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Business Intelligence in SAP Business All-in-One: Improve Transparency and Agility
Business intelligence (BI) functionality can help your company gains visibility, insight, operational alignment, and accountability to increase revenue, margins

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Merchandising Systems
Merchandising systems are the enterprise back and front-office software solutions upon which the majority of retailers rely to manage and support their daily tasks. These systems typically record p...
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Documents related to » which language is technomatix written in

SAP In-memory Computing Technology Changing the Way Business Intelligence Is Managed
With the revolution of in-memory computing already under way, the question isn’t if this revolution will impact businesses, but when and how. This paper details

which language is technomatix written in  in-memory computing,SAP HANA,business intelligence strategy,in-memory BI solution,BI data lifecycle management Read More
What’s New in Siemens PLM Tecnomatix 10.1
Tecnomatix became part of the Siemens PLM family of products in 2007, having been created in 1983 in Israel to offer manufacturing process management (MPM

which language is technomatix written in  Floor Connect for Teamcenter, which can be used to transfer and manage data between the PLM solution and the machine controllers. With Shop Floor Control, machine operators can access production data from PLM and PLM users can access up-to-date shop floor data. New Features in Release 10.1 Here are some of the new features recently released in 10.1: The New Advanced Assembly Planning product aims to increase collaboration for product planning across the plant or across multiple plants. New functionality Read More
BPM in Retail
Relevant to the current economic recession, find out about key challenges faced by the retail industry, such as multichannel integration. Get an introduction to

which language is technomatix written in   Read More
In-Memory Databases/In-Memory Analytics
The appeal of in-memory technology is growing as organizations face the challenges of handling and utilizing big data. There are compelling technical advantages

which language is technomatix written in  in-memory,analytics,in-memory technology,big data,in-memory databases,in-memory analytics Read More
PeopleSoft Delivers Oxymoron In 'Supply Chain in a Box'
Users would do well to take PeopleSoft’s claims with a vein of salt and maintain realistic expectations regarding the challenges they will face in integrating

which language is technomatix written in  simple supply chains for which the product might well run out of the box. But in general, users would do well to take PeopleSoft's claims with a vein of salt and maintain realistic expectations regarding the challenges they will face in integrating their supply chains. Don't buy this or any other system on the basis of such over worn vendor hype as immediate return on investment, rapid deployment, and seamless integration out of the box. Do a careful selection process and ask each bidder to Read More
Architecture-Centered Information Systems In The Manufacturing Domain - Part III - Steps in the Architecture Process
Architecture bridges the semantic gap between the requirements and software. Application software systems must be architected in order to deal with the current

which language is technomatix written in  The 4+1 view model which is closely tied to UML and the Rational Unified Process. Many other architectural styles are defined in [Shaw96]. ODP is a way to think about complex systems that simplifies decision-making. It organizes the system architecture in terms of five standard viewpoints [ISO94a], [ISO94b], [ISO94c], [ISO94d]: Enterprise viewpoint - the purpose, scope, and policies of the business system as defined by the workflows and business rules. Information viewpoint - the semantics of information Read More
Get Closer to Your Best Customers: A Shift in Customer Strategies in a Time of Crisis
An unsettled economy needs a different approach to managing revenues. Companies must identify their most profitable customers and the most effective marketing

which language is technomatix written in  to address this change? Which of our brands and products have become more relevant? Gaining Insight Gaining insight into customer needs and interpreting demand signals are not as simple as they sound. Companies are awash in customer data but get little insight from it. They know what customers have bought, but not what they are likely to buy in the future. Insights from the field are too slow to reach marketing planners and sales managers to enable timely action. How then do best-run companies stay close Read More
ERP in Manufacturing 2009: an Aberdeen Report
Find out in the aberdeen report, ERP in manufacturing 2009.

which language is technomatix written in  achieve their goals? And which ERP practices are best-in-class manufacturers employing? Find out in the Aberdeen report , ERP in Manufacturing 2009 . In this fourth annual benchmark study of ERP usage by manufacturers, you'll learn what distinguishes best-in-class manufacturers from their competitors; which ERP strategies best-in-class companies are adopting; return on investment (ROI) and performance management best practices; and the steps required to achieve best-in-class performance. In a marketplace Read More
Ringing in the Change: Facets of Mobile Technology Adoption in Manufacturing
Due to the growth in mobile lifestyle among customers, the adoption of mobile devices and applications in manufacturing plants and facilities is on the rise

which language is technomatix written in  Mobility,smart devices,smart phones,manufacturing,manufacturing industry Read More
Trends in LMS
Companies and educational institutions use learning management systems (LMSs) to provide training and e-learning. With over 250 LMSs currently on the market

which language is technomatix written in  Learning are all modules, which these vendors have added to their systems, for mobile learning. SumTotalSystems provides for the creation of mobile learning content in its classic ToolBook authoring software. The small screens of many mobile devices present new challenges for e-learning designers, but tools are available and the development is evolving quickly (see Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Learning ). Mobile devices provide learners with tests and surveys; job aids and just-in-time learning Read More
What Is EDI?
Electronic data interchange (EDI) is a general term used to explain computer-to-computer exchange of routine business documents, using an approved, standard

which language is technomatix written in  EDI, electronic data interchange, EDI applications, EDI transactions Read More
Leadership When It Really Matters: A Closer Look at Investing in PLM Technology to Profit in a Down Economy
Loss of strategic vision and leadership can pose a greater threat to organizations than dramatic economic downturn. Companies that invest in technology wisely

which language is technomatix written in  retail industry,consumer goods industry,apparel industry,PLM software,product lifecycle management software Read More
Compliance Exposures in ERP Systems Part 1
This paper examines key issues for CFOs and CEOs in managing ERP systems in the new world of SOX, IFRS, Basle II. While most IT management attention seems to be

which language is technomatix written in  West Trax Applications LLC, which provides analytical and diagnostic services for ERP systems, has undertaken some 300 benchmarks for over sixty enterprises across Europe in 2003-2005, and the results are disturbing. Not one organisation was using more than 50% of the vendor software they were licensed and paying for. Software that is never used only adds to costs without contributing to ROI. IT is not aligned with the business. (Remember the mustard allegory? The profit lies uneaten on the side of the Read More
Garbage In, Garbage Out
We have all heard the phrase: “garbage in, garbage out.” When any company evaluates a customer relationship management (CRM) system, this is always one of the

which language is technomatix written in  company after company for which this is the exact problem. How can you make sure that this doesn’t happen to you? Read More

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