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Documents related to » which part of business utilize erp

Business Objects Objects Again
In a repeat of the Brio lawsuit of 1999, Business Objects has now sued Cognos over a U.S. patent that Business Objects holds for a query technology. Cognos says the suit is “invalid and unenforceable”, but it cost Brio $10 million.

WHICH PART OF BUSINESS UTILIZE ERP: court in California. Cognos, which has retained law firms in both Canada and the U.S. for representation, said it believes its market leadership is a factor in the litigation. Unfortunately, some technology companies use litigation in an attempt to achieve in the courtroom what they may find difficult in the marketplace, said Cognos chief executive Ron Zambonini in a statement. This lawsuit is without merit and seeks to deflect attention from the fact that Business Objects has been unable to dislodge

NetWare for Small Business – NetWhy?
Remember Novell? They’re a small Utah company that makes network software called NetWare, now aimed at small businesses. Sounds familiar?

WHICH PART OF BUSINESS UTILIZE ERP: for 100 users, $499, which includes DB2 and Domino. Or we can buy Microsoft s Small Business Server 4.5 for 100 or so users - including Exchange 5.5 and SQL 7.0 -- for $5,840. Or we can buy this Novell bundle, which includes Oracle 8i and GroupWise (still going!), for $7,945. Why, that s the funniest thing we ve heard since rumors that Oracle hired private eyes to discover that Microsoft wanted to influence user opinion in their antitrust case. We may be broke, but at least we ll have NDS? This isn t

CRM ROI: Creating a Business Case
Companies need to implement serious yardstick work when seeking to evaluate CRM-software investments. This involves creating a cost-benefit analysis, determining the tangible and intangible benefits, and the risks involved with CRM implementation.

WHICH PART OF BUSINESS UTILIZE ERP: quantifying key performance indicators, which would provide clear guidance and proof of success. Companies need to implement serious yardstick work when seeking to evaluate CRM-software investments. Metrics are essential, with a formal business-case in place before the project begins, and an evaluation that quantifies the expected costs, tangible financial benefits, intangible strategic benefits and risks. According to a February 2004 survey by IDC, 58 percent of companies that have measured ROI-based

Viador Teams With Business Objects
Viador Inc.™ announced it has completed the initial integration of Business Objects client/server and web-based products into the Viador E-Portal Suite™. Viador is expected to supply the ability to create personalized 'portlets', via their customization API’s, and Business Objects will supply their InfoView open portal initiative for business intelligence.

WHICH PART OF BUSINESS UTILIZE ERP: acquired by Sterling Software, which has recently been acquired by Computer Associates (for more information, see Resistance is Futile: Computer Associates Assimilates yet another Major Software Firm February 16, 2000). Viador was one of the first companies to embrace the enterprise information portal concept, and has been successful in their efforts to date. The company describes EIPs as a method to incorporate unstructured data, publish and subscribe, search engines, application integration, and

10 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Business Phone System
10 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Business Phone System. Here are 10 common mistakes buyers make when purchasing a new phone system and how to av...

WHICH PART OF BUSINESS UTILIZE ERP: 10 mistakes avoid buying business phone system, mistakes, avoid, buying, business, phone, system, mistakes avoid buying business phone system, 10 avoid buying business phone system, 10 mistakes buying business phone system, 10 mistakes avoid business phone system..
11/2/2010 10:00:00 AM

Open Source Business Intelligence: The Quiet Evolution
As organizations face a pressing need to rationalize the cost of enterprise software, open source business intelligence (BI) is fast becoming a viable alternative. Learn about the current state of open source BI, with particular focus on one vendor's products.

WHICH PART OF BUSINESS UTILIZE ERP: However, change data capture, which is based on a data integration technique that triggers data transfer by listening for changes in data sources, is not supported. Changes in data sources are detected by reading transaction logs; with the exception of open source databases, transaction log readers are seldom open source. Although Pentaho s data integration still lacks a data quality and data cleansing solution, the development of a profiling server (a server dedicated to performing profiling tasks that

Moving to Self-Service Business Intelligence
Learn how in the Forrester report Why and How Enterprises are Moving to Self-service Business Intelligence.

WHICH PART OF BUSINESS UTILIZE ERP: moving self service business intelligence, moving, self, service, business, intelligence, self service business intelligence, moving service business intelligence, moving self business intelligence, moving self service intelligence, moving self service business..
8/30/2010 4:07:00 PM

Digital Business Service Providers Series: Market Overview
Today’s Digital Business Service Provider (DBSP) market is a complex of interrelated services and provider capabilities. This article traces the history of the service providers, and explains how each arose at points when markets developed around particular core technologies. The historical evidence suggests something about future planning for new technologies and developments.

WHICH PART OF BUSINESS UTILIZE ERP: organizations (see figure 1 which gives the distribution of IPO s outside the US on US exchanges up until January 2000). Unsustainable market caps derived from wildly inflated revenue predictions by (often) inexperienced entrepreneurs moved a whirlpool of money into these stocks. Service providers also jumped in on the act, and up to a year ago some were earning as much as 50% of their revenues from dot-com business ventures. Many service providers streamlined their processes, (thereby increasing

Stemming the Loss of Knowledge Capital: A Business Fix for Manufacturers
The clock is ticking for manufacturers to come up with a solution to the ongoing loss of knowledge capital. Their best hope lies in introducing knowledge management strategies across the enterprise—before it’s too late.

WHICH PART OF BUSINESS UTILIZE ERP: from shortening production cycles, which threatens their competitiveness. A lack of workflow collaboration across business units has created a communication disconnect. For example, since the shop floor and assemblers often work in silos, separate from the design team, there is a need to improve communication of processes. Time and effort is lost as changes and processes pass through various departments that are often in different locations and working on different priorities. With disparate teams, the

Innovative Healthcare Company Drives Business Performance with SumTotal
When Fallon Community Health Plan (FCHP) had concerns about the effectiveness of performance evaluation process, it sought to increase workforce productivity by aligning corporate and individual goals that would result in improved business performance. FCHP selected SumTotal’s integrated talent management platform and gained substantial improvement in performance evaluations from the previous year, among other benefits.

WHICH PART OF BUSINESS UTILIZE ERP: SumTotal Systems, SumTotal 360 Feedback, Sum Total Performance, talent management, human capital management, what is human capital management, strategic human capital management, true talent management, human capital management concepts, human capital management consulting, human capital management solutions, what is talent management, human capital management software, model and talent management, human capital management definition, strategic talent management, talent management company, talent management software, talent management agency, tru talent management, human capital management .
5/27/2011 4:33:00 PM

Distilling Data: The Importance of Data Quality in Business Intelligence
As an enterprise’s data grows in volume and complexity, a comprehensive data quality strategy is imperative to providing a reliable business intelligence environment. This article looks at issues in data quality and how they can be addressed.

WHICH PART OF BUSINESS UTILIZE ERP: to the default location, which happened to be set to California. In a nutshell, data profiling provides information about organizational data. Key quality issues are identified and should be addressed before proceeding further. Any deviant data that uncovers problems further upstream must prompt an immediate action to correct the component(s) that has caused these anomalies. Note that profiling does not eliminate all quality issues; showstoppers are eliminated and a framework for managing data quality is

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