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The 2008 Handbook of Application Delivery: A Guide to Decision Making
The 2008 Handbook of Application Delivery: a Guide to Decision Making. Documents and Other Computer Software to Use In Your Application Delivery System. IT organizations can no longer manage networks in isolation from the applications they support, requiring a shift from focusing on devices to a focus on performance. But a number of factors complicate the task of ensuring acceptable application performance, including the lack of visibility into application performance. Learn tips to plan, optimize, manage, and control your application performance and improve delivery.

WHAT IS THE CPA: data transfer in orientation. What is important is the ability to recognize application traffic flows for what they are, for example a Citrix printing flow vs. editing a Word document. Successful application delivery requires that IT organizations are able to identify the applications running on the network and are also able to ensure the acceptable performance of the applications relevant to the business while controlling or eliminating applications that are not relevant. Traffic Flow Considerations In
6/20/2008 12:34:00 PM

The Seven Types of Power Problems
The Seven Types of Power Problems. Get Documentation for Power Problems. Many of the mysteries of equipment failure, downtime, software, and data corruption are the result of a problematic power supply. Compounding the problem is that there is no standardized way to describe power problems. Learn more about common power disturbances, what can cause them, and how to safeguard your critical equipment—all described in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) standard terms.

WHAT IS THE CPA: in the region. Seeing what this energy is doing in small slices of time can provide an understanding of how important simple, smooth ac power is to reliable operation of the sophisticated systems that we are dependent upon. An oscilloscope allows us to see what this energy looks like. In a perfect world, commercial ac power appears as a smooth, symmetrical sine wave, varying at either 50 or 60 cycles every second (Hertz Hz) depending on which part of the world you re in. Figure 1 shows what an average
6/25/2008 5:28:00 PM

The Definitive Guide to Successful Deployment of VoIP and IP Telephony—Chapter 3
The definitive guide to Successful deployment of VOIP and IP Telephony. Secure Documents and Other Computer Software to Use In Your Dynamic System Related to a Successful deployment of VOIP and IP Telephony. When deploying any new system, preparation is key—and Internet protocol telephony (IPT) systems are no exception. Part 3 of this 4-part e-book series provides some basic steps you can take to successfully deploy voice and data network services. A complete capabilities inventory has been included to help you ensure that every feature of your current system will be considered for inclusion in your new system.

WHAT IS THE CPA: what to expect and what is expected of them. The only way to really be successful in any large project is to clearly define and communicate expectations. Like the network, the telephony system, and your business as a whole, the life cycle of an implementation project is a repeating pattern of setting and reviewing expectations. Management Expectations The executive management team focuses on key strategic factors. Capital expenditures (CAPEX) address the investment, and are often tied to ROI. Operational
7/31/2007 9:07:00 AM

The Essential ERP - Its Genesis & Future
Knowing the history and evolution of ERP is essential to understanding its current application and its future developments. Each step in the evolution of ERP is built on the fundamentals and principles developed within the previous one.

WHAT IS THE CPA: planning (MRP). It represents what the company plans to produce expressed in specific configurations, quantities, and dates. Material Requirements Planning (MRP) : A set of techniques that uses bill of material data, inventory data, and master production schedule to calculate requirements for materials. It makes recommendations to release replenishment orders for materials. Further, because it is time-phased, it makes recommendations to reschedule open orders when due dates and need dates are not in

Taming the SOA Beast – Part 2 » The TEC Blog
development to operations. But what really impressed me post-acquisition was Oracle’s due diligence and even (atypical) humility in admitting BEA’s advantages (e.g., in terms of Enterprise System Bus [ESB] and service mediation capabilities) and bundling it with Oracle’s established capabilities of workflow management and Web services orchestration . Other specific areas where BEA had superior technologies were Java virtual machines, transaction processing monitors and certain security products.

WHAT IS THE CPA: actional, bea systems, mindreef soapscope, ofm, Oracle, oracle fusion middleware, progress software, service oriented architecture, soa, soa governance, software ag, software testing, web services, webmethods, TEC, Technology Evaluation, Technology Evaluation Centers, Technology Evaluation Centers Inc., blog, analyst, enterprise software, decision support.

