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Top 10 Considerations for Choosing a Server Virtualization Technology
The playing field for server virtualization has become much more crowded over the last few years. It can be very time-consuming to digest each vendor’s

why use a server  quite beneficial. #3. Performance Why is processing overhead important? It affects the performance of the application, and ultimately the end-user's satisfaction. Only non-production or non-critical applications should be loaded in a virtualization infrastructure that is high in processing overhead. The processing overhead of virtualization solutions ranges from 1% to as much as 60% between the different product offerings; the virtualized application could perform at near native performance or so slowly Read More

Picture Archiving Communication Systems (PACS) for the Health Care Industry
PACS (Picture Archiving Communication System) manages the storage and display of digitized diagnostic images such as x-rays, CT Scans, and ultrasounds for use by radiologists and other clinician...
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Documents related to » why use a server

The Top Five Challenges with SQL Server Reporting and BI
Users of SQL Server value its power, speed, and affordability. But research shows that these users often face significant challenges in producing the business

why use a server  offer a good fit Why the top five challenges arise and what their implications are for the business The three primary BI alternatives Microsoft customers have and how to evaluate them The paper ends with the introduction to a new reporting and BI paradigm for SQL Server. Users often believe that because Microsoft BI products come bundled for no additional cost with SQL Server, Microsoft BI costs less than comparable solutions. [... However,] the TCO of BI products often adds up to much more than the Read More
Intel Small Server Market
Who are the key players in the market segment of Intel small servers? What are the strengths and weaknesses of each, and when is one more appropriate than

why use a server  breadth of offering - why would anyone take the time to differentiate between two machines whose range is so bounded? High Price and Price/Performance Although IBM has taken steps to reduce price in the last year, we still believe they are at a disadvantage, especially when compared to Dell. However, we believe the pricing problem is more prevalent in the high-end machines (four and eight CPUs), and we believe IBM will have solved the problem within 12 months. Systems Too Big As is the case with IBM's Read More
Why .NET Technology Is Important for ERP
.NET technology is a wake-up call, and some people are sleeping through it! Remaining competitive means mission-critical software systems, such as enterprise

why use a server  to partner systems. That's why .NET and the new standards-based world warrant a redesign of ERP systems from the ground up. A checklist of the characteristics of a modern ERP system must include: 100% managed code. Truly modern software packages should be completely constructed of managed code. Only then can they enjoy side by side capabilities, new security, and all the other benefits and lower IT costs that .NET makes possible. Single set of business rules. Systems should package business rules in such Read More
A SaaS Primer
Software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions can be a strategic advantage to businesses, letting companies avoid costly hardware, software licenses, and complex

why use a server  any time. This is why the solution model is also called on-demand by some providers. The physical location and ownership/ maintenance responsibility of the system that actually serves the software is outside the responsibility and concern of the end users. SaaS is available to manufacturers via subscription-based pricing, rather than the perpetual license that usually accompanies client/server software. In true SaaS applications, all users run off a robust infrastructure and a single instance of the Read More
Distribution in a Challenging Economy: Online (Software as a Service) versus Traditional Software
When considering major purchases, most people ask, “Why rent when you can buy?” But with IT systems, the reverse may be true. Software as a service (SaaS

why use a server  purchases, most people ask, “Why rent when you can buy?” But with IT systems, the reverse may be true. Software as a service (SaaS) offers many advantages over traditional software, especially in terms of the on-going costs of maintaining and upgrading systems. Learn how passing those burdens on to a SaaS vendor can help your company focus on optimizing efficiency, productivity, and profitability. Read More
What Makes a Good IT White Paper Good… and a Bad IT White Paper Very, Very Bad…
A white paper is a document or “brief” (and yes, perhaps unfortunately, I mean “brief” in the sense of something that informs rather than something that is

why use a server  1. A Compelling Title Why? Because the title is the first part of your white paper the reader sees. And, it might be the only thing the reader sees, if the title is used as a link to the white paper itself: a lousy title won’t inspire readers to click and download, never mind read it. So, the title should grab the reader’s attention, by stating clearly and concisely what the white paper is about. Not too plain (the dry cake donut amidst the chocolate and maple glazed), but not too fancy either (an Read More
Vox Populi: What Does a Day in the Life of a Regular Business User Look Like?
Vox populi is Latin for “voice of the people”– in broadcasting and television, they use the

