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The Cha(lle)nging World of Value-added Resellers
In today's cutthroat business environment, value-added reseller aspirants are seeing the need for faster deployment, improved systems quality, better cost control and resource utilization, and more flexibility to change requirements on short notice. The alternative? To disappear altogether.

which are the erp packages for the chemical industry in india  vendors functional product roadmaps, which are too small for the mighty vendor to justify developing in-house. This is particularly the case with the recent advent of composite applications based on service-oriented architecture (SOA). For this reason, some expect to see growth amongst business services providers (BSPs) that combine software with market- or vertical-specific business process intellectual property and services, further increasing user choices and enabling improved business efficiencies. Read More...

Getting It Right: Product, Quality, Timing, and Price
The most important factor in industry is no longer the mere price of the product. Increasingly, the purchaser's task has become to obtain the right product of the right quality at the right time—and for the right price.

which are the erp packages for the chemical industry in india   is all about establishing which items are to be stocked, as well as their quantity policies and delivery assurance. To that end, inventory location, bin, and individual items can be identified using Jeeves Inventory , and there are programs for advanced requirement planning, scheduling, receiving and dispatching, management of manual inventory transactions, and physical inventories. Going Beyond Core Enterprise Resource Planning The Jeeves Enterprise features represent a fairly comprehensive ERP system. Read More...
Process Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as...
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Documents related to » which are the erp packages for the chemical industry in india

An Interview with WorkForce Software: Why Your Organization Needs Fatigue Management
Does your organization believe it can “do more with less”? You need to realize that this is ultimately an unsustainable model. Employees working beyond their capacity become fatigued, compromising their safety and reducing productivity. TEC analyst Sherry Fox sits down with WorkForce Software to look at ways organizations can identify fatigue issues and examine how instituting a fatigue management system can alleviate fatigue challenges and increase employee health as well as your bottom line.

which are the erp packages for the chemical industry in india  some basic physiological truths, which cannot be avoided. As humans, we are creatures geared for sleep and consistent sleep patterns—typically awake and active during the day, and resting our minds and bodies in the evening and night. The challenges for third shift workers have long been documented and there’s even an official name— Shift Work Sleep Disorder (SWSD) — ascribed to the condition. What has been happening recently is that even non-shift−based employees are working longer, disruptive Read More...
ABAS Business Software-One Mid-market ERP Vendor to Watch For
ABAS Business Software has built a name for itself as a mid-market enterprise resource planning (ERP) vendor to contend with. In his latest article, TEC principal analyst P.J. Jakovljevic reviews the company’s major ERP offering, describes how the mid-market ERP vendor the differentiated itself from the pack, and talks with Alan Salton to get the president’s perspective on the company’s products, challenges, and strategies.

which are the erp packages for the chemical industry in india  user can define transactions, which are linked to the standard transactions of abas ERP. An example: The saving of one s own data objects together with the saving of a sales order can run in the same transaction. This ensures that either both the sales order and one s own data objects or none are saved. These FOPs as well as the Java FOPs can be coupled to events, which are called Event Controlled Flexible User Interface Programs (EFOPs). Events can be as follows: Screen entry (the call of a screen, Read More...
Linking Planning and Execution Systems for Retailers’ Nirvana--Improved Visibility and Fulfillment
Linking an APS to an ERP system, although simple in principle and worth the trouble, is nonetheless a major integration project.

which are the erp packages for the chemical industry in india  user companies (many of which are retailers) existing systems to aggregate and manage orders across multiple channels, divisions, distribution centers and fulfillment partners. Also, it enables companies to incorporate new sales channels with their existing systems, providing them an integrated view of customer purchases across divisions and channels. The system uses configurable business rules and workflow to automate the manual activities often associated with managing orders in a complex, distributed Read More...
SAP as a Retail Market Force: More Fact Than Fiction
Can SAP, a market and technology leader in business management software, translate its success in the manufacturing industry to retail? TEC principal analyst P.J. Jakovljevic reviews the complexities of this master vertical and the steps SAP has taken to address them. The ensuing candid discussion with the SAP Retail Industry team sheds some light on SAP’s strategy with regard to the retail industry.

