any three people in an organization why they budget and you’ll get three different answers. But no one says they budget in order to direct the way in which

what is corporate social responsibility  Managers can quickly identify what is working and what isn't. Performance Results . The performance results report (Figure 15) enables managers to see the relationship between activities (i.e., tactics) and outcomes. In other words, the report reveals whether activities are actually being implemented, and whether they are contributing to the achievement of the high-level goals. This report shows actual and target values, the outcome (i.e., whether the organization achieved the performance goal), and the Read More
What Matters Most: An Interview with Jeffrey Hollender
Jeffrey Hollender has a broader definition of the Value Chain that includes the true end-to-end responsibilities as well as sustainability, a term (if you are

what is corporate social responsibility  on terror. Jeffrey : What I find encouraging is that even though government in the US currently is not helping, the business case is strong enough. Smart companies are saying: why wait for a problem, something that will depress my market value by 30% and tarnish the corporate reputation? [2] Scandals from environmental pollution, worker compensation, accounting fraud, corporate errors, etc. Interview - Conclusion ChainLink: My cynicism in all this is the PR vs. the reality. I have found that as big Read More
Social Networks: How They're Turning CRM Upside Down
Social networking has collided with customer relationship management, and it's turning the relationship between businesses and their customers upside down

what is corporate social responsibility  text messages, and eventually what happens is it coagulates into groups that are built around this particular interest, with more and more in-depth information being gotten about the different people, and they're geographically located so you'll know you've got 72 people in Portland, Oregon [US] committed to this Community of Interest. The interesting thing is that this is being done entirely via mobile devices.... It can be brought to standard desktop kind of Web service, based online, of course, but Read More
Social Media for Lead Generation
Using social media to brand your business isn’t groundbreaking anymore. Been there, done that? But although social is still important for branding and

what is corporate social responsibility  for lead generation. Learn what types of messaging work best on which channels. Read More
Market Focus Report: The Value of Mobile and Social for CRM
Nucleus Research surveyed 223 CRM decision makers to analyze the benefits of adding mobile device access and social capabilities to CRM. Respondents included

what is corporate social responsibility  social CRM,mobile CRM,mobile CRM benefits,social CRM benefits,Nucleus Research survey,CRM survey,Salesforce Read More
Know the Facts and Improve Social Recruiting ROI
Each social media network plays a role in your recruiting efforts. Find out more.

what is corporate social responsibility  Recruiting Management, Recruitment, Staffing Systems, Recruiting Solutions, social recruiting, recruitment ROI Read More
On-site Social for Online Commerce
The white paper presents a set of core principles to guide online retailers through the integration of their online stores with popular social networks in a way

what is corporate social responsibility   Read More
Creating an Effective Social Recruiting Strategy—A Guide
This white paper explains how to best use social media (e.g., Facebook and LinkedIn) to reach highly qualified candidates and passive job seekers, build company

what is corporate social responsibility  talent, talent management, hiring, Oracle HCM, HCM Oracle, talent Oracle, Oracle talent, recruiting, recruitment, Oracle, staffing, SaaS HR, HR SaaS, Facebook, LinkedIn, social recruit, social networks Read More
Social Media Today LLC
Social Media Today is an online community for professionals in public relations, marketing, advertising, and other fields. The community@s content is

what is corporate social responsibility  Media Today LLC Social Media Today is an online community for professionals in public relations, marketing, advertising, and other fields. The community’s content is contributed by members. Read More
Tracx Releases Social Leads
Tracx has announced its new Social Leads product, part of its set of social intelligence tools. The application identifies individuals interested in buying a

what is corporate social responsibility  conversations as well as what stage of the buying process the customer is at. According to Tracx, the buying cycle consists of several phases: Brand or product awareness Active product research Opinions being expressed Intent to purchase Already bought and loyal customer In addition, Tracx Social Leads offers the capability to create a real-time lead pipeline. The solution automatically filters real-time conversations on social networks to spot the prospects in an active buying phase. It was also Read More
Attensity Social Analytics Suite
Attensity@s suite of social analytics and engagement applications is built on Attensity@s text analytics platform and offers organizations the key

what is corporate social responsibility  Social Analytics Suite Attensity’s suite of social analytics and engagement applications is built on Attensity's text analytics platform and offers organizations the key capabilities they need to leverage customer conversations as a business asset. Read More
Zoho Joins the Social “Chatter”
The market for collaborative social networking software is getting ever hotly contested. Not long after Moxie Software announced its free Collaboration Spaces

what is corporate social responsibility  stay on top of what’s going on within the organization through Zoho Pulse iPhone and Android mobile applications. You can see an online video tour of the product here . Zoho Pulse offers three types of tools for company-wide collaboration: 1) a company wall where employees can collaborate on various topics, 2) a discussion forum, and 3) a blog—all enabling collaboration throughout the company. The offering enables collaboration between users, groups, or within the entire organization, and enhances Read More

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