why use a server  Populi: What Does a Day in the Life of a Regular Business User Look Like? Vox populi is Latin for “voice of the people”– in broadcasting and television, they use the vox pop interview to get spontaneous opinions on a subject, from different, randomly selected people. My idea is to apply the concept to our blog—whenever you see a blog post starting with “Vox Populi,” it means we’re seeking your opinion. In broadcasting, only a few people are interviewed, and the answers are edited. On our Read More
Building a Best-run Finance Organization: A New Role to Address Today’s Business Realities
One company executive has a growing influence in today’s boardroom@the chief financial officer (CFO). And the role of the finance organizations that these CFOs

why use a server  best-run finance,measure best-run finance,best-run finance organization,building a best-run finance,develop best-run finance,five best-run companies,weekly run of gains Read More
E-Commerce Lesson: Success Gets a Yawn, Failure Takes a Beating
ERP giant SAP Aktiengesellschaft announced full details of its Internet strategy. Consumer electronics giant Best Buy announced 2Q earnings rise of 34 percent

why use a server  erp vendors,e commerce training,online erp,erp products,erp software companies,best erp,ecommerce certification,e commerce software,tools erp,web store software,ecommerce training,e commerce websites,e commerce solutions,ecommerce design,gold stocks Read More
How to Survive a Software Selection Project When Your Boss Is a Sociopath
Is your boss the main reason you call in sick on Monday mornings? Do you need to “manage” your boss in order to get any work done? Do you find yourself in the

why use a server  your sociopathic boss. That’s why you need to ensure that control of your project is firmly wrested from your boss’s hands. The truth is, the type of organizational change brought about by a new enterprise software system is going to turn most of your colleagues into sociopaths for a little while. Your strategy should be to secure executive sponsorship of the project. Executives can eliminate many problems simply by involving themselves at the appropriate points in the process. Executive sponsorship Read More
A Tale of a Few Good SCM Players - Part 4
Part 1 of this blog post series followed the genesis of Manhattan Associates from its inception in 1990 throughout the mid-2000s. During this time, Manhattan

why use a server  execution takes place. That’s why I feel that an astute and scalable  distribution resource planning (DRP)  offering, which starts at the SKU-by-store level, could be the answer to this integrated approach. What’s Next for Manhattan Associates? But Manhattan is certainly not despairing, and the company believes that its patience and resolute execution will win the day. During my attendance of  the Manhattan Associates Momentum 2009 conference , I had the pleasure of speaking to many of the Read More
Get Closer to Your Best Customers: A Shift in Customer Strategies in a Time of Crisis
An unsettled economy needs a different approach to managing revenues. Companies must identify their most profitable customers and the most effective marketing

why use a server  New Customer Strategies | Why Customer Strategies Fail | Winning Customer Strategies | Customer Strategies Practice | Customer Strategies Analytics | Centre for Customer Strategy | Essential Customer Strategies | New Customer Strategies | Customer Strategies Overview | Building Customer Strategy | Customer Management Assessment Tool | Innovative Customer Loyalty Strategies | CRM Customer Strategies | CRM Customer Strategy Reports | CRM Customer Strategies Customer Satisfaction | CRM Approach to Customer Read More
Global Trade Hits Home at MegaResistCap-Part II: A Little Knowledge Goes a Long Way
When we left Jim, it was 7 pm, Sunday night. Jim, director of IT at MegaResistCap, had received a message from his CIO. The company’s legal counsel wanted to

why use a server  a direction to management—that’s why they paid him the big bucks. He put himself on a schedule for the evening: 1) Research, 7–9 pm; 2) Proposed solution steps outline, 9–11 pm. It was also part of his position to stay on top of the latest industry directions, but he had lost touch over the last year and a half during the ERP rollout. Jim started googling “deemed exporter regulations.” The US BIS Web site was informative but like all government Web sites, it was filled with acronyms, Read More

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