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While Oracle and PeopleSoft Are to Fuse, Competitors Ruse--Leaving Customers (Somewhat) Bemused
The recent merger of Oracle and PeopleSoft requires, among many other things, finding a perfect balance between cultivating the install base versus the zeal for

who are peoplesoft competitors  at the time, both who are said to have a personal history and mutual animosity. In early in 2004, the US Department of Justice (DOJ) announced its intention to block the Oracle bid on antitrust grounds, believing the merger would reduce competition and product innovation, and increase software prices. However, through testimonies from both parties, the trial revealed that many vendors currently offer steep discounts in the buyers' market in order to clinch deals. In some cases, up to 90 percent of Read More...

PeopleSoft Gathers Manufacturing and SCM Wherewithal Part Two: Market Impact
The PeopleSoft-J.D. Edwards merger was, in great part, about retaining the big five (or big four, or big three) seat and the need to be bigger within shrinking

who are peoplesoft competitors  an outsider even one who has the pedigree of a formidable foe or closest partner (Oracle in Conway's case and IBM in Dutkowsky's case) to the helm of a company which had jealously guarded that position and hired only from its dynasty's rank helped bring a new prospective on how to further satisfy the customers, thus allaying sluggishness and the not-invented-here mentality that typically comes from ruling a too familiar territory for far too long. Although J.D. Edwards did not stampeded like a raging Read More...
Outsourcing, IT Infrastructure
The IT Infrastructure Outsourcing knowledge base focuses on the selection of companies who provide outsource services in the areas of information technology (IT) infrastructure. The typical type...
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Documents related to » who are peoplesoft competitors

PeopleSoft 8 Launched - Anything to Write Home About?
PeopleSoft, once a high flyer owing to its congenial culture and slick ERP product, has unveiled a number of new, possibly revolutionary enterprise applications

who are peoplesoft competitors  wide) after installation, identify who will be responsible for accommodating the change and what measures have been engineered into the application to support evolving standards. As with all new releases, users should employ a critical approach in their evaluation of PeopleSoft 8 and require all potential vendors to demonstrate specific business processes. Though demonstrations do not guarantee a trouble-free implementation, they can go a long way toward helping users understand how the software might Read More...
PeopleSoft Internationalizes Its Mid-Market Forays
There has been an intensifying hullabaloo in the mid-market, with all Tier 1 players delivering solutions tailored for small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) and

who are peoplesoft competitors  owned options. For users who want the security of an in-house application with implementation assistance, PeopleSoft will work with their IT departments onsite to integrate the suite with existing legacy systems. Users with more resources may want to opt to have PeopleSoft perform the set-up, quality check and installation, but let internal resources make desired customizations and enhancements. Finally, for users interested in a truly hands-off deployment, PeopleSoft hosts Accelerated Solutions Read More...
The Oracle/PeopleSoft Reality Check
While customers may be bemused if not concerned about the Oracle/PeopleSoft merger, they are from a traditionally risk-adverse market. Despite the lush deals

who are peoplesoft competitors  former J.D. Edwards customers who have not had pleasant experiences with provider's friendly acquisition by PeopleSoft, and are now very concerned with Oracle's hostile acquisition of PeopleSoft. Thus, as long as PeopleSoft's maintenance revenue stream is one of the drivers that justified Oracle's sweet, final offer, Oracle will probably not sit still and watch these customers depart. Consequently, Oracle recently warned SAP to tread carefully on Oracle's intellectual property, and one should not be Read More...
Prepackaged SAP Best Practices-Are They for You?
SAP Best Practices are a series of fixed-scope, pre-defined packages of software and services solutions designed to address the demands of midsize enterprises

who are peoplesoft competitors  SAP Best Practices-Are They for You? Introduction In October of 2005, SAP released twenty-eight new versions of SAP Best Practices , its series of fixed-scope, predefined packages of software and services. These prepackaged solutions address the demands of midsize enterprises in diverse industries. However, are they right for you? SAP claims that the preconfigured offerings are enhanced with new tools designed to help customers achieve faster implementation times and higher business flexibility Read More...
Who Are You Really Hiring?
There’s a lot of great talent out there, but how can you make sure these applicants are who they say they are and have the experience they indicate they do. It

