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Improving Customer Engagement with Social CRM
In a previous post I discussed how the social revolution impacted customer relationship management (CRM) and underlined that while processes designed to derive

what is customer engagement  dialogue cannot be re-enacted. What remains is the experience. And it is that experience that will be displayed on social media platforms. Addressing Positive Client Sentiment Positive sentiment can elicit two main types of reactions on the part of the customer-facing individual. The first is to have no response. The second is to try to capitalize on the positive by employing strategies such as propaganda, or pushy sales and up-sales. Following the same notion of ‘choreographed-improvised’ Read More

Field Service Management (FSM)
Field service management (FSM) software is a set of functionalities for organizations or departments within organizations that have as main focus the intallation, maintanance, reparing, and meter r...
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Documents related to » what is customer engagement

QAD Explore 2012: Only Good Things Can Come from Talking to the Customer
As a seasoned provider of enterprise applications for manufacturing companies, QAD knows the importance of listening to its clients. In fact, the company has

what is customer engagement  It is anyone’s guess what will happen in some markets where the austerity measures has even caused a double-dip recession. In any case, after a few tough years with flat revenues at best (and even some necessary staff reductions), QAD is back on a growth path. For the full fiscal 2012 year ended January 31, 2012, total revenue was $250 million (USD), and the company has 1,500 employees. The QAD Explore 2012 user conference apparently had several hundred attendees from 23 countries.   CEO’s Keynote Read More
Telecom Re-invention: Optimizing the Online Customer Experience
As networks, devices, and media converge, telecom companies have increasingly complex catalogs of products and services on offer to customers who are, in turn

what is customer engagement  precise expert knowledge for what is increasingly a complex purchase. However, if the online systems are closely synchronised to the retail operations they can be used in-store either by suitably trained staff or directly by customers as self service 'kiosks'. In addition to awareness and pre-sales influence, there is also the possibility for customers to visit stores for product pickup or support services that have been pre-reserved online. The growing number of successful Apple stores, which look more Read More
Is Your Store Customer-centric?
Most retailers might say that they are customer-centric, but what does that really mean? After all, there is a huge difference between simply serving a customer

what is customer engagement  and used more of what they learned about each segment before they expanded the program. Another issue they are trying to address is that many locations have a mix of all five customer segments, and to design a store for just one of these segments can be dangerous. They are trying to integrate areas for all five segments, with one being dominant (without ignoring the others). So, the lesson for soccer and running stores is that customer-centricity is key to future growth and profitability, but it must be Read More
AribaLIVE 2012: What Was Jolly Good (and What Could Improve) - Part 1
A recent blog post talked about my attendance of the AribaLIVE 2012 user event and outlined the main premise of the event: Ariba has become a public cloud

what is customer engagement  Costello . This is what cloud commerce is all about: leveraging the power of a network to make business commerce as easy as personal commerce. And this is the direction that Ariba will continue to take. The vendor has gone all out to expand the Ariba Network (and the cloud-based solutions delivered within it) and extend its position as the world’s largest and most global business network. And these moves are apparently paying off. Stellar Financial Performance Ariba’s recent financial results and Read More
Listen and Learn: Improving Operations by Using Customer Feedback
Customer service means being aware of needs, problems, and fears. Studies have shown that the cost of acquiring a customer is seven to ten times that of

what is customer engagement  customer service, information about what is and what is not working for the customer is critical to success. Obtaining customer feedback can help determine areas of weakness within an organization, and with appropriate adjustment, can turn those weaknesses into strengths. This is how I see it. About Richard D. Hanks and Mindshare Richard D. Hanks is the President of Mindshare Technologies, a leading provider of real-time, automated customer and employee feedback solutions. His experience spans multiple Read More
Recession? Steal Market Share by Increasing Customer Service!
During a recession, don’t follow the cost-cutting crowd. Of course, be frugal, but in areas that don’t touch the customer. Forget what everyone else is doing

what is customer engagement  touch the customer. Forget what everyone else is doing. Now is not the time to follow the masses. Now is the time to make difficult decisions that will poise your company for unprecedented growth coming out of the downturn. But you may feel lonely in your decisions. Have you ever noticed that many of the big winners in business were willing to make bets that ran counter to the prevailing wisdom of the time? There are countless success stories of leaders who “zigged” when everyone else “zagged.” Read More
The Three Cs of Successful Positioning Part Four: The Customer
What's keeping your customer up at night? Know thy customers—and their problems.

