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PeopleSoft Building Muscles To Overcome The Rough Patch Part 2: Market Impact
With a large investment in architecture made early, PeopleSoft has so far resisted the downturn in the market and has gained ground by making its core

why would oracle want to purchase peoplesoft  revenues came from and why was its stock was so punitively thrashed afterwards? The overall continued slowdown in IT spending did not happen overnight, but it certainly contributed. It comes as no surprise the fact that users have for some significant time been penny-pinching their IT budgets to implement and/or upgrade software they already own (from those happy days when they were buying even what they did not need at the time In addition to promoting its collaboration-centric architecture, PeopleSoft Read More
ERP for Manufacturing (SMB)
TEC's new ERP for Manufacturing (SMB) evaluation model targets the software requirements of small and medium enterprises. If your organization doesn't have many sites to operate, seeks a so...
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Documents related to » why would oracle want to purchase peoplesoft

Oracle Applications - An Internet-Reinvented Feisty Challenger
It is startling how much has changed in Oracle’s applications business during the last two years. Oracle is indisputably the most reformed applications vendor

why would oracle want to purchase peoplesoft  have done, but also why they did it. Despite the new features, the enthusiasm was tempered somewhat by the timing of the release. It was originally intended for release in the fourth-quarter 1999, but slipped to the first quarter 2000 for financials, projects, human resources, supply chain, and manufacturing, and the second quarter for the CRM and order-management applications. Oracle Data Warehouse Builder Oracle announced Oracle Warehouse Builder, an extensible easy-to-use data warehouse design and Read More
How to Cope When Your Service Provider is Acquired
Challenges are aplenty when a vendor is acquired. Financial health is no longer a safe indicator to gauge a vendor's future during this mega merger era. Knowing

why would oracle want to purchase peoplesoft  justify to their customers why time is needed to grasp what the changes really mean. This may provide an necessary window to begin dialogue with a new prospect. To be a boutique, niche vendor, vendors must focus on one or a very limited number of verticals or regions, and excel at serving those customers. If a vendor does not pick between these two strategies, it will face two outcomes. If it is lucky or has a solid value proposition, like a large customer base or a unique vertical solution, it will Read More
Is Your Enterprise Application on a Road to Nowhere?
Consolidation is a well-documented trend and is to be expected in the market for enterprise applications. This article outlines the evolution of the enterprise

why would oracle want to purchase peoplesoft  each application. This is why many software vendors cannot afford to add deep search functionality—or for that matter, make any investments in their diverse product portfolios. Another investment that many application vendors plan to make is integration between their enterprise applications and office suites such as Microsoft Office . Most people spend a great deal of time working in both the enterprise suite and their word processors, spreadsheet applications, and other productivity tools. Bringing Read More
PeopleSoft Gathers Manufacturing and SCM Wherewithal Part Two: Market Impact
The PeopleSoft-J.D. Edwards merger was, in great part, about retaining the big five (or big four, or big three) seat and the need to be bigger within shrinking

why would oracle want to purchase peoplesoft  on a prospective sale). Why then this significant and quite pricey acquisition that possibly prompted Oracle to join the slugfest? In addition to the joy of finally vaulting over its formidable foes, Siebel Systems and Oracle , there were many cultural similarities between PeopleSoft, J.D Edwards and their respective CEO's. Their financial disciplines and ways of turning their respective companies around at about the same time in post-2000, prior to the merger are two such examples. Additionally, Read More
Using ERP to Deliver Ecommerce for Engineer to Order Companies
Engineer-to-order (ETO) companies can use enterprise software to implement eCommerce strategies in order to improve customer service, reduce waste, and increase

why would oracle want to purchase peoplesoft  IFS,eto manufacturer,erp,ecommerce,erp ecommerce,ecommerce erp,ecommerce platform,erp software companies,ecommerce hosting,erp system definition,hosted ecommerce,best ecommerce hosting,ecommerce services,erp accounting software,erp software Read More
The Trap of Accountancy Systems; When to Move on to ERP
The differences between ERP and accountancy solutions are huge. Accountancy solutions help with financial management and statutory reporting, but do little to