which are the erp packages for the chemical industry in india  have been SAP NetWeaver–certified, which means they are tightly integrated with SAP NetWeaver. This is true also of the partner-certified solutions. SAP Retail Team Speaks Out Despite the aforementioned initiatives, some competitors still claim that SAP will never be a strong retail software player outside of Europe. The company’s heritage in manufacturing, a multiplicity of competing priorities in nearly 30 industries, and the tricky details and requirements of the retail space might keep even some Read More...
Why Service Matters: Enterprise Solutions, Market Differentiation, and IQMS
While IQMS resembles many of its peers from the lower-end of the enterprise applications market, IQMS can tout its comprehensive one-source delivery and services and implementation methodology as its differentiating trait.

which are the erp packages for the chemical industry in india  Objects Crystal Reports , which are relatively affordable, easy to use, and fully customizable. Further, in addition to financial reports by FRx, IQMS partnership with CorVu provides the following analysis and executive information systems (EIS): CorManage —automates the user s balanced scorecard, Six Sigma, total quality management (TQM) systems, and economic value added (EVA), which is the financial performance measure that comes closer than most other to capturing the true economic profit of an ent Read More...
EAI Vendor CrossWorlds Eases Middleware Customization
CrossWorlds Software, an enterprise application integration vendor, is making it easier for customers to acquire components and utilities with specific functionality. The vendor will create a CrossWorlds Exchange site on a subscription basis, for $50,000 per year with additional fees for some components.

which are the erp packages for the chemical industry in india  a component exchange site, which eases customization efforts even further, is an additional selling point. According to Vas Vasiliadis, vice president of corporate strategy, What s in our consultant tool kit we re now making available on our Web site. Software vendors are often unwilling to do this, considering their consultant s hard-won experience (which results in the tool kit ), to be a method of selling consulting. CrossWorlds attempt to leverage this information proactively for the customer Read More...
ROI Systems - A Little ERP Fellow That Gets By
ROI Systems continues its disciplined new technology adoption. The moderation component of its strategy has been paying off, which proves crucial these days when many of its peers that have traditionally had more exciting and flashy products are facing the crunch.

which are the erp packages for the chemical industry in india  latest product version release, which cannot be touted by e.g. Lawson Software , MAPICS or Microsoft Great Plains that are renowned for a good customer service, let alone the Tier 1 vendors, which customers still run on several generations old product releases. ROI may continue to be successful even in the current economic slowdown should it successfully address the concerns of smaller manufacturers, who are often intimidated by the perceived complexity of enterprise applications. These smaller manufactur Read More...
The Sum of All Malware Fears: Siemens on Stuxnet
When Stuxnet malware hit the mainstream media in September 2010, it all sounded like a plotline straight from a Tom Clancy thriller. After all, Stuxnet targeted the Siemens industrial control systems implemented at so-called “high-value infrastructure” installations in Iran. The media response was appropriately hysterical. TEC interviews Stefan Woronka, Siemens’ director of professional services, in an attempt to de-Clancify the story.

which are the erp packages for the chemical industry in india  of the operators’ priorities, which lie in availability and integrity (without ranking these two) and lastly in confidentiality.  But these are only products or solutions, which still need to be implemented properly. This is where our organization comes into play. We help our customers implement security solutions, but it does not end with the mere solution. It always comes back to the three domains: people, products, and processes. Setting up a security program and using external knowledge may help to Read More...
Will V8 Help SSA GT Regain Lost Ground?
The vendor that many have long forgotten seems to be reincarnating. In order to return from oblivion SSA GT has been making strides to put itself back on the global enterprise applications map, primarily through salvaging the relationships with existing customers. Will the latest V8 product vouch for an (incredible) resurrection of a fallen ERP vendor?

which are the erp packages for the chemical industry in india  portal-style access to BPCS, which makes it quite behind its competition regarding e-business capabilities, and consequently vulnerable to their attacks. However, vendors who sell replacement solutions for the BPCS ERP system could be in for a bigger hurdle as the SSA GT strategy might resonate with manufacturers that have been happy with BPCS and that are reticent to replace a functioning ERP system deeply embedded in plants worldwide, particularly in these days of reduced budgets. Further, vendors who Read More...
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