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Antivirus Software: Market Review
Computer viruses are spreading through the Internet at an unprecedented rate and the antivirus market is now a $3 billion (USD) a year industry. This report

which is the best antivirus  close second. To determine which product is the best overall, we used a weighted scale, in which the more important criteria have a bigger impact on the final outcome than less important criteria do. It is also important to note, that if the weightings were changed, the results would likely be different. When all of the testing criteria were tallied, Norton AntiVirus came in first place by a significant margin, eTrust EZ Antivirus placed second, followed by PC-cillin, and McAfee, as shown in the Read More...
Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)
A warehouse management system (WMS) should provide database and user-level tools in order for a company to optimize its storage facilities while at the same time providing user level task direction...
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SaaS-ing the Manufacturing Opportunity
The software as a service (SaaS) delivery model is here to stay, and most vendors have noticed. Recently, the endorsement for SaaS in the realm of manufacturing

which is the best antivirus  the cost of implementation, which is often in multiples of the software cost) and require lengthy selection processes, contract negotiations, and board approvals. If the software does not perform as promised, or if it has served its purpose, the user companies can simply stop paying, or at least serve the required contractual notice to the vendor. Conversely, in the “old-school” world (that is, on-premise perpetual license), software was not only initially expensive, but it would take Read More...
Dynamic Best Practices of Vulnerability Management
Vulnerability management, the discovery of vulnerabilities and assessment of the risk to the network, is a critical part of both the security and business

which is the best antivirus  what you cannot measure, which is one of the problems of total reliance on hit-or-miss, exploit-oriented signature-based products. Dynamic Best Practices Action: Continually test assets for weaknesses. Test critical assets a minimum of every 5 to 10 days. This is a dynamic best practice as the frequency may increase as the number of vulnerabilities rises and the trend in time to exploitation gets shorter. The Law of Persistence The lifespan of some vulnerabilities is unlimited. A few vulnerabilities Read More...
Quantifying the Value of Software Asset Management
If you’re not up to speed on the key benefits of software asset management (SAM) solutions, this overview can help. Additionally, you’ll learn about the areas

which is the best antivirus  are many ways in which companies can realize tangible, measurable return on their investment in software asset management. Some of the main areas that will provide the most significant hard-dollar savings include: Increased Efficiency of IT Support Staff Every day, corporate helpdesks receive numerous calls regarding software-related problems. In order to properly troubleshoot and repair these issues, support staff must collect data about the affected PCs configuration, so they can identify any settings Read More...
Best of breed versus Suite Anti-spyware
The anti-spyware industry is going in two separate directions. First, there are suite products that come with other security applications, along with anti

which is the best antivirus  part of the attack, which can make a company liable even for being an unwilling participant of the attacks. A case of spyware that we will be hearing more about involves a business where a computer was infected with spyware. The spyware stole corporate bank account information and the criminal then cleaned out the company account. The effected company is now suing Bank of America to recover the stolen money. While Bank of America did attempt to recover the stolen money, they could not recover all of it Read More...
Best Practices of the Best-run Sales Organizations: Sales Opportunity Blueprinting
To move your sales team to the next level, you need to find answers to several questions. For example: How do you determine which customers provide the best

which is the best antivirus  sense of customer satisfaction, which is more supportive of long-term customer success. Extracting the Value of Customer Information Sellers have long complained that their job is to be in front of the customer and not in front of a computer entering data. However, if the seller is in front of the wrong customer, that isn’t the optimal use of time either. The capturing of complete customer data has driven Hilti to dramatic sales improvements since first implemented in 2005. Prior to using the CRM Read More...
The Service Equation: 4 Keys for IT to Create Value for the Business
IT organizations struggle with the challenges of shrinking budgets, ever-changing technology, compliance pressures, and more. For greater efficiency, many IT

which is the best antivirus  
The Automotive Supply Chain in the New Normal: Analysis of the Industry and its Supply Chain Opportunities
While change is never easy, continuing with an outdated process does not help companies to stay competitive. Learn how transforming your S&OP process from a

which is the best antivirus  Automotive Supply Chain in the New Normal: Analysis of the Industry and its Supply Chain Opportunities While change is never easy, continuing with an outdated process does not help companies to stay competitive. Learn how transforming your S&OP process from a supply-demand balancing exercise to a strategic approach that integrates your entire business can increase supply chain visibility, improve customer service, and ensure a better balance between demand, capacity, and profitability. And know the Top Read More...
Building the Supply Chain of the Future
In today’s transformed business world, the push-based manufacturing philosophy and the siloed planning processes of the past are proving insufficient to manage

which is the best antivirus  supply chain management,scm,global scm,global supply chain management,supply chain management review,supply chain management software,global supply chain,what is supply chain management,supply chain logistics management,supply chain management certification,software supply chain management,supply chain,logistics supply chain management,value chain management,supply chain managment Read More...
Safeguarding the Enterprise at the Endpoint
In today’s increasingly connected business environment, IT organizations need to implement an ever-higher standard of security at the network endpoint

which is the best antivirus  
Client/Server and the Internet Converge: The Smart Client Application
Everyone wants the biggest bang for their IT buck—the most functionality and ease of use, deployed to the widest audience, for the lowest cost. But for years

which is the best antivirus  
State of the Art in TCO: Managing the Total Cost of Ownership
Total cost of ownership (TCO) is one of the most difficult metrics to benchmark. Even when using the clearest of metrics, companies often obtain inadequate

which is the best antivirus  of the Art in TCO: Managing the Total Cost of Ownership Total cost of ownership (TCO) is one of the most difficult metrics to benchmark. Even when using the clearest of metrics, companies often obtain inadequate results. Instead of thinking solely about how to calculate and reduce TCO, companies should think about how to manage TCO from a business perspective, in order to leverage solid, results-oriented decisions about IT solutions. Read More...
The Sarbanes-Oxley Act May Be Just the Tip of a Compliance Iceberg
The Sarbanes-Oxley Act is not the only government regulation that enterprises must comply with. Several others make it imperative that appropriate enterprise

which is the best antivirus  impact on rating results, which is a key concern especially for small and midsize businesses, many of which lack thorough planning and control processes. Basel II is expected to have a global impact, because members of the Basel Committee include the Group of Ten (G10) countries, most of which intend to transform Basel II regulations into local law. Thus, some well-attuned software applications will be needed to help these companies meet Basel II requirements for risk exposure and capital adequacy, and Read More...
The 13th Vendor Shootout for ERP Software: See How the Vendors Compare
The 13th Vendor Shootout for ERP is a great opportunity for companies looking for a new enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution to evaluate some of the

which is the best antivirus  determine which products and which areas of functionality you’d like to see demonstrated in depth during the Vendor Shootout. Financials For financials , all products have ratings of 80 points and more for general ledger functionality and 90 points for accounts payable functionality. The average is also high for both sections (approximately 90 points) and these products rate fairly close to the average. The only obvious exception is IQMS for general ledger, but if you drill down you’ll notice that Read More...
A Product Note: Attensity and the Voice of the Customer
Attensity has found a way to truly capture the voice of the customer with its new breed of customer experience management (CEM) solutions. TEC analyst Jorge

which is the best antivirus  to audit customer transactions, which is always a good starting point for any type of analysis.   Conclusion Attensity has positioned itself as a serious contender in the CEM space owing to its well-defined methodology (LARA) and professional services offerings, providing customers with not only the software but also the necessary expertise from its staff to help organizations take advantage of and extract value from data gathered from disparate sources. The company differentiates itself from many Read More...

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