why would oracle want to purchase peoplesoft  systems for business control, why that choice may be an error, and how ERP will improve the business's chance of survival. The hole we fall into: Accountancy systems as the quick fix There are hundreds of manufacturing companies that use accountancy systems to run their entire enterprises, some of the reasons they do so are explored below: We already have one Regardless of how small, every company will have an accountancy system of some sort, and this is key. Let's be honest; when a company is in high Read More
Pay, Performance, and Productivity: How to Use Compensation to Motivate and Make a Difference
Compensation has consistently remained one of the top five job-satisfaction factors considered most important to employees. A well-designed compensation

why would oracle want to purchase peoplesoft  compensation management, compensation strategy, employee motivation Read More
Do You Want Your App to Talk Back to You (as a Chatterbox)? - Part 2
In Part 1 of this blog series I admitted to being a late adopter of a sort, in part for not immediately jumping onto the social media bandwagon. In particular

why would oracle want to purchase peoplesoft  mosaic-like definition perhaps explains why it is difficult to describe the product (and its potential power) without seeing it in action (or even better, using it). In any case, Chatter allows users to “befriend,” “follow,” or “like” any object contained in a customer's salesforce.com deployment. This could be a person (an associate) or a group of folks (a project team) and their statuses (what they are thinking about and working on), a database object (e.g., a contact, account, lead, Read More
IPSec VPNs for Extranets: Not what you want to wake up next to
In general VPNs are ill suited to building multi-company extranets, for any situation that extends across organizational boundaries, or where there is

why would oracle want to purchase peoplesoft  Slaby, Giga Information Group Why VPNs and Extranets Don't Mix According to Giga Information Group, the reasons for VPNs' extranet failings are more operational than technical, though to be sure both technical and financial reasons line up alongside those operational impediments. IPSec Virtual Private Networks assume common administrative control of both ends of a connection. Administrators at each end must coordinate everything from shared key exchanges to encryption modes, fallback modes, IP Read More
MessageClick to Provide Unified Messaging to RCN’s Business Clients
RCN has teamed up with MessageClick to provide its business-based users a complete suite of Unified Messaging tools including point-to-point e-mail, fax, and

why would oracle want to purchase peoplesoft  messageclick,internet,voicemail,internet providers,internet phone,voip phone,internet provider,voice mail,free voip,internet call,internet calls,voip providers,unified messaging,voip provider,free internet call Read More
PeopleSoft Joins The Hunt For SMEs
There has been significant hubbub in the mid-market, with all Tier 1 players delivering solutions tailored for small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs). PeopleSoft

why would oracle want to purchase peoplesoft  Joins The Hunt For SMEs PeopleSoft Joins The Hunt For SMEs P.J. Jakovljevic - February 1, 2001 Event Summary On January 8, PeopleSoft Inc . (NASDAQ: PSFT), one of the leading business applications providers, announced PeopleSoft 8 Accelerated Enterprise , one of the first turnkey solutions that combines Internet-based applications, rapid implementation services, training, and financing for small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) ranging from start-ups to companies with $500 million in revenue. Read More
PeopleSoft Plays Hardball
No more a nice guy with PeopleSoft! Its strong Q4 2000 results and alleged string of wins over its direct competitors have stirred up some emotions and knee

why would oracle want to purchase peoplesoft  Plays Hardball PeopleSoft Plays Hardball P.J. Jakovljevic - March 9, 2001 Event Summary On January 30, PeopleSoft Inc. (NASDAQ: PSFT), one of the largest business applications providers, announced record financial results for the quarter ended December 31, 2000. Total revenue of $498 million was the highest reported in company history, and was up 34% over $372 million in the same quarter of 1999 (See Figure 1). The company touted strong market demand for PeopleSoft 8 , its Internet-based Read More

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