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No One Said Sourcing Overseas Would Be Easy
The many challenges and risks that retailers face when sourcing globally could be mitigated with the right software tools. Yet the sad fact is that few

which would  Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) program, which would then exempt them from nonrandom Customs security inspections and ensure greater speed-to-market. For more on the topic, see Dealing with Global Trade Management Complexity . This is part five of the series The Blessing and Curse of Global Sourcing and Supplier Management . Coming in part six (the last of this series)—a deeper look into the highly competitive vertical market of fashion retailers. For more information and to start your own custom solution Read More

Merchandising Systems
Merchandising systems are the enterprise back and front-office software solutions upon which the majority of retailers rely to manage and support their daily tasks. These systems typically record p...
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Not All Acquisitions Happen: JDA and QRS Part Two: Market Impact
The QRS acquisition by JDA would have eventually brought together two providers of complementary e-commerce products that would help retailers, manufacturers

which would  have gained PIM software, which aggregates and organizes item-related data from multiple application sources. It would have also gained data synchronization and syndication tools, which let manufacturers and suppliers synchronize items with retail partners through the entitled registers like the UCCnet foundation service. Given Wal-Mart' s directive for its suppliers to meet data sharing regulations passed by UCCNet and given that many vendors' endeavor in addressing UCCNet's compliance, one should Read More
TOMMS would be an ideal system as it has proven track of records and knowledge information build into the product which makes it highly configurable and

which would  build into the product which makes it highly configurable and simple to deploy. It has been applied successfully in multi industries like facility, plant and fleet maintenance industries. TOMMS supports multiple sites, multiple languages, multiple users and various currencies.TOMMS can be deployed anywhere over the world and internet enabled.TOMMS comprise of eight key modules to meet their company objective in managing and maintaining their asset in order to achieve higher return of asset (ROA) and Read More
The Art of Software Selection: What Would Buddha Do?
“Truth is one; paths are many.” - H. H. Sri Swami SatchidanandaBuddhism and software selection. Say what? Yes, you read that correctly. As an “aspiring

which would  Nobel Truths (one of which is the Eightfold Path) was a deeper, more spiritual journey, here I aim to use this technique as a practical way of choosing enterprise software—a very different kind of journey. 1. Right view . Before you start on your journey to choosing enterprise software for your company, you must have a clear understanding of what it is you’re looking for. By identifying your needs and creating a detailed graphical model of how your company conducts business (better known as business Read More
Why Would Anyone Need More Than 50 IP Addresses?
A major “issue” (a/k/a bug) has been uncovered in Windows 2000 Server. A consulting firm has found that administrators cannot add more than 51 IP addresses

which would  issue , not a bug, which begs the question: what does it take for Microsoft to qualify something as a bug? What this points to is inadequate testing/QA (quality assurance) of the software, which often results from excessive schedule pressure due to delays. A word on behalf of Microsoft: Microsoft says it has shipped a million copies of Windows 2000 already, although there is no breakdown of server vs. desktop at present. In addition, Microsoft's beta testers did a lot of pre-work on Win2K. The Read More
The 'Joy' Of Enterprise Systems Implementations Part 1: Inexorable Statistics
We take the liberty to expand further on the findings of a report, which was recently released by a renowned research organization, and which pinpoints

which would  troubled implementations, some of which have been analyzed on this site, as follows: Food Producer Files $20m Lawsuit Against Oracle Business Software Firms Sued Over Implementation - Lawsuits Bring ERP Problems to Light Hershey's Halloween Nightmare All Too Common for Supply Chain Implementations PeopleSoft Programs Cause Headaches at Number of Universities SAP Users Speak Out on Credit and Collections Shortcomings Nike Blames i2 For Finish In Losers Bracket Texas Instruments Tells War Stories At i2 Read More
Geac Trying Its Luck in Partnering
After a slew of acquisitions in the past, which have resulted with varied outcomes, Geac, a Canadian supplier of enterprise management software, seems to be

which would  the fact that Geac, which is a large software company with a track record for profitability and growth, has significantly enhanced System 21 by embedding acquired CRM and SCE products for the apparel industry, Geac has been unable to be successful in marketing its System 21 business. The revenue from the product in the last year was embarrassingly low ($67 million) compared to the level attained in 1998, when JBA reported $487 million in sales. Therefore, its recent partnering initiatives are only an init Read More
ReachForce Acquires SetLogik
ReachForce, a vendor of business-to-business (B2B) data solutions for marketers, has made public its acquisition of SetLogik, which provides cloud-based data

