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Distinctions and Benefits of Strategic Sourcing
Strategic sourcing involves ongoing relationships, which creates the opportunity for mutually beneficial collaboration between the buyer and the suppliers. This

what is strategic sourcing  This has brought about what some experts call the great leap in global sourcing—it is no longer the privilege of only a few giant companies; it is becoming a viable strategy for almost any company. More and more organizations are using affordable and intuitive Web-based applications for a variety of supply chain activities, including procurement, order processing and financial flow coordination, and new product design. Businesses are also using such applications to manage transactions and inventory. Read More...
Enterprise Marketing Management (EMM)
The Enterprise Marketing Management (EMM) Knowledge Base research helps determine support levels of various systems that help companies market their services or products effectively an...
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Documents related to » what is strategic sourcing

One Vendor's Quest to Garner a Global Sourcing Ecosystem
Having started as a business-to-business integration provider for a few major retailers in the United Kingdom, Eqos has evolved into a full-fledged, worldwide

what is strategic sourcing  actual store's customers are, what their tendency to spend on is, and how much of the annual spend the retailer is likely to capture. Best Buy has since claimed a 20-fold increase in its private label business, with improved margins, reduced costs, and improved vendor negotiations as accompanying results given that it is now able to configure non-commodity products based on user-oriented specifications and features much better (as well as to convey these quickly to its Asian sourcing office). The Eqos Read More...
The Advanced Sourcing and Negotiation Benchmark Report
The wave of e-sourcing that began a decade ago resembled a “crash diet:” it had an immediate and noticeable effect on enterprises. Today’s challenge is to

what is strategic sourcing  reduction is lower than what we delivered in 2005 because the opportunities for savings are just not there. We will miss our target unless we quickly expand our focus and aggressively target another series of categories for e-sourcing. ' Director, Strategic Sourcing; Global Engine Manufacturer Recommendations for Action The gradual erosion of savings rates from e-sourcing events that we have seen over the past few years will continue. The following strategies will help enterprises maximize their Read More...
IBM Emptoris v10, Smarter Commerce, and Strategic Sourcing
Emptoris has been part of IBM for about 20 months, and we’re coming up on the close of its first full fiscal year under the IBM label. Since the acquisition

what is strategic sourcing  to be speculation about what IBM eventually does in this area. (Might we see IBM absorb Kinaxis, and marry this with ILOG and Sterling Commerce to compete with E2open?) How IBM Emptoris is Changing the Strategic Sourcing Landscape The sourcing landscape has been at least as interesting to watch as other software segments, as it has been a continually morphing landscape as of late, where more than a few recognizable names have disappeared lately, while new players have been entering the market (most Read More...
Outcome Sourcing in the Outcome Economy
The move to an outcome economy encompasses radical changes in the core elements of commerce. It requires a whole new way of thinking on the part of both buyer

what is strategic sourcing  want holes, not drills. What is new is the actual practical application and methods for achieving it. Performance-based Logistics The US Department of Defense (DoD) is moving toward a form of outcome sourcing. They refer to it as performance-based logistics (PBL) programs or power by the hour. In aircraft maintenance, for example, their traditional approach is to specify the parts needed and the required service levels (parts availability). However, what the DoD really wants is not parts, but planes Read More...
Strategic Information Group
Strategic Information Group helps manufacturers, suppliers, OEMS and virtual manufacturers maximize business value through the application of enterprise

what is strategic sourcing  
The Strategic CFO
Financial pressures can strain even the most efficient and lean company. So forward-thinking companies should now turn to the chief financial officer (CFO

what is strategic sourcing  role of finance functions what has increased pressure on the role of finance and the associated role of the corporate CFO. The takeaway is that there is now widespread belief that the role of the CFO is exceedingly difficult to perform therefore turnover will become rampant. Addressing the CFO Challenge This belief- that the office of America's CFOs will remain the equivalent of musical chairs-only furthers the necessity for the CFO to become more strategic, marshalling information and not drowning in Read More...
The Future for an E-sourcing Solutions Builder
TradeStone will introduce several planning capabilities that bind existing sourcing and order execution functionality, and featuring significant enhancements to

what is strategic sourcing  never a question of what to pay, or when. Payment Summary : When a payment is made, a payment summary report is automatically generated, providing a view into each payment and the related invoices, and allowing the buyer to link back and forth between payment records and original invoices to a concise reconciliation of each transaction. This information is critical for chief financial officers (CFOs) looking for one report to show the reconciliation between the items that have been committed to, the Read More...
The Customer as a Strategic Asset
Ask 500 CEOs to define the word “customer,” and you’ll come up with 500 different answers—with a few common denominators. It turns out these denominators are

what is strategic sourcing  
IFS Applications 8 Is Now TEC Certified in Multiple Areas
Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC) is pleased to announce that IFS Applications version 8 is now TEC Certified. IFS Applications is one of the few software

what is strategic sourcing  with TEC analysts. Beyond what is becoming the standard with respect to core ERP capabilities available from the majority of ERP solutions, IFS also offers extensive EAM/CMMS capabilities and strong support for services-oriented organizations or organizations that need to manage their business with deep project-based and asset-intensive resources tracking. A previous version of the software had already been TEC certified in multiple areas, and the new version of IFS Applications has inherited and Read More...
What Is Software as a Service?
Though born from the ashes of traditional hosting models, software as a service differs fundamentally from its predecessors. Its software is designed to be

what is strategic sourcing  how is it measured? What if capacity is allocated on a provisional basis (or as a standby for emergencies), and not used? How are users to be billed? Furthermore, most enterprise applications are used unpredictably, and composite or tightly integrated applications add further complexity. In the future, these applications will increasingly be made of dynamically linked components and services, and some will be used almost continuously, while others only occasionally. To measure such usage, one might Read More...
Product Note: NGC's Fashion PLM and Sourcing Solutions
NGC e-PLM and e-SPS are NGC’s offerings in product lifecycle management and sourcing for the fashion industry. This product note analyzes the strengths and

what is strategic sourcing  Note: NGC's Fashion PLM and Sourcing Solutions New Generation Computing, Inc. (NGC) has a long history of serving the fashion industry. After adding Web-based product lifecycle managemen t (PLM) and sourcing and production systems ( e-PLM and e-SPS , respectively), to the product portfolio, the company became closer to being a one-stop-shop for its target customers. Seeing the increase in PLM adoption in the fashion industry and NGC's recent achievements in the fashion PLM area, I decided to create Read More...
Strategic Profitability Management: an Opportunity for Finance Departments
In Strategic Profitability Management, you'll discover a better approach to profitability management one that allows you to...

what is strategic sourcing  market conditions act on what-if scenarios identify and address the causes of under-performing or over-performing units or departments Learn how to effectively manage profitability by balancing your top line, bottom line, and strategic objectives. Download your free PDF copy of Strategic Profitability Management today.   For assistance, please contact customer service. Hours: 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM EST. Phone: +1 514-954-3665, ext.367. Special Offer Files 2012 Read More...
Strategic Communications, Inc.
Strategic Communications (StratComm) is a management and content development company. Content StratComm specializes in includes training, skill assessments, and

what is strategic sourcing  Communications, Inc. Strategic Communications (StratComm) is a management and content development company. Content StratComm specializes in includes training, skill assessments, and editorial services. Read More...

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