The Grape Escape 2011 Roundup » The TEC Blog
segments as well. So, what’s new for this year? In accordance with SYSPRO’s “ Einstein strategy ,” last year’s 6.1 release has been evolved and additional extended capabilities were added on three major veins: material control, cost control, and cash control. SYSPRO specifically focused its development around materials, cost, and cash management, since those are the functionalities most demanded by the client managers. As for material management, users are able to manage material yield, optimize

WHAT IS THE CPA: Agresso, bim, coda financials, Construction Software, ERP, ilm, meridian systems, SYSPRO, Tekla, Trimble, unit4, TEC, Technology Evaluation, Technology Evaluation Centers, Technology Evaluation Centers Inc., blog, analyst, enterprise software, decision support.

BI Hits the Road » The TEC Blog
BI Hits the Road » The TEC Blog TEC Blog     TEC Home     About TEC     Contact Us     About the Bloggers     Follow TEC on Twitter    RSS   Discussing Enterprise Software and Selection --> Fast, Accurate Software Evaluations TEC helps enterprises evaluate and select software solutions that meet their exacting needs by empowering purchasers with the tools, research, and expertise to make an ideal decision. Your software selection starts here. Learn more about TEC s software selection

WHAT IS THE CPA: Blackberry, cognos 8 go, ibm, ipad, iPhone, Microstrategy, Mobile, mobile BI, qliktech, QlikView, roambi, transpara, visual KPI, TEC, Technology Evaluation, Technology Evaluation Centers, Technology Evaluation Centers Inc., blog, analyst, enterprise software, decision support.

Technical Staff Management Systems for the Aviation Industry
In the airline industry, aircraft maintenance is an activity that has to be done throughout the day, so maintenance personnel must be available at all times. The complexity of the operation increases the need for a maintenance personnel management system.

WHAT IS THE CPA: her attributes. This is what we know as the system s sensibility . This classification is more focused on qualitative features, and can only be evaluated by the supervisors, who will favor certain technicians for specific jobs. One of this attributes is experience. Generally, experienced technicians should perform the most complex jobs or those jobs that require more intuition for their execution. Even though this is not strictly necessary, some line maintenance supervisors expressed the need to qualify

I Did It the iWay » The TEC Blog
to mention. I did what I had to do And finally got to automation. I planned each vital process; Each careful step along the framework, But more, much more than this, I did it the iWay. Yes, there were times, I’m sure they knew When we preferred them out of view. But through it all, when there was doubt, We didn’t pay and made them shout. We faced it all and we moved on; And did it the iWay. We’ve loved them, laughed and cried, With them, at them; my mind I was losing. And now, that data is inside,

WHAT IS THE CPA: CIO, data integration, EIM, information management, iWay, TEC, Technology Evaluation, Technology Evaluation Centers, Technology Evaluation Centers Inc., blog, analyst, enterprise software, decision support.

Let the (Excess) Inventory Flow!
Because companies focus primarily on new product development and promotion, the problem of excess and obsolete inventory, once addressed, often leads to both the inventory and dollars flying out the door. There should be smarter ways of handling this problem.

WHAT IS THE CPA: inventory carrying cost. However, what can be particularly annoying and hurtful is the notion of slow-moving items , or those inventory items with a low turnover. Inventory items falling in this category have relatively low rates of usage compared to the normal amount of inventory carried, and eventually become completely obsolete inventory . That is to say, the items have met the obsolescence criteria established by the organization. An example of obsolete inventory would be inventory that has been

Reducing the Cost of Systems Operations
Reducing the Cost of Systems Operations.IT White Papers and Other White Papers Related to Reducing the Cost of Systems Operations. Disintermediation is the process of removing redundant intermediaries from a systems management infrastructure. Once vital to systems monitoring, proprietary agents are now made largely redundant by native management tools, emerging standards and agentless monitoring architectures. Centauri makes disintermediation possible by providing a low-cost event management solution that unifies performance data and event messages under a common umbrella. This paper describes how you can take advantage of the disintermediation opportunity and minimize the risks of migrating from working proprietary data collectors to a new native-agent based solution.

WHAT IS THE CPA: created to specify exactly what information will be collected. SNMP-Your Monitoring Catch All Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) is one of the most widely used and flexible systems management standards. Created in the late 80 s by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) , it is a standard frequently touted by the Analysts as being in decline and yet keeps on going. As its name suggests, SNMP is a network management standard used in TCP/IP networks but it has been adopted widely to instrument a
10/3/2005 12:45:00 PM

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