which would  acquisition of SetLogik , which provides cloud-based data and analytics solutions. ReachForce's Connected Marketing Data Hub has thus be launched with capabilities such as continuous data quality management and predictive marketing capabilities. It is well known that lead information can quickly become obsolete, generating frustration among sales reps.  ReachForce's new system is intended to integrate with other marketing and sales automation solutions such as Marketo, Eloqua, and salesforce.com to Read More
Help Selecting Open Source Consulting Services
Enterprise software analyst firm, Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC) recently launched its FOSS Evaluation Center (fossevaluation.com), which lets end

which would  FOSS Evaluation Center (fossevaluation.com), which lets end users prioritize their requirements for open source migrations, or open source consulting engagements, and then matches those requirements to appropriate open source consultants or service providers. Organizations don't have it easy when deciding which open source firms to engage for implementation, migration, support, and other consulting services. To help organizations in the process, enterprise software analyst firm, Technology Evaluation Read More
Webtime Now Legal
A court ruled illegal a one-year restriction that would have prevented an employee from working for a competitor.

which would  Now Legal Webtime Now Legal D. Geller - November 2, 1999 Event Summary It is common for a company to require new hires to sign agreements that would prevent them from working for competitors after they leave the company. Mark Schlack signed a one-year contract with EarthWeb in October 1998, according to the New York Law Journal. The following September he resigned to take a position with a new website, Itworld.com, to be launched by IDG in January. EarthWeb tried to enforce the non-competition Read More
Vendor Reservations, a Full-fledged SaaS ERP, and User Recommendations
Having a system that can support mix-mode manufacturing without the need for artificial constraints would mean that the technology is available to offer on

which would  or planning environments, but which would not become active until the users define what kind of logic is required at the item level. This would mean that a company could have some parts planned using individual work orders and some via repetitive schedules in the same location, whereby some parts in the location can be automatically back-flushed and others would be issued to the order. Having a system that can support mixed-mode manufacturing without the need for artificial constraints would mean that the Read More
Project Portfolio Management Tools: Which Approach is Best?
Project portfolio management (PPM) is a hot topic, and there’s no shortage of related advice. However, much of the current advice is incomplete@or flat-out

which would  Portfolio Management Tools: Which Approach is Best? Project portfolio management (PPM) is a hot topic, and there’s no shortage of related advice. However, much of the current advice is incomplete—or flat-out wrong. Before purchasing a tool, buyers should familiarize themselves with established theories for valuing projects. Armed with understanding, they can avoid getting burned by the unsuitable PPM tools that are being pushed in the marketplace. Read More
Accelerating SAP Deployments
A crucial advantage of the SAP architecture is that configuration changes can be made easily—the downside being its tightly integrated nature, which increases

which would  its tightly integrated nature, which increases the risk of unintended consequences. That means time to market is slowed by extensive testing. However, you can accelerate SAP delivery by using a test automation solution which automates most of the maintenance required by changes. Read More
Seeking Vendors, the Early Part of Selection
How do you figure out, from within a large range of software vendors, which vendors to start evaluating? I'm curious to see some feedback on what most people

which would  range of software vendors, which vendors to start evaluating? I'm curious to see some feedback on what most people use to start researching and narrowing down their list of software vendors before going into an RFI process. A few years ago we were thinking about this issue and came up with the idea of a preselection questionnaire that could narrow down the list of vendors you'd want to look at. It has evolved and works relatively well, but after a few years it's good to reconsider how it works and see if Read More
Mercator Software Extends EAI Solutions for Insurance with XML
Mercator Software (which is changing its name from TSI International Software to reflect the name of its flagship product) has announced support within its

which would  providing specific vertical applications which may actually function out of the box is a strong selling point. The addition of XML (the Extensible Markup Language) to the existing support for EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) makes this effort even easier. Mercator already has a number of insurance customers, including Wausau Insurance and Nationwide Insurance, and will most likely be able to add to the list. According to the vendor, the products capture the complete semantic descriptions of ACORD Read More

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