who are peoplesoft competitors  sure these applicants are who they say they are and have the experience they indicate they do. It’s now more important than ever to make sure the people you hire are capable, qualified, and trustworthy. In this white paper, you’ll find out why it pays to always run a background check. Read More...
What Are the Support and Maintenance Options?
Enterprise software licensees do have a choice when it comes to software support and maintenance (S&M) providers, with several, less expensive options existing

who are peoplesoft competitors  few rare IT people who understand the software. Often, IT professionals prefer to work on the newer and cool technology than to support older technology, and companies should be sure to give its internal resources the job satisfaction they need to continue providing the support the company needs. What about Third Party Support Providers? Some companies go to a third party to get the support they need, as it has recently been proven that maintenance fees can be reduced by half or more using this Read More...
PeopleSoft's CEO Steps Down
On September 21, PeopleSoft founder David Duffield stepped down as chief executive of the struggling business software maker. The 12-year-old company announced

who are peoplesoft competitors  in the laid-back Duffield, who prided himself on having created a company with a family-like atmosphere. PeopleSoft has waned in recent months with plummeting stock prices, vacillating marketing messages, and sluggish sales. The company reported a 61% decline in new license fees and a 92% profit drop in the second quarter of fiscal 1999. User Recommendations PeopleSoft is entering a new era, and Chapter 1 of its history book is now closed. A new CEO usually brings a new vision and direction, and we Read More...
Are You Doing Enough to Prevent Access Risk and Fraud?
A recent survey of enterprise resource planning (ERP) customers reveals that they are serious about protecting their critical applications from the risks

who are peoplesoft competitors  You Doing Enough to Prevent Access Risk and Fraud? A recent survey of enterprise resource planning (ERP) customers reveals that they are serious about protecting their critical applications from the risks associated with user access, and that managing access risks is very important to senior leadership in their organizations. In fact, the top driver for these programs is internal policies, whereas traditionally, access risk programs have been driven more by regulatory compliance. Read this white paper Read More...
PeopleSoft Building Muscles To Overcome The Rough Patch Part 2: Market Impact
With a large investment in architecture made early, PeopleSoft has so far resisted the downturn in the market and has gained ground by making its core

who are peoplesoft competitors  Building Muscles To Overcome The Rough Patch Part 2: Market Impact PeopleSoft Building Muscles To Overcome The Rough Patch Part 2: Market Impact P.J. Jakovljevic - June 20, 2002 Event Summary At the beginning of 2001, PeopleSoft Inc . (NASDAQ: PSFT), one of the largest enterprise applications providers, ebulliently indicated its continued interest in rounding out its product portfolio through favorably priced acquisitions. Instead, the company recently unveiled a number of new products developed Read More...
PeopleSoft Strategy a Good Deal for JD Edwards Customers
Putting PeopleSoft's strategy to work for the JD Edwards community. What can the JD Edwards install-base expect from the PeopleSoft merger?

who are peoplesoft competitors  to organizations like IBM who are looking for an alternative to SAP to present to their customers. Strong encouragement to attend the PeopleSoft Connect Conference in California by the new executive team has yielded over 500 attendees from the JD Edwards (JDE) users, added to the over 10,000 existing PeopleSoft attendees. User Recommendation The combined assets are the topic of the day. Here are some strategy highlights for JDE's users: What JD Edwards users get: o Customer relationship management o Read More...
Are Your Company Laptops Truly Secure?
The portable nature of laptops makes them particularly susceptible to all kinds of security and tracking problems. This paper discusses the strengths and

who are peoplesoft competitors  approaches, and, The perpetrator, who may be an unscrupulous employee or a professional criminal, remains at large. THE LAYERED APPROACH Like many security issues, single point solutions are not enough to adequately protect an enterprise from all points of attack. Instead, a multifaceted or layered approach to corporate security needs to be considered. An effective way to think about a layered approach to mobile security and data protection is CPR: Compliance, Protection and Recovery. Protecting data on Read More...

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