what is customer engagement  align with reality (i.e., what your customers tell you are their reason to buy). As we said in earlier 3Cs columns, the channel is your direct access to your customers, so you should be working with your channel to identify customers willing to share their opinions and give you the honest feedback you need to truly understand what's keeping your customer awake at nights. Once you've developed a list of key problems that aligns input from your customer, with that from within your company, you need to rank Read More
Improving Employee Engagement to Drive Business Performance
Given the significant impact that an engaged workforce has on business performance and the bottom-line, improving employee engagement has become a top priority

what is customer engagement  talent management,employee engagement,talent management software,talent management system,employee engagement ideas,talent management solutions,employee engagement survey,talent management systems,talent management companies,employee engagement surveys,talent management consulting,global talent management,strategic talent management,talent management magazine,what is talent management Read More
Delivering Superior Customer Value in Insurance
Effective management of customer data is a critical success factor for insurers. To provide products and service that stand out from the crowd, insurers need a

what is customer engagement  Superior Customer Value in Insurance Effective management of customer data is a critical success factor for insurers. To provide products and service that stand out from the crowd, insurers need a 360-degree view of each customer that covers his or her entire experience with the company. Read this white paper on how information technology that supports tightly integrated, end-to-end business processes can increase insurer responsiveness and customer loyalty. Read More
$40 Billion Is Being Wasted by Companies without Product Information Management Strategies-How Is Yours Coming Along?
Information errors are costing retailers and manufacturers a lot of money. Studies show that billions of dollars are wasted because of invoice errors caused by

what is customer engagement  40 Billion Is Being Wasted by Companies without Product Information Management Strategies-How Is Yours Coming Along? Introduction Information errors are costing retailers and manufacturers a lot of money. In fact, a 2002 study from A.T. Kearney estimated that $40 billion dollars (USD) per year are wasted because of invoice errors caused by bad data. Most agree that eliminating product information errors will save money, but many of those same believers are not rushing to solve the problem. Why? A variety Read More
Integrating Customer Relationship Management through Software As A Service
The customer relationship management (CRM) market is changing. Over half the market is served by small vendors. Fully integrated business suites like NetSuite

what is customer engagement  value, and easy customization. What's more, it appears that rising stars like salesforce.com and NetSuite , which support the CRM SaaS model, have a unique window of opportunity while SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft get their product strategies together. CRM Evaluation Considerations As discussed in Comparing On-demand Customer Relationship Management Service Alternatives , there are three categories that CRM functionality tends to fall under: non-core functionality; vertical, industry-specific features; and Read More
A New Customer Relationship Management Framework: Twenty-first Century Necessity, or Blowin' in the Wind?
The business ecosystem has shifted focus from corporation to customer, and the location of value has changed with it. Where value had historically been located

what is customer engagement  company, determines the value. What Is that Value? The irony is that in the old days of CRM, you'd think that the value was determined purely financially. Bottom- and top-line stuff. Revenue, sales volume increases, margin and profit increases, number of products from your company owned by the customer, and so on. This is not the case in the age of the new customer. The customer's idea of what is valuable and the company's may be quite different. What customers are looking for is meaningful value. In Read More
Customer-centric CRM
Companies implement a customer relationship management (CRM) system to balance increasing revenue, decreasing costs, while enhancing the customer experience

what is customer engagement